Wednesday Briefs - The Relationship Monopoly



The Relationship Monopoly

The famous line, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” How true that is. In much the same way, life could be likened to a Monopoly board. If you had the smarts, then you could well be blessed with the equivalent of Mayfair. With unfortunate breaks, you could end up on Old Kent Road, or even worse - in jail.

Well, the Monopoly board of relationships worked a little different. The pieces you chose to play with were just as important as to board itself. Your hat could could find the Park Lane of people on Whitechapel-road. If anything you were more likely to find them there as anywhere. Sure, those blue blooded areas had some fancy trinkets, and well-groomed exteriors – all worthy of a visit - but you often had to dig deeper for the soul. Had to dig deeper for that connection. One had to strip back the layers of polish to find the true person underneath, that you could make a lifetime commitment to.

Not that every relationship or encounter had to be all soul searching, made in heaven, and angels singing. Hell no. Keeping the board game parallels; nightclubs could be considered the Kings Cross Station of willing bodies. Everyone was there with a purpose. Some wanted to get on the train for a quick ride. Others were looking for a longer journey. While a few were train spotters, getting off on what they saw night after night.

Regardless, the chance card was in play whenever you said that first ‘yes’ to dance or date.

Nights of lust had dalliances with the electric company. But, it took someone special, for the light bulb to glow to the full or blow a fuse. Oh yes, to find someone that sparked the arrival of your inner tiger wasn’t that difficult. Lust, after all, was initially a reaction to the visual. Whether lust turned to love was another thing, but it was difficult to think of while your knees were around your ears being plowed, or in the back room of a club sucking the essence out of someone.

Occasionally, you could believe that your relationship was heading for that hail Mary of super taxes – the wedding chapel. Then a spanner would be thrown into the water works, and you’d be glad you had a get out of jail free card.

As for me, I’d visited Kings Cross Station many times, and tried a little something from every side of the board. I’d had my fair share of taxes, free parking, chance cards and community chests. I’d even left my hat on a square with the odd dog. That’s how I knew what I wanted. And when I met Leo, I knew he was the man for me.

On the outside, he wasn’t the most beautiful - on the inside he was.  On the inside, he was Mayfair and Park Lane. Hell, he was the blue, yellow and red squares rolled into one.  Leo was, for the most part shy. That being said when he believed in something or someone he had the heart of a lion and protected it with everything he had. He had his quirks – one being that he farted within a minute of waking. A dead giveaway.

In Forest style – Leo and I fit together like ‘peas 'n' carrots’. I had someone in my life that I could protect and who protected me in return. 

We liked playing the actual Monopoly board game, too. Leo would usually end up thrashing me, but I had my moments of glory. At the end of the night when we folded the board away, tidied the money, threw the bits in the bottom of the box and put the lid on, we slid into bed and folded around each other. More often than not, we’d make love, and we always shared a kiss. Then we’d drift off to sleep in preparation for what the Monopoly Board of life would throw at us the next day. Yes, relationships were like a game of Monopoly. You played and played until you found a piece you were happy with and who was happy with you. One who helped you survive the game and prosper. Then you stuck with them and didn't let them go for anything.











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