Wednesday Briefs - Solar Shorts


Solar Shorts

What was there not to like? The shorts were awesome, and the ass inside was mesmerizing.

Every week I parked my car at the velodrome. Inside, I changed into my aerodynamic cycling kit and kept my eyes open. What for? The telltale solar system designed shorts that housed what I considered to be the rear of the universe let alone the year.

From one training session to the next I’d happily orbit around the man, when he was having tactical lessons, and I was going through my paces on the high sided, curved track.  

The more I knew, the more I wanted to find out more. I’d only recently moved to Derby from Manchester where I initially got involved in the wheeled way of life. I started cycling for fitness but soon moved to the indoor facilities as I was sure I’d get killed on the roads. It turned out I wasn’t half bad.

I couldn’t help the smile that crept up my face when I saw him. He strolled out of the changing rooms and up the steps, greeting the coach and a couple of others en-route. The tenor tone of his voice went straight to my groin. In my few years of cycling, no other ass, or man had invoked that kind of reaction. I’m not going to mention his face, suffice as to say – one hundred percent, my type.

Three weeks ago, the sight of his ass almost resulted in me losing concentration. Correction, I was concentrating, on his cheeks working either side of the saddle. I’d never been so jealous of a bike. I wanted to be the one between his legs, wedged between his buttocks in place of that piece of foam covered plastic.

I was happily tracking his tail when another rider slotted between us. My focus wobbled along with my wheels. Stupid me. I should have been aware of my surroundings. But, I was having such beautiful thoughts. It was one of the few occasions when I wished I had an Indiana Jones moment and shoved a stick into the guys spokes sending him sprawling out of the picture. It was an evil thought and one I wasn’t proud of but...

Anyhow, at solar shorts entrance, the lesson began. Damn, I loved my sport. What could be better than riding around in skimpy clothing having a workout, with a direct view of ass? As far as I was concerned the only incentive to take up the lead was to advertise my attributes to those at my rear.

I wasn’t this bad or horny every week. Often, I turned up to seriously train. Unfortunately, solar shorts had been away, and I was anxious for his return.

Warm up done. Group sessions, done. Individual laps, done. Tactical and warm down, done. It was time to hit the showers. I had to get my libido temporarily in check. As already mentioned our kit was skin tight. The only part that had padding was the groin. No one wanted to feel as though their privates had been in a grinder. The extra padding had the advantage of covering my reaction to the star of my solar system.

In the changing rooms, cyclists had no sense of privacy. Full frontal nakedness was the norm. No one even bothered to put a towel around their waist before showering. The last thing I wanted was for my colleagues to see me at full mast. So, I took my time clearing away and sat on the bench with a drink while the others did what they had to. Eventually, the room was empty, and I made it to a private cubicle. Once inside, my fantasies took hold of my brain like my hand took hold of my cock.

I barely registered the creek of the door behind me or the click of the locking mechanism. Light kisses peppered my shoulders, and his strong angular jaw nestled in my neck.

“You started without me.”

Ah, music to my ears. “I missed you.”

Robin, the man who’s captured my heart so few weeks ago, murmured, “I missed you too.”

“Do you have any idea how difficult today’s session was?”

Robin snaked his hand over my hip and took hold of me, “I can feel exactly how hard it’s been.”

At that, Robin pressed his erection into my back and wrapped his other muscled arm around me and asked, “Are you going to make me see stars in here, now, or later?”

“I’ve been seeing stars for the last two hours. It’s your turn. You are not leaving here until my cock has investigated your black hole, and we are both in orbit.”

As I turned and kissed my man with all my pent up longing, it was tempting to moan at the pleasure. But, since we were, primarily, in public, we’d learned to keep quiet. The only sounds that could be heard while we took our longest shower to date were deep breathing and the slap of skin on skin. Having said that, anyone listening closely would have known what was going on. Some things just can’t be hidden. Fucking the man I was fast falling in love with was astronomically satisfying, and the galaxy we ventured to made Robin’s shorts pale into comparison.

Out of breath and sated, for now, I held Robin and plundered his mouth. Oh, sweet heaven.

When we parted, we washed up and changed. Robin turned to me wearing a smile that rivaled the sun, “You coming back to mine - Oh Guardian of my Galaxy?”

“Hell yes.”







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