Wednesday Briefs - My nudist beach experience


My nudist beach experience

You’d think going to a nudist beach would be one hell of a stimulating experience.

Well, my thoughts now are – I understand why many people wear clothes. In some cases, I’d prefer it if they wore clothes. Sometimes wearing just that little bit of material was far more sexy. An open shirt or the pants showing a little tuft of manicured pubic hair and the outline of a present to be uncovered - awesome.

The only advantages I could see were the reduced need for a washing machine and no tan lines.

Right or wrong, I’d heard that being on a nudist beach or in a nudist colony was supposed to take a person back to nature. Make people talk instead of issue statements via their apparel. Display the body God gave them instead of masking it. So, regardless of swimsuits only covering a miniscule part of the body, while on holiday in Spain I thought I’d satisfy my curiosity and get an all-over tan while I was at it. My friends back at the hotel had chickened out.

Well, what an experience it turned out to be.

I’ll admit I was apprehensive as I gingerly walked onto the beach in my altogether. I expected it to be full of people who were gym bunny models, proud to show off every asset they had. I imagined their cocks had a set of individual weights, and any tits on show would be perky enough to poke one’s eye out.

As it was, the first sight I had of nude body was that of a gentleman in his mid to later years. His paunch was so large it provided shade for his feet. He didn’t need clothing as most of his body had ample fur of its own. He was a wax salon’s dream customer. And, I couldn’t stop myself looking, but oh I wished I had. His privates were like Fangorn Forest with a naked mole burrowing through it. It’s an image that I’ve tried to burn from mind ever since.

I immediately sought refuge under a nearby palm tree and sun-shade. Sure, I wanted an all over tan, but I wasn’t prepared to do it at the price of a sunburned cock. To avoid such an occurrence, I’d given every part of my body a close shave so that I could apply a liberal amount of sunscreen in all the right places. It also avoided the embarrassment of talking to someone with a curly on my hand - such was my luck.

For the most part, the people strolling along the waterline had saggy parts, which upped my ego. I wasn’t a man with a six pack, but I had no overflowing extras either. Normally, I was Mr. Average. However, on the nudist beach my age was in the minority.

I could feel myself heating up, so decided to take a dip. Without the protection of my swim shorts, the ocean seemed a lot colder a lot quicker. While I trod water my unrestricted cock bounced around too – that was interesting and liberating in a sensual way. I only hoped that a passing fish wouldn’t see my penis as a tasty morsel. I could just see my friends taking the piss, saying I’d gotten a blowjob from a fish.

Having cooled off, I swam towards shore. I was on my hands and knees, about to stand, when I saw the God of … well … any beach scenario, jog past. Everything in my vision went into slow motion. It was one of those Baywatch moments when I noticed every muscle ripple and every splash of water. By the look on his face, he knew what he had and how to use it. And it seemed his intention to get a reaction out of every woman and man. With his attributes, he certainly got it. The piece-de-resistance was his cock, it swung like a pendulum.

He certainly raised a thing or two in me. Despite the cold water, I sported an instant erection, my heart beat increased, and I felt flush.

Damn the beach. On a nudist beach, there was no hiding. If I got out of the water with a boner, no matter how average my size, it would be noticed – even if people were discrete about it. If I got out the water with my hands over my crotch, it was advertising my embarrassment. There was only one thing for it. I headed back into the depths until sanity prevailed.

When I eventually relaxed on my sun-lounger, images of the beach God invaded again. He was the fantasy man that I’d never see myself in a relationship with. Boner strike two. What to do? I pulled up my knees to hide my erection, but I felt my exposed ass tremble in anticipation of where his cock would go.

It was too much awkwardness for me. No doubt, with continued exposure, I’d be able to school myself. Instead, I gathered my things, strategically placed my bag, and headed for the changing room and clothed understanding.




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