Louise Lyons Interview - 27 October 2014

Interview with Louise Lyons for her latest story One Snowy Night.


It is with great pleasure that I say hello to fellow author and friend Louise Lyons. Her short story One Snowy Night is in the Wayward Ink Publishing anthology Stranded


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The outline of Louis’s story is


Up and coming singer, Keith “Kent” Brambles ends the latest in a long line of disastrous first dates and drives home, much too fast for the snowy conditions. He crashes his car and finds himself stranded with no phone signal and a completely unsuitable outfit for walking in the snow. He fears he may spend the night freezing in his car, but when a rugged man in a white van stops to help him, it seems things might be taking a turn for the better,


TC: Hi Louise. One Snowy Night is a lovely engaging story. What was the inspiration behind it?

LL: I read Wayward Ink Publishing’s call for short stories for the Stranded anthology and later that evening as I was thinking about what I could write, I saw a video of one of my favourite singers, Adam Lambert. I imagined a British singer who’s a big fan of Adam and very quickly I saw him crashing his car in the snow, in my head. The idea for One Snowy Night came to me very quickly.


TC: I share your love of Adam Lambert, and knowing what the snow can be like here in the UK I can totally picture the scene you describe. We frequently get caught without gritted roads too.

Do you have an experience funny or otherwise that the word Stranded could apply to?

LL: Actually, yes. This is something which happened only a couple of weeks ago. I got home from work and realised I didn’t have my house keys with me. My house mate was out of town for the day. I called and texted about 100 times and got no answer. About an hour later he called to say he was on the way back, but stuck in traffic. I had to wait another hour, sitting in the car on my drive, cold, hungry and with a dying phone battery so I couldn’t even entertain myself with my Kindle app! Looking back on it, it was pretty funny, but not at the time.


TC: Ouch, I’m lost without my laptop. Yep I’d feel stranded too.

Tell me, what other stories do you have published?

LL: My first novel, Conflicted, was released in August by Dreamspinner Press. It’s based around the world of car racing and exhibiting, which is something I’m very keen on myself. My MCs start off disliking each other, but eventually discover they have a lot in common!

I also have two short stories due out in anthologies in December. The Last Appointment in Wayward Ink Publishing’s anthology, A Likely Story and Second Bite of the Cherry in Dreamspinner Press’s Advent anthology. I also have contracts for a novella called In Darkest Peru and a novel, The Eye of the Beholder, both due out next year. So I have lots coming up!


TC: That’s brilliant, congratulations - lots of bright things on the horizon for you. I can’t wait to read them.

What scenes do you prefer writing sex/emotion/action or something else?

LL: I can’t lie – I love writing sex scenes (and reading them!) But I also like the emotional scenes. I like angst and I strive to torment my characters (and my readers) with worry and sadness, but I always give everyone a happy ending.


TC: One if the stories you mentioned is in Peru – so I take it you like adventures in faraway places. If you could travel anywhere in the world – where would you go, and what is it that attracts you there?

LL: This is a tough one, because I’ve travelled abroad many times in the past and seen some amazing countries, but at the same time I have a long list of places I still want to visit. Two of my top destinations to see before I die, though, are Machu Picchu in Peru (which features in my novella, In Darkest Peru) and Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, which I would love to climb.


TC: Is there a particular subject matter or genre you like writing about? E.g. Romance, historical, futuristic, crime …?

LL: Everything I write is romance in one form or another, but I like to mix it up. For instance, The Eye of the Beholder, my next novel, includes vampires and witchcraft. I’m also going to be reworking a story I wrote some time ago which is futuristic/science fiction and is based in a completely different universe, with creatures conjured up from my imagination.


TC: That’s a cool mix you have there.

Do you read the same genre as you write or do they differ?

LL: 99% of the time I read MM Romance in one form or another. I lean toward contemporary, but I’ve read a couple of amazing historical books and some steampunk. I even sampled a couple of BDSM books which I didn’t think would be my cup of tea, but I really enjoyed.


TC: I love a variation of stories too.

What can we hope to see from you in the future?

LL: Other than the works I’ve already mentioned, I’m currently over halfway through writing a novel set in the early 1990s, in Nottingham, UK, my own favourite era. My MCs are striving to get a glam rock band off the ground and are the typical pretty, long-haired, leather and spandex clad boys you found in abundance around that time. The story is called Beautiful Thunder.

I’ve also signed up for NaNoWriMo and am going to use the time to work on a new idea I had some time ago and put on the back burner. It’s called Beyond The Scars and is based on a young man’s struggle to overcome his feelings after escaping from an abusive relationship. This is something I experienced myself at a young age so I have plenty of memories to draw on there.


TC: Do you have a favorite movie animal hero? If so, who and why?

LL: Black Beauty. I was obsessed with the book, the movie (in various forms) and the TV show when I was a child. Black Beauty was the epitomy of beauty and strength to me and led to me spending many wonderful hours on horseback through the years.


