Heist - Chapter 17 (part of free fiction friday)



Chapter 17 (Part of Free Fiction Friday)

Cast list

Donovan (Chief) Lockheart – Commander

Zachary (Psych) Coleman: Team Leader

Bud (Wolf) Lowell: Zachary’s second in command

Harding (Yogi) McConnell: Explosives. Ex SEAL

Olivia (Mama) Darling: Close Combat

 Chen (Hawkeye) Lee: Munitions. Ex Army Sniper

Tang (Ferret) Lee: Multi-talented

Millie (Chip) Finlay – Communications

Richard Gosling—Head of the FBI in Chicago

William Coleman – Surgeon/Dad

Holly Coleman – Mom

Bad guys – The Grabowski’s and The Carideo’s

Insignificant – All other’s



Chapter 17

The next day, the atmosphere in the hospital room was considerably lighter. It seemed that the talk with Holly and William had made all the difference.

The MOBB arrived in jovial spirits. They bantered and jibed about the incident and the exploits of Millie and Tang as they descended into the rooms at the bank, shocking all the occupants.  Zachary was also congratulated on taking out Milo.  They had him laughing and it was just what the man needed - the continued support of his team, despite the knowledge they had of his parentage.

Everything was going great until Zack had a coughing fit, which scared everyone because it wrenched the man’s rib cage, making him breathless for a while.  Donovan tried to stay in the background when The MOBB was there, but occasionally, his boy needed him. In no time at all he was at Zacks side giving support.

Once Zachary was comfortable again, Donovan returned to his original place in the room.

“Hey, perhaps we should call you Chief Nurse instead, hey, Donovan?” laughed Harding.


“Fuck off,” was the good spirited curt reply.

Throughout the encounter, there was only one serious moment, and that was when Zachary made his peace with The MOBB.

“Hey, guys.”  He made eye contact with everyone in the room.


“Thanks for coming to get me, especially given the circumstances.”  Zacks sincerity was mixed with the sadness that he had to be rescued at all.

In one of the few moments that Bud spoke voluntarily, he said, “Zachary, I speak for everyone here when I say, what else were we supposed to do, man?  You’re family, and we’re a team.  If anyone wants to get to you – they’ve got to go through us first.  Even if it is the Carideo; we don’t give a shit where you’ve come from, it’s what you’ve done with the cards you’ve been dealt that matters.  We’re all misfits of one form or another, it just makes you even more one of us.”

At that moment Donovan was the proudest chief on the planet.  He nodded in affirmation at the declaration.  They had obviously discussed it at some point, and come to a unanimous decision.

“Thanks anyway, guys, you’re the best.”  Relief and pride dominated Zacks reply.

Only Harding could take it from there, “Of course we are.  We’re cool, bro.”  Then the banter started again. 

FBI Richard seemed to be enjoying his temporary deviation from his regular duties.  The guys had only been out on small stuff, ‘Nothing exciting’ according to them. However, the girls were on protection duty. Apparently, anyone considered by The MOBB to be a nosy bastard, trying to get info, got told to ‘sling their hook’ or words to that effect.  Genuine enquiries were met with genuine answers.  Most from the station sent their best, and wished Zachary a speedy recovery. There were also lots of cards waiting for him, which Eileen was vetting and taking care of.

Richard poked his head round the door while the team was there, to say hi.  He came with greetings, apologies, and an update. 

After apologizing for his initial deception, Zachary gave him a stern look and said, “Apology accepted, we’re good, but don’t ever use us like that again.”

“I won’t.  Don’t look at me like that, it reminds me of your mother; I had the stink eye from her, too.”

“Good,” was Zacks reply.

Donovan had to chuckle, along with most of the guys. They’d all been subjected to Holly’s stink eye at some time.

“Welcome to the club.” Chen laughed.

That broke the ice and eased the tension.  Using his trademark dulcet tones, Richard launched into his update.

“Well, Matteo has gone missing.  No surprises there.  It turns out the combination to the internal doors was supplied by Micha Grabowski himself.  My sources say that Matteo was aware of the situation long before he turned up at the bank, and had already come to an arrangement with either Kamil or Micha that there would be no gang survivors.  He also got on their good side by allowing Carlos to be shot by one of them, probably Paul, effectively sending a message to Ettore.  Hence, why he wanted him arrested, and brought out front.”

“So Matteo expected Carlos to get free?”  Millie asked in dismay.

“I don’t think so.  The officer that Carlos was handed to was on Kamil’s payroll.  Yes, it was engineered for Carlos to get free, but this is where Kamil thought he could get one over on Matteo.  They expected Carlos to shoot Matteo, severing Matteo’s connection with them and delivering a double whammy to Ettore, but it backfired when he went for Zachary instead.  That’s why the sniper shot quickly, albeit too late.  Kamil is not keen on dead police officers, unless he has no choice, and for one to go down in such a public area is not good for business.”

Wide eyed and pale, “So I was the intended target then?” Zachary asked in shock.

“I ain’t gonna flower it for ya, kid. I’ve studied the tapes, trajectories, everything, and at that point in time…Yes! “

Keeping his eyes on the room, Donovan could see the affect Richard’s words were having on everyone, especially Zachary.  Throughout the conversation he had had slowly moved from his position in the corner. Ending up at Zacharys’s bedside, Donovan placed a hand on his boys shoulder. 

Zack was shaking, having a ‘holy shit’ moment.  He’d never been an intentional target before.  In the line of duty, yes, but in those situations the bad guys were shooting at the uniform, not the man.  Squeezing him in a bid to calm him, Donovan caught Harding looking over; he too could see the visible shake of Zacharys’s hands and chatter of his jaw as though he was cold.  With a tilt of the head (no words), Donovan asked him to diffuse the tension.

