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Chapter 16

“WHEN I was in that office, it was so confusing.  I felt that the person I am was being taken away from me, and I was powerless to do anything about it…I hated that feeling.”

Moving her chair closer, Holly layed her hand on Zacks' arm, “I can understand that sweetie, and to a degree it was, for a while at least.”

“I felt, I don’t know? Not betrayed, but hurt that you didn’t tell me.  I was shocked that any of what he was saying could be true.  Protective and angry at the names he was calling you.  Really pissed that I was getting used in a battle, without my consent, and even worse was being used as a pawn against someone I didn’t even know.”  Zack looked at his parents for a minute before continuing. “All sorts of things have been milling around in my head since then.  I didn’t know what to think.  I couldn’t make sense of any of it until Donovan and I had a talk this morning.”  At that, Donovan put his arm around Zack and kissed his shoulder. “I’ve still got a lot to straighten out, but I’m getting there.”

Holly squeezed her son's arm. They were concerned for his well-being, but relief was evident on their faces that the fog was clearing.  Holly was especially emotional after her story, unable to formulate words, so William continued. “We’re glad you could finally talk to us, son, and get it all out in the open.  You know we never meant for any of this to happen.  It hasn’t been easy staying away while you’ve been in here, but we knew you needed space.  We will always be there for you.  And as we both told Matteo, you are our son, not his.”

With a small laugh and raised eyebrows, Zack said, “Yeah, I’m getting that. I was really impressed with what you did, Dad.”  William looked sheepish.

All went quiet while everyone contemplated what had been discussed.

Holly looked at William, her eyes full of meaning, communicating a silent question, and he nodded. “Err, Zachary, Donovan… err, there is one thing about this that I’m not sure what your reaction will be, but it’s one final, tentative, connection to Matteo that we need to tell you about before we can fully move on.”

“What’s that?”

Gathering her strength and straightening her skirt again, which was Holly’s version of running fingers through her hair, “Well, you know the original payoff?”  Zack nodded. “Well, some was used for my pregnancy, day care, etc., because I was on my own.  After we had married, we didn’t need any of it to raise you, so I used the remainder to start my Interior Decorating business.  Well, as you know, that turned out pretty damned successful.”

“Yeah, I’m glad for you,” Zachary was perplexed at where Holly’s story was going.

His reply was almost dismissed as Holly’s mind was  racing ahead, “Mmm, well, some of the profits were put back into the business, others invested, and they were fruitful… When you both turned eighteen, we made you silent directors of the company.  Since then a share of the profits and its investments have been put into accounts with your names and a stock portfolio created for each of you.”

“What?”  The boys exclaimed, looking at each other then back to Holly.

Looking awkward, her tone wavered, “Yeah, well, we’re telling you this now because as already specified; the original money came from Matteo.  I don’t want you boys to get the wrong idea.  The money in those accounts is from the success of the business, and I’ve worked damned hard for that.  So I don’t want you rejecting it, due to the influence of Matteo.  I’d have started up my own business eventually anyway.”

Straightening her back and fidgeting in her seat, Holly watched us as she let the information sink in for a few seconds before moving on.   Zachary and Donovan, on the other hand, were still somewhat confused. Both were stoked about the accounts, but they looked comical with blank expressions staring back at Holly.

Holly looked at William for a moment, both smiling briefly, as though they were about to announce we were going to Disney.

“The other reason we didn’t tell you about the money was because we were waiting until you both found someone special, someone you wanted to spend the rest of your lives with, and looking at the way you are now, I think that’s a pretty done deal.”  Holly and William looked at the boys with grins on their faces before Holly delivered her final bombshell on the subject.  “I believe the last statement said there was about $530,000 a piece.”

With faces like gaping fish, Zachary and Donovan had no idea what to say except, “Wow.”

“You know what this means?” Holly mused, tilting her head, unable to remove the grin from her angelic yet mischievous features.

Donovan and Zack shook their heads like idiots.

“That you two have a choice.  You can come out of the closet as it were, if you so choose, without any fear of losing a livelihood.  You are financially secure, and there would always be a job at the company if you decided to give up police work anyway.”

