Heist - Chapter 19 (part of free fiction Friday)



Cast list

Donovan (Chief) Lockheart – Commander

Zachary (Psych) Coleman: Team Leader

Bud (Wolf) Lowell: Zachary’s second in command

Harding (Yogi) McConnell: Explosives. Ex-SEAL

Olivia (Mama) Darling: Close Combat

 Chen (Hawkeye) Lee: Munitions. Ex Army Sniper

Tang (Ferret) Lee: Multi-talented

Millie (Chip) Finlay – Communications

Richard Gosling—Head of the FBI in Chicago

William Coleman – Surgeon/Dad

Holly Coleman – Mom

Bad guys – The Grabowski’s and The Carideo’s

Insignificant – All other’s


Chapter 19 (part of Free Fiction Friday)


Donovan knelt down on one knee, took Zacks hands in his, kissing their palms before turning them over and kissing his knuckles.  Zachary’s heart faltered.

“Zachary, I haven’t planned this, and I haven’t got a ring, but I know in my heart it’s what I want, and I can’t wait to see if you want it too.  A few days ago I nearly lost you.  There are no words to describe how I felt when you were laying in my arms, shot and not responding, except to say, I thought my world was ending.  Zachary, I don’t want to be thought of as your brother anymore. One way or another I have only ever had eyes for you, and I will only ever have eyes for you.  You own me body and soul, without you, I am not whole.  I want to be officially and technically your life partner, your husband… Zachary Anthony Coleman, will you marry me?”

Zack was so overwhelmed; his heart was pounding a drum symphony in his chest. He was absolutely elated, so happy that all he could squeak out was a simple, “Yes.”

The smile that blossomed on Donovan’s face rivaled the sun.  He stood, taking Zack in his arms for a kiss that made them both see stars.  They poured all the emotions that had been building up over the last few days, maybe their lifetime, into a kiss that, seemed to last forever.

Eventually returning to earth from the heavens, dizzy, and in much need of air, they parted mouths, remaining attached at the forehead, “I’d be honored, love, to be your husband.  Fuck the ribs.  I need you Donovan; I need you so damn much it hurts.”

Donovan led Zack by the hand to their bedroom, never breaking eye contact.  There, he helped his man onto the bed with a simple instruction, “Don’t move.”  Then, disappeared, soon returning with his arms full of pillows.

After tenderly removing clothing that Zack had already partly undone, he placed the cushions under and around him, before settling between his legs.  Donovan put a hand on Zack’s hip with another “Don’t move” instruction.  They knew they shouldn’t be doing this.  And, despite their need for each other overruling all rational thought, Donovan intended to keep his man as safe as possible.  He wasn’t going to allow Zack to move any part of him that could cause pain. All Donovan wanted Zack to do, was feel.

The way the pillows were arranged allowed Zack to see everything Donovan was doing.  Donovan ran his nose up one side of Zack’s already hard shaft, inhaling his scent while his tongue left a moist trail on the other side.  He placed his lips around the tip, collecting the liquid that was pooling, before delving in to envelope the top. Zack squirmed in delight.  Donovan continued to caress the crest with his lips and tongue as though it was his favorite melting ice cream, before engulfing Zack to the base of his cock in his wonderfully hot, wet, cavernous mouth. “Fuckfuckfuckfuck!”   Zack tried to raise his hips, but Donovan firmly held them down.  The restraint was both frustrating and arousing.   All Zack could do was let out the air that he was holding in his lungs in one big blow, before groaning with pleasure.

Donovan sucked and slurped up, and down to Zack’s trimmed curls. Zack found the sight of his lover’s head bobbing up and down, up and down was beautifully mesmerizing, while incoherent noises of pleasure emanated from his mouth.  Zack stroked Donovan’s hair back, revealing his gorgeous face.  The man’s eyes were closed, and from the guttural moans that were coming from his chest, reverberating around his dick, Donovan was savoring every mouthwatering inch of his man. 

Zack wasn’t going to last long.  He was at war with himself, wanting to close his eyes and savor the sensations, yet unable to stop looking as full, plump lips glided up and down his length leaving a glistening trail.

Adjusting the arm that he was leaning on, gave Donovan space to massage Zack’s perineum.

 “Holy fuck!” 

He then tugged on Zack’s balls, which were bathed in his saliva and heavy in his hand.  Moving the arm that had been across Zack’s abdomen towards his man’s face, Donovan pointed a finger.  Zack took it into his mouth, anchoring it in place with his teeth and sucked, circling his tongue around the probing digit before allowing its removal.  It was Donovan’s turn to whimper. 

