Heist - Chapter 14 (part of Free Fiction Friday)



Heist - Chapter 14

Unwilling to let Zack go, Donovan held him for a while longer. But, when their position became too uncomfortable, he slipped off the bed, settled in the chair, and waited for the return of their parents.

Later, during William and Holly’s visit, Zachary was painfully quiet again. In some respects it wasn’t surprising since Holly could talk the hind legs off a donkey. Despite all Holly’s chatter, they didn’t address certain things that needed to be discussed.

Zachary had been improving throughout the day. His throat, although still a little raspy, was helped along by the regular doses of ice cream, jello, orange juice and soda. Holly supplied her boys with food too, though, eating was a bit of a catch twenty-two situation for Zachary. Without the morphine, he was in pain, which affected his appetite. But if he used the morphine, he became unfocused and queasy from the drunken effect of the drug, and therefore didn’t want to eat.

Zack hated what the morphine was doing to him. It stopped him thinking straight, which annoyed him more than anything. So after refusing to use it anymore, the nurse got permission for his morphine to be removed early, allowing him to use painkillers in tablet form.

While William and Holly were there, Donovan sat on the other side of the bed, discreetly holding Zacks hand under the covers. They noticed, smiling lovingly, but didn’t say anything. 

Eventually the two men were alone. Donovan gave his boy a shave and a sponge bath because he was feeling a skanky. The nursing staff disapproved but, weren’t given a choice in the matter. They didn’t care what speculation it caused. Zack was more human after he’d brushed his teeth, saying it was good to remove the rug from his mouth. Donovan kissed his man, had a shower, changed his clothes, and settled in for the night.

Donovan’s dreams drifted off to times when they were a little…exhibitionist with each other in the apartment. He exited the shower, and instead of drying his back like any normal human, he walked to wherever Zachary was and did his ‘Southern Swing’. Donovan had the towel behind his back and instead of moving the towel to dry it, he swung his hips from side to side, thereby making his cock slap from one leg to another. The action was like a red rag to a bull to Zachary, and