The boys were floored in stunned silence, their hearts pumping hard; Donovan could hear the swishing beat course through his ears.  He looked at Zachary.  Slowly but surely, smiles crept across their faces, and there was only one path to follow.  Standing up and leaning in, Donovan cupped Zacks face in his hands and kissed him with everything he was worth. Zack grabbed Donovan’s shirt, and sure as hell kissed his man back.

They got lost in each other, and it wasn’t until they heard coughing in the background that they realized the show they’d given their parents.

“Oops, sorry!” Donovan iterated, feeling slightly embarrassed, still keeping a small smile on his face.

William wasn’t sure where to look, but Holly sported a huge grin that stretched from ear to ear.  “Despite the fact that you are my sons, and I should be grossed out…that was hot.”

“Holly!” William exclaimed, his cheeks glowing pink with embarrassment at his wife’s admission.

“Well, it was!” she retorted, with dignified amusement.  What was even worse for William was that she continued to defend her corner and gave him an ear bashing.

With an admonishing tone and hands on hips, she began, “William Coleman, I have to practically wipe the drool from your mouth whenever you watch that Lesbian program on TV, AND hand you a pillow to cover up your other reaction, so why can’t two men kissing make me feel hot under the collar?”  Holly just stared at William with the stink eye, daring him to refute her words.

William’s ears, neck, and cheeks were pink, and he was visibly sweating.  The man couldn’t help smiling at memories of the TV program, quickly realizing, however, where he was.  Loosening his collar while fidgeting in his seat, he worked out the best response that wouldn’t have him sleeping on the couch that night.

“But, they are not my daughters, and these ARE our sons.”

“If that’s the best you can come up with, I rest my case.”  Holly sat back to face her boys, with her nose in the air and a huff of satisfaction.

The was weird with all the trimmings, so they all laughed, not quite sure what to make of anything.  Zachary's ears remained pink.

For the remainder of the evening, the family was on a high.  The nurse came in and did what she did.  William checked the charts out of habit, then commented, “At this rate, you’ll only be in for another two or three days.”

That brought on the subject of exercises and the sort of things Zachary could do and when.  That discussion led onto another, which made William nervous and flushed.

“Uh, boys, seeing as you two are together, together.”

Zachary groaned “not again.” Letting his head fall to his chest.

Donovan put his hand up to Willian and quickly interjected, “Dad, stop there!  One, we are grown men and know what we’re doing and trust me, we’re doing it responsibly, so please don’t go there, it’s just not…right.  Second, Doctor Harmon already delivered the after operation recovery sex timetable.”

“I can’t believe you just said that!”  A once again mortified Zachary exclaimed, squirming uncomfortably. “I’m never going to live this down, am I?”

“Nope,” everyone chorused, breaking into laughter.

When William and Holly eventually left, everyone was all smiles again.

“Ready for the bathroom?” Donovan asked Zachary, cocking his eyebrow at him.  The man still wasn’t allowed a shower.  Donovan could un-bandage Zacks' ribs, but as the stitches were still so new, Zack would have to make do with a wash.  At least that would make him feel more human.

Donovan helped get Zack to the bathroom and carefully stripped him.  “Do you want to sit or stand?”

“Stand please; I think I can manage a lot of it myself.”

Zack hated being seen as an invalid. Regardless, Donovan took control. “Noooo you don’t! You can do your hands and face; anything else and you could pop your stitches.  The rest of your body is mine.”  The resulting smile on Zachary’s face told Donovan, liked the idea.

Donovan couldn’t help wincing at the bruises on Zacks' torso.  The burns and knife wounds, still red, angered him greatly, even though the fucker was dead.  Donovan had no problem admitting he wouldn’t have minded having that bastard in a sound proof chamber on his own.  He’d have made the man suffer, before subjecting him to a long agonizing death.

While Zachary washed his hands, arms, face and brushed his teeth, Donovan carefully took care of the rest, being especially careful around the wounds, and taking longer than he should have around Zack privates. He may have drooled a bit too.

With all the talk of sex, and coming out of the closet earlier, Donovan was feeling horny.  However, seeing Zachary’s body still bruised and stitched was its own deflation device.

Once Zachary was dressed and settled back into bed, Donovan had his own shower.  It was good thing Holly had brought them some sleep clothes from their house.  At home, they rarely wore anything to bed.  Occasionally boxers, but that was it. 

Giving Zachary a goodnight kiss, they settled in for the night.  It was nightmare free.

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