Swapping his arms, Zack felt Donovan massage his flowered entrance, feeling that familiar tightening in his stomach, “Gonna cum.” 

Donovan opened his eyes and lustfully gazed at Zack through his long lashes, dark blue orbs looked into dark green ones - desire reigned.  In a move that surprised Zack, Donovan simultaneously deep throated Zack and slipped the slickened finger into his awaiting eager channel.  Swallowing, Donovan growled around his dick – it was Zack’s undoing, “Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh, Donovan,” and shot stream after stream into his enthusiastic, luscious, loving mouth.

All the time that Donovan had been giving Zachary head, his own hips were drilling a hole into the bed, needing the friction of the material and the pressure of the mattress.  He was so turned on by the feel of Zack in his mouth and the noises he was making - especially after Zack had tongue-fucked his finger.  As Zachary said, “Gonna cum,” the tightness surrounding his digit as he slipped inside his man tipped Donovan over the edge, and he emptied his package into his underwear with a groan.

Having lapped Zack clean, Donovan crawled up the bed and lay beside him. He ignored the stickiness in his pants and passionately kissed his man.  His love had agreed to marry him, and although they couldn’t consummate the engagement in the proper way, they had done the next best thing.

“Donovan, can I do something for you, love?”

“Erm, the combination of having you in my mouth and the beautiful noises you produced was a direct line to my southern states.  I came just before you.”

“No?”  Zack said in disbelief, eyes wide.



“Uh huh.”

After a clean-up, Donovan organized them under the covers. Snuggled together with their fingers laced; the newly engaged men fell into blissful slumber.

They woke the next morning in the same position that they fell asleep in.  It was the best night’s sleep either had had in ages.

“Morning, beautiful.”

“Morning, love,” was Zack’s sleepy, mumbled reply.

“Don’t move; I’ll get us breakfast.”

“Not intending to.”  Donovan realized he should have known that no instructions would be needed in the morning, given Zack’s aversion to waking in the first place.

Later at the table, Zack muffled around a mouthful of hash browns and runny egg, “When do you return to work?”

“Not for a while. Eileen has arranged things.  I think I’ve got another fourteen days yet.  Richard seems to have taken up residence in my office.  Besides, there’s no way I’m going back before you can function properly.”

“Thank you,” Zack replied quietly, smiling softly to his fiancée.

The men continued eating in companionable silence for a while longer until Donovan downed a gulp of coffee. “Zachary?”


“When do you want to go public?”

Zack put his knife and fork down, swallowing noisily before a furrow appeared on his brow.  Donovan started to worry. “You’re not having second thoughts about anything are you?”

“Oh, hell no.  Marrying you is something I’m absolutely sure of, love,” he reassured.

“Thank God.”

“It’s just, when you say ‘go public’… in what way?  Telling The MOBB or going further afield?  Then what do we tell them?  That we are together or about us getting married?”

“All of it I guess, eventually.”

“My heart wants to shout it out to the world, but doing that also opens the floodgates to all sorts of things… Can we do it gradually?  Obviously, we’re going to have to answer Mom and Dad’s questions, but can we leave it for a few more days before we tell The MOBB?  I’d like to keep you to myself for a little longer, and can we play it by ear as to how much we tell them?  I’d like to keep things under wraps as far as work is concerned for now because as soon as it is out, they’ll try to separate us and I’m not ready for that.”

Donovan straightened each part of his reply in his head before answering, “I’m cool with that.  As long as I get to keep you near, we’ll let the world in at your pace…I would like to get you a ring, though.”

A huge smile lit up Zack’s face, “I know what you mean, but when would we wear them?”

Craftily Donovan smiled through his lashes, “I’ve had a little thought about that…do you trust me?”

“With my life.” Zack’s voice was quiet but vehement.

Over the course of the next few days, The MOBB came and went with get well messages.  However, one late morning, William and Holly turned up bearing smiles, pizza, baby chocolate eclairs and lemon cheesecake with a cookie base.  Bribery food.  The boys knew it could only mean one thing---talk time.

Politely inviting them in with an equally large fake smile plastered on his face, Donovan yelled “ZACHARY – MOM AND DAD’S HERE.”

Straightening himself on the couch, Zachary readied himself to receive their guests with a smile. But, he instantly froze, eyes like saucers, eyebrows shooting into his hairline, as soon as he saw the culinary gifts.

