Heist - Chapter 15 (part of Free Fiction Friday)

Cast list

Donovan (Chief) Lockheart – Commander

Zachary (Psych) Coleman: Team Leader

Bud (Wolf) Lowell: Zachary’s second in command

Harding (Yogi) McConnell: Explosives. Ex-SEAL

Olivia (Mama) Darling: Close Combat

 Chen (Hawkeye) Lee: Munitions. Ex Army Sniper

Tang (Ferret) Lee: Multi-talented

Millie (Chip) Finlay – Communications

Richard Gosling—Head of the FBI in Chicago

William Coleman – Surgeon/Dad

Holly Coleman – Mom

Bad guys – The Grabowski’s and The Carideo’s

Insignificant – All other’s


Heist Chapter 15

Clambering up onto the bed, Donovan lay on his side, an upper limb on either side of Zachary.  He snuggled into his chest like a cherished teddy bear.  They stayed in their embrace for a good hour, both craving contact, needing more, but unable to follow through given the situation.  Instead, they enjoyed the warmth of a good old fashioned cuddle.

“I love you, so much!” Zachary said in a soft but determined voice.

“I know.”

“I don’t know what I’d do without you.  You make order out of the chaos in my head, and make me feel safe, loved and cherished.”

“That’s because you are, love.”  Donovan cooed, nuzzling Zacks neck, kissing him just below his jaw.

“Thank you,” Zack whispered.

“You’re welcome.”

Zack took a deep breath of anticipation while playing with Donovan's fingers, “When will they be here?” meaning William and Holly.

“As soon as you want.  They’re waiting by the phone. The MOBB won’t be here until tomorrow.  After last night, I asked Bud to hold off for today.”

“Thank you.  I think the sooner I get it sorted, the better, don’t you?”  Zacks face showing the apprehension of what he knew in his heart he needed to do.

Donovan was over the moon that Zachary was taking a positive step and relieved that he seemed willing to confront his fears and not let them fester. So, rising from the bed, Donovan sent William and Holly a text saying Zachary was ready to talk.

“Do you want me to leave when they get here?” Donovan asked.

“What? No. Certainly not.”

Zachary had always considered Donovan to be his rock -his better half, his everything.  He grounded Zachary when his head went in directions it shouldn’t, and calmed him down when he got angry.  Yet, not once, while they were brothers or lovers, had he ever forced Zack into being something or someone he wasn’t.  Between them, they helped each other see things from differing perspectives, which in turn allowed them to have a much more rounded outlook on life, realizing that a person can only do so much.

Among other things, Donovan had helped Zack see the police facts and possible outcomes. As personal as it was to Zachary, the alternative was even scarier for the public at large, which Zack understood.  Regardless, Zacks world had been turned upside down. It’s not every day a person gets told they’re the son of a mob boss.

Zack already knew William wasn’t his genetic father because his name wasn’t on the birth certificate.  In fact, no name had been registered, and now he know why. But William was everything a father should be to a son.  Zack couldn’t remember a time when William wasn’t his dad.  It had never occurred to him to ask who his biological father was.

Hearing what his parents did to Matteo in the van some what restored Zachary’s faith in them and gave him back warm feelings, which over the last few days had become conflicted.  It was like putting a band aid on his brain, but the cut was still there, and he needed to talk to them before it could heal properly. Following that, there was more to think about regarding his life in general – short and long term.  For that, Zack needed to talk to The MOBB.

Donovan stayed by Zacks side while the man rolled things around in his head again. They were so in tune with each other that Zack often found it easier to breathe when Donovan was there. 

Zachary thought of the shooting and what it must have done to Donovan.  If he’d died, Zack dread to think what Donovan would have done.  A suicide mission to the heart of Carideo Central most likely.  Zack couldn’t blame the reactions that had essentially outed them to their Mom and Dad. They couldn’t keep it from them forever.   Being in their own little world was wonderful while it lasted. That didn’t stop Zack from feeling apprehensive about outing them to The MOBB though.

Zack was brought out of his internal ramblings by the entrance of William and Holly.  It hadn’t taken them long to arrive, which suggested they were waiting by the phone, car keys in hand.  Holly carried with her a change of clothes for her boys, and some food:  spicy tomato soup, chicken and pineapple with basil rice, and lemon mousse.