Harding obliged. “Well, it’ll take more than one measly fucker with a bullet to dispatch Zacky boy here.  Ain’t that right, youngun?”

That did the trick alright.  It changed the course of Zachary’s emotions, because Zachary hated, loathed and detested, being called Zacky, and Harding knew that.

“Don’t. Call. Me. Zacky. Fuckhardy.”  Zachary seethed through his teeth.

“Yes, boss!” Was his quick, simple, chuckled reply, before a thought lit up the man’s face like Christmas.  “OH OH, awe man, went out to the explosives test area yesterday, and you will never guess who was there.”

“Enlighten me.”  Zack responded, placating the emerging child within Harding.

“Mythbusters – holy fuck, it was beautiful.   I got to help them set up an explosives test, with Coffee Creamer…hell man; you should have seen that thing go.  Got to do it more than once too.”

Harding was positively bouncing in his seat.  His enthusiasm died down to look like a boy who’d had his lollipop taken away, before continuing.  “They made me promise never to replicate it outside the confines of the range though…bummer, huh?  Apparently it’s too unstable to be experimented with outside controlled conditions, without experts present.”  Then a thought struck. “OH OH, I’m an expert, boss, do you think I could try it on a job sometime, pleeeeaaassee?”

“NO!” was the collective answer from everyone in the room, “Controlled conditions, experts, plural, duh!” Oli hit him.

“Spoil sports,” Hardings eyes and shoulders were downcast. 

Donvan couldn’t help but smile.  Zachary was smiling too.  Donovan couldn’t leave Harding in such a state, especially given the help he’d been.

“Look H, how about this.  IF, and it’s a big if, I think the Hollywood effect is required on a job, you’ll be the first man I call.”  A huge dimpled grin appeared on Hardings face.  “But don’t go storing supplies – it ain’t gonna happen for a while. Probably a long while.”

“Yes, Chief.”

The girls took over, filling everyone in with office gossip, completing the turn of the tide away from Zachary’s attempted assassination.  Slowly moving into the background again, Donovan was incensed at the game of roulette that had been played with Zachary’s life.  It was as if he was collateral damage in a game of chess, and he didn’t like it one bit.

Banter continued for a while longer, before they all said their goodbye’s and returned to the station.

Zack shook his head, half laughing in disbelief, “Fuck, Donovan, what a ride this is turning out to be, huh?  It feels like I’m a character in that film ‘The Truman Show’, only they keep changing the script or I dunno, I’m a character out of something fucked up.  It doesn’t seem real, and yet I know it is.  Does that make any sense to you?”

“Yeah, it does and I’m along for the ride with ya’.  On the positive, you know the thoughts of The MOBB now…And they’re with you.  Also, you can rest knowing all those who were out to get you are now dead.”

Zachary looked directly at Donovan, scowling. Then he tilted his head to one side, “What about Ettore?  What if he knows?”

Scratching the back of his neck and making a scrunched up face, Donovan deliberated over the best way to convey his thoughts. He decided on the direct route, “I know this sounds bad, and blunt, but I think if he knew, you’d have been kidnapped years ago and brainwashed into being part of the firm…Or be dead already.”

Zackary was taken aback, unsure whether he wanted that level of honesty, “Err…Thanks Don…not!”

Clarifying his statement further, Donovan perched on the side of the bed, “I did some research on the Carideo when Richard first contacted us.”  Zachary nodded, “Everything I have read about Ettore tells me he doesn’t pussy foot around.  As soon as he discovers something that could upset the apple cart, or help him, he moves.  If he knew of your existence, and he wanted you in the firm – you’d be there.  If he knew of you, and didn’t want you – you’d have been eliminated by professional hit years ago…No, this was little brother Carlos throwing a hissy fit.”

Donovan, searched for another way to make things clear. He ushered his ass closer to the top of the bed, “Think of this another way: your involvement in all this has got to have, seriously damaged the Carideo, probably crippled them.  With Carlos dead and Matteo AWOL, Ettore has lost his line of succession.  I can guarantee, Kamil is going to tell Ettore that the hit was approved by Matteo, to save any repercussions, and that won’t go down well.”

The chief paused momentarily before delivering the punch line, “You may have felt helpless in there, but you had more power than you know.  And they unwittingly gave it to you.  Carlos pulling you into his power game was his ultimate destruction.”

Zachary quietly processed his partner’s words. After a while he spoke, “I hadn’t thought of it like that – thank you,”

“Any time, love.”

After lunch, Donovan joined Zachary in a nap It had been a heavy day and Zack was mententally drained.  Donovan could tell his boy was processing the events of the morning, but seemed much more positive about it. In the last twenty-four hours, Zack had majorly progressed, both mentally and physically. Coming off the morphine had allowed the thinker to think much more logically.

The afternoon hadn’t been raucous, but quietly enjoyable,  Like the clean fresh air left after a storm.  The clouds had lifted and the sun was coming out.

Completing the evening routine, Donovan lay with Zachary watching the television, and loving the closeness, “I’ve missed your warmth next to me,” he cooed.

 “I know what you mean, love, I want to get out of here and back in our own bed.”

The men cuddled for a good hour. When Zack was sound asleep, Donovan returned to his cot.  He would have preferred to stay with Zachary, but given the confines of the hospital bed, he was afraid of hurting his man. 

At some time in the night, Donovan’s spidey sense woke him.  He was used to nurses coming and going, but this was different.  Donovan opened his eyes, and saw a silhouette in the doorway.  He recognized it immediately.



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