Holly rolled her eyes, “Oh for heaven’s sake, boys, we’re here to talk, not hang you.”  As she stomped off into the kitchen, she deposited the items on what Donovan suspected Zack considered, the Altar of Surrender, on which they would be the eventual, sacrificial lambs.

Donovan didn’t believe it would be as bad as that, but given the embarrassment Zachary encountered in the hospital with William’s original attempts at an awkward talk, he was positive his man’s brain was veering in that direction.   Donovan wasn’t relishing the talk either, but the sooner they got it over with, the better.   Eventually, the boys sat looking like two naughty school boys, hands clasped in laps.

William was in control of the pizza and deposited it on the side table before he took up residence on the other couch, observing the proceedings in quiet amusement.

Holly joined him, opening up the pepperoni pizza, with instructions to, “Dig in,” while helping herself to a slice.

Knowing what was ahead, neither of the boys was particularly hungry, but the aroma’s coming from the box were delicious. So they each took a slice and slowly started eating.

Finishing a mouthful and wiping her hands on a tissue, Holly opened proceedings with “How long have you been together then?”  Totally casually, not even glancing in the boys direction.

Eight, nine months.” Donovan replied.

Holly looked perplexed, “Is that all? I had you pegged for longer. Huh, fancy that.  How did it finally happen then?”

Recovering from Holly’s statement, Zachary shook his head in confusion answering, “A wrestling match...you had us pegged for longer? How?”

Shrugging her shoulders, taking another bite of pizza and pointing the remainder at the boys like a finger, “If you two could see how you look at each other, you’d know the answer to that.” She chewed and finished her mouthful. “It’s like there are invisible elastic bands holding you together. If one of you wandered too far away, the other would gravitate towards them.  I told William, but he didn’t believe me at first.  It’s always been there.  So who else knows?”

It was Zack’s turn, “Uh, Richard. Were we that obvious?”

Holly laughed, “See you’re doing it now, taking turns to answer.  No, you’re not that obvious. Mom, remember?”  Pointing to herself.  “Richard Gosling, that ass, why him?”  Her joviality had turned to ire.

Donovan stuck with the question, “We had to tell somebody, otherwise we opened ourselves up to blackmail, and he said he would protect us if that happened.”

Mumbling with a humph, Holly countered, “Fine job he did with that…Sorry, boys, I didn’t mean to be sour.”

“No need to apologize, he’s not my favorite either,” agreed Zachary. “He got my stink eye, as well as yours.”   Everyone laughed at that, which broke the tension, allowing the conversation to flow much easier.

William had been slowly munching through the pizza, keeping a watchful eye on things, happily letting Holly stay in control.

“No one else then?”

“No.”  Both answered together.

“Okay, I think I know the answer to this, but I have to ask. Why didn’t you tell us sooner?”  That was the cruncher.

Zachary placed a hand on Donovan’s knee and squeezed it before answering. “We understand that things have happened in the wrong order.  Ideally, we would have wanted you to know first, but we had no choice with work.  We were going to tell you soon, but at the start, even though we knew we were in love, there was a chance it might not work out.  It’s one thing living together like brothers, another as partners, so we wanted to give our relationship time to settle and explore what we had before coming out.” 

 Donovan squeezed Zack’s hand telling him he was doing great while looking at William and Holly to gauge their reactions.  They were intently listening to every word. “Not long after things began, Donovan was promoted, and we ended up working in the same precinct, so we had to build a working relationship as well as a private one.  That was hard and trying at times, but we worked through it in our way, and we’re all the stronger for it.  We couldn’t let anyone at work know because they’d separate us, not to mention the prejudice from those who wouldn’t understand, so we built up our walls and stayed behind them.  I’ll admit, it was nice being in our little world too, but I swear you’d have been the first we voluntarily told.”  Zachary looked worried, not knowing if his explanation was enough.

“Most definitely,” Donovan agreed, voicing his backup.

Holly nodded with a thoughtful expression gracing her face, “I can appreciate where you are coming from.”

William nodded too, as he finished his pizza slice and wiped his hands, “Mmm, mmm, an understandable reaction, given the circumstances.  Did you think we wouldn’t approve?”

Not wanting to seem mute on the subject, Donovan took up the slack, “Truthfully, it never really crossed our minds.  We were apprehensive about telling you, mainly because it was like opening the first door to the rest of the world, and like Zack said, we were happy in our bubble. But we knew we had to come out sometime.  We didn’t think you’d disapprove, and we are utterly grateful that we have your support.  We did expect you to have concerns and questions, though.”