The food successfully distracted everyone for a while, but they couldn’t hold off the inevitable forever.

“Mom, Dad.”  Everything went silent.  Donovan moved away to give his man space. Zachary held out his arms, and they came running.  Clasped in a tight hug, his ribs ached, but he didn’t care.

After about 10 minutes of tears and hugs, they stood back, and Donovan returned to Zacks side. He kissed Zachary’s forehead  before retrieving his hand and taking his place beside his man again.  It was the first time he had kissed Zack in front of them which made Zack a little self-conscious and awkward until he looked into Donovan’s eyes. What stared back was love.

Briefly giving a glance to his palm glued to Donovan’s, Zack returned his gaze to William, “Thank you for saving me, Dad, it couldn’t have been easy.”

Taking a deep shaky breath at the still fresh memory, William replied, “No it wasn’t, but I’d do anything for you, son, and I was damned if I was going to let you go without a fight.”

Giving him a smile and a heartfelt, “Thank you,”  Zack turned his attention to Holly.

“Mom, talk to me.   You know what I want to know.”  Even though Zack had heard the story from Donovan, he wanted to hear it in full detail from his mom.

Breathing quickly, wringing her hands together then smoothing out her skirt, she launched into her story of college, meeting Matteo, that fateful drunken night, the payoff, meeting William, everything up to the faceoff in the van and resulting conversations.  Holly took her time, painting a clear picture of the whole thing.  Zack felt heady, like he was in a hot tunnel, invisible strings attaching themselves to every word she spoke. The mood and awareness she created had him re-living everything with her, seeing the past through her eyes.  When she finished, the lines were cut, and Zack was back in the present.

Looking down at his sheets, Zachary nodded in understanding of her account.  It wasn’t anything like the sordid, disgusting tale Carlos had recited.  Events were much clearer, but he still had questions that gnawed at his insides.  The answers were essential to the salvation of the inner turmoil relating to his parents.

Focusing his attentions on William, trying to sound curious rather than hurt, he asked, “When did you find out about all this? Why wasn’t I ever told?”

“Holly told me everything before we got married.  I was worried, yes, but I was too much in love to let her go, and I already loved you like you were my own son.”

Holly cut in, “We had no idea he was keeping track of you, Zachary.  If I had…Believe me, I would have sought him out and shot him myself.”

“What?”  Zack shouted in wide-eyed surprise.

“Yes, I would!”  She stated with absolute certainty.  “That’s another reason why we didn’t tell you.  You inherited my hot- headedness and given your job, we wouldn’t have put it past you to go running off to do something reckless. Plus, as far as we were aware, no one knew other than Matteo and us.  We could only see the downside to you knowing – nothing positive could’ve come of it.”

Zachary thought about what had been said for a minute, “I guess you’re right.”

He still had one more question that needed answering.  Everything prior, had been explained logically, and their rationale was hard to argue against, but his next inquiry was intensely personal.

Noticing Zacks stress, Donovan squeezed his hand, giving his knuckles a light kiss.

With a stutter to his words, Zack asked, “Do you…Do you have any regrets?”

After taking a deep breath and blowing it out, Holly added her other hand to the one already being held by William in her lap. “No, and yes…I have never regretted in the slightest having you.  You’ve always been a shining light in my life.  I am so proud of everything you do, and everything you’ve accomplished.  You, Donovan and William, are the three best things that ever happened to me.  I do, however, regret that because of my past, we nearly lost you.  I can’t describe what went through me when I saw you lying there on the floor covered in blood.  My heart stopped.”

“It did for all of us,” murmured Donovan, his hands trembling in Zack as he re-lived the memories.

Until that moment, Donovan had stayed quietly by Zacks side, holding his hand, giving silent support while he got everything off his chest.  Zack stroked Donovan’s arm and leaned towards him slightly, conveying by touch that he understood, but the movement hurt his ribs and took his breath away.  Zack sucked it up.

For Zack, the moment had arrived to open up to them.  Zack went back the painful memories that had been haunting him and whirled in his brain like a bad storm.


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