TC: OMG you are preaching to the choir here luv. Black Beauty was awesome and the theme music is still one of the best intro’s.

What’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?

LL: Gosh, I am the least romantic person you could ever meet. Maybe because the times I’m had romantic things done for me, they were totally wrong. My first serious boyfriend, who I lived with, called me home from work at lunch one day to eat a wonderful meal he’d made for me. There were flowers on the table, a delicious plateful of food and cuddles. And then he showed me my beloved pet rat, Pepper, had died. I was a complete mess and I found out a long time later that my pet’s death was at the hands of the boyfriend. Wow, that rather came out of nowhere! Some inspiration for my NaNoWriMo story perhaps.


TC: Oh my life. I’m sat here gobsmacked. I think I need a sip of something stronger than the tea in my hand. Like you say some inspiration for a story.

Speaking of stories, I’ll add in the publishing angle.

Wayward Ink Publishing is a new company. What has your experience been working with them and has it differed in any way to other publishing houses?

LL: So far I’ve only experienced working with one other publisher besides Wayward Ink Publishing. I’ve found WIP to be very friendly and professional and I was delighted to have the chance to meet the lovely Lily Velden at the UK Meet in Bristol back in June. I’ll be working with another of their editors shortly, for my second short story, and I’m really looking forward to it.


TC: That’s nice to hear and interesting for anyone wondering what kind of company WIP is.

How did you discover the world of M/M and why do you like writing in the genre?

LL: My first experience of M/M was when a friend showed me a video of the movie, My Beautiful Laundrette, starring Daniel Day Lewis, when I was about 16 years old. I was instantly hooked and not long after I began writing my own M/M romances based on my favorite rock stars. I’ve always preferred to write about male characters and discovering I could write about relationships featuring only males was a wonderful revelation. Not to mention the fact that I find two men incredibly erotic!


TC: I’m with you there babe. It’s a hell yes from me on finding two men together beautiful and erotic.

If you were to star in a movie who would play your romantic interest and why?

LL: Robert Pattinson. Yes, I was a big fan of the Twilight series, but I also drooled over Remember Me, Water For Elephants and various others – even though I’m almost old enough to be his mother (blushing now).

TC: Hehehehe, yes and no matter what anyone thinks of the man – he can kiss. Damn I need to change the subject or find my fan at the images in my head now.

Is there a phrase or something else that makes you cringe when reading a story?

LL: I really don’t like the word “taint” when used to describe the perineum. And as much as I’m embarrassed to admit this, I kind of cringe at the phrase “making love”, but that’s just because I’m an oddity. I cringed over it when I was 18 years old and my first boyfriend used it and nothing has changed.  


TC: How do you think another person would describe you?

LL: They’d probably say I’m rough and not very ladylike, that I talk too fast and appear grouchy and unapproachable. I’m not at all. I’m quite shy and really friendly if you say “hi” to me, but I give the wrong impression.


TC: Oh bless. For my two penneth, I find you both friendly and approachable, and I love people who do’nt conform to a set mold.

Returning to the subject of reading; what have you read lately that most people haven't read but should?
LL: Wade Kelly’s novel “Names Can Never Hurt Me”. I’ve read it twice and then re-read bits here and there again. I absolutely adore the second main character, Raffy aka RC. He really touched my heart. The MC could be kind of irritating, but in a lovable way. I just loved everything about it.


TC: That sounds interesting; I’ll have to add it to my TBR list.


Thank you Louise for joining me today, I truly enjoyed it. It not quite over yet though. I’ll ease or maybe increase the pressure now with some rapid fire questions.


1.   Peas or Carrots? Carrots

2.   Ice cream or chocolate? Both! Chocolate ice cream.

3.   Favorite Christmas movie? Home Alone

4.   Horse or automobile? Ahh, that’s a tough one. I absolutely love horse-riding, but I’d have to say automobile, because I love my beautiful car so much. 

5.   E-mail or letter? Email

6.   Favorite Celebrity kisser? Robert Pattinson

7.   Tongue or No Tongue? Tongue

8.   Shower or bath? Bath

9.   Soaps, series, or movies? Movies

10.  Movies or books? Books

11.  Favorite Movie? Remember Me

12.  Favorite movie character? Edward Cullen

13.  Which James Bond 007? Sean Connery

14.  Samsung or Apple? Apple

15.  What you’d buy if money were no object? A house

16.  Coffee or tea? Coffee

17.  City or Country? Country

18.  Dream vacation place? Barbados

19.  Favorite period in history? 19th century America

20.  Kiss or sex? Kiss

21.  Which Robin Hood? I’m ashamed to say I’ve never seen any of them!

22.  Fave musical? Martin Guerre


Huge thanks to Louise for joining me today. Big hugs and good luck with your story – One Snowy Night in the Wayward Ink Anthology Stranded.



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