William straightened his back, and coughed, “Speaking of concerns and questions, I’m only going to ask this once.” 

A look of oh crap, not this nugget graced the boys faces.  They understood the perspective of the Doctor and the Dad, but why did he have to tackle the subject at all? After all, they were grown men, and it was pretty obvious that neither were virgins – in any sense of the word.

Zachary raked his free hand through his hair and over his face before his mortified features gave in to resolute ones. He spoke up before Donovan could intervene.  Zachary Psych Coleman, SWAT Team Leader, was emerging.

“Dad, I know what you’re going to ask, and I understand the reasons why.  But please, if I answer it now, please, please, pleeease, don’t ask again.”  The pleading look Zachary gave his Dad would have given Antonio Bandera’s ‘Puss ‘N’ Boots’ a run for his money.

“It’s just as painful for me to ask, son. So yes, I promise.”

“Okay.”  Zack wiped his sweaty palms on his jeans before he took Donovan’s hand again. He then held up a finger indicating the number one, “Given we are both cops, we are tested on a regular basis.  Our records are clean.”

Two digits, “Yes we are sexually active with each other, yes we understand all about preparation, but I am soo not going into any other details.” 

Three, “We have ample supplies of lubrication and condoms; yes, we know exactly how to use both and to date we’ve not had sex without them.”

Four, “I have promised Dr. Harmon that we won’t attempt any positions out of the Kama Sutra until his timetable allows.”

At that point, all in the room were looking anywhere but at each other and were turning all colors of the rainbow.

“I didn’t mean for any of that to come across mean, just thorough. I want to get it over with.  Pleeeaaaaase, tell me that’s all you will ever need to know in this lifetime.”

William was just as efficient with his answer, “Yes son, a very thorough, proficient and well-organized answer.  You have put my mind to rest.”

Donovan was completely floored and proud of Zachary at the same time.  He knew how mortified his man must be feeling, so he gave him a huge hug.

“Donovan, will you give me a hand with drinks and dessert, please?” The tactful Holly stood, and dragged Donovan to the kitchen.

They quickly put two trays together of spoons, dishes, more napkins, coffee, cheesecake and eclairs.  When they turned around, they saw William and Zachary in a private embrace of their own.

William and Zack gave each other a final light squeeze before separating, both slightly teary from the encounter.  It was something overdue that both needed.

Everyone took up their seats again, but this time, they were more relaxed, sitting much closer and at ease. Zachary headed for the cheesecake; Donovan nabbed some éclairs, popping a whole one into his mouth; closing his eyes, loving the feeling of the cream escaping the confines of the pastry and mixing with the chocolate on his tongue.  His reaction was such that when he opened his eyes, everyone was looking at him.  “What?”  He innocently garbled before swallowing with a gulp.

“You really shouldn’t do that when we have company, love. I won’t be held responsible for my actions.”  Leaning over, Zack half kissed half licked the chocolate that was still on Donovan’s lips, whose breathing hitched. But before he could capture Zackary’s lips, in return, they were interrupted.

“Yes, Zachary dropped his cheesecake,” Holly mused, “It’s a good thing he had a well-placed dish.”

The moment being successfully broken, the conversation returned to a more in-depth reflection on the boys relationship and things in general.

“No more secrets then boys, agreed?” William asked, pinching the last eclair with a smile.

Zachary and Donovan looked at each other silently communicating. Zachary eventually nodded with a grin. But, it was Donovan who spoke. “William, Holly, we have one more thing to tell you, and it is something no one outside of these four walls knows, yet.” 

Nerves ruled, but excitement also bubbled under the surface as neither man could keep the Cheshire cat grins off their faces.

“Male pregnancies aren’t possible, despite what the movies say.” William deadpanned.

“What? Uhh, no, no.  It’s good news, though.” Donovan wound his hand around Zachary’s muscular thigh until he met the back of his knee.

Zack snaked his arm around Donovan’s waist and pulled him closer. Both men gazed into the other’s eyes. “I asked Zachary to marry me, and he said yes.”

Donovan just managed to capture Zachary’s lips with his when Holly let out a loud shriek, making them jump apart sporting scrunched up faces and holding their ears.

 When the sound eventually died down, the men were left with Holly jumping up and down like a three-year-old on Christmas morning. Once everything was out in the open; the remainder of the afternoon drifted by without a hitch.


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