Wednesday Briefs - Through The Snow


Through the snow

Every time there’s a snowfall, the UK comes to a halt. Thankfully, the weathermen had given enough of a warning, and sure enough, the main roads were clear. I just had to get to one.

Getting off the drive was an experience. Despite the grit, my partner, Brian, and I added to our path, the car did less than stellar impression of an ice skater as we crawled the half mile to the main road. Once there, Brian made his way to drop me at the train station before continuing onto Worcester, which was in the opposite direction to me. I worked in Birmingham.

All was going great. The train arrived on time, and I settled into my seat. One stop. That’s all it took. One stop and it didn’t look like my train was going any farther. Forty-five minutes I waited until the announcer confirmed my suspicions. “Ladies and gentleman this is your driver speaking. The 7.50 train into Sutton Coldfield, via New Street, Birmingham, will be terminating here.”

Great, I should have known, the stop after Bromsgrove was Barnt Green. It was an uphill jaunt for the four carriage rush hour special. Barnt Green was part of the Lickey Hills, which seemed to have a personalised ecosystem. If the snowfall was an inch elsewhere, four fell up the Lickey’s. Either way, I wasn’t making it into the office.

Thankfully Barnt Green was closer to home than Bromsgrove was. But, Brian dropped me off and picked me up so that we could spend more time together. And Bromsgrove was a convenient station for both of us.

It wasn’t until I exited the carriage that I realized how deep the snow was. It reached my shins. Part of local culture was to wear boots in the winter months. So, at least my footwear was suitable. I secured my backpack and scarf. Made sure, my gloves were tucked in and started my trek home.

Outside the station, I had a decision to make. Go via the roads, or cut through the woods. Typically, I’d use the road, and possibly catch a bus. But nothing was moving and around the small roads of the immediate area, on the road was as bad as off. Not only that but I wasn’t about to get ploughed into by a silly sod, stupid enough to think their car was a sledge in a previous life.

The woods it was.

It was only a short distance before I found myself in a winter wonderland of unspoiled snow. The scene was akin to that first time through the wardrobe for Lucy in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. It was breathtaking. Every branch had delicate coverings of white. It looked like someone had used a huge icing sugar shaker on it. I couldn’t help but smile.

I continued to smile until the minion tone rang out in my pocket, telling me I had a text. It was from Brian.

Pranged the car, tyre and bumper knackered. Home now. See you later xx

Bollocks, that was all he put. The... the... knob. It was a well-known thing between us. I always gave too much detail, Brian not enough. I was sure he knew exactly what I was thinking. The car could get repaired, but what about him. Sure, he said he was home, but was he bruised, shaken. It obviously wasn’t bad, else, he’d be in the hospital, but...

I tried to call him, but reception was sporadic at best. I guess I was lucky his text got through. I still sent an ‘On My Way Home’ reply, but after two minutes it was still in the, out, box. There was no choice but to up my pace and get home.

Regardless of my boots; in my rush, I slipped, stumbled, and fell into a tree, at which time I got covered in snow from the branches. I could feel wet, moving down my neck and trousers were soaked. But, I forged on.

By the time I reached home, I was shattered, cold and angry. The journey had taken me two hours – and that was the short route – such was the effect of the snow. Usually, I loved snow, but at that moment I hated it.

Upon hearing the door slam, Brian appeared in the doorway – eyes wide and absolutely fine. I was so out of breath, all I could do was point and gesticulate. Thankfully the universal sign for wanker and the ire in my eyes told him what he needed to know; that I was worried sick.

“Oh My God, sorry, sorry. I thought you’d guess by the tone of the text that I was okay.” My blank face told him it wasn’t. “I’ll make up for it, love. Come with me.”

Brian, separated me from my rucksack and coat, sat me on the stairs and removed my boots. He then led me to the bedroom and undressed my exhausted body while he ran a bath.

When Brian slipped into the warming water behind me, my concern started to dissipate. He pulled me against his chest and ran a soaped sponge over my torso and up my neck. I forgave him more by the second.

My body was so cold, the water was cooling fast. So, Brian added more hot. When I leaned back into him, he squeezed streams of heat over me, and I finally relaxed. Cocooned in my man, he nibbled at my ear, kissed my neck and played with my nipples. Oh, how I wished he’d move lower, but one thrust of my hips to send a message, told me that if I continued there’d be a wave in the bath big enough to breach the sides and soak the floor.

Brian encouraged me from the tub with the lure of a warm fluffy towel. Objective accomplished he took me to bed where he heated my body in a way that had me begging for more.





#1 Louise Lyons 2016-01-20 15:44
Bbbrrrrr! Haha. I'm glad Brian was able to warm him up in more ways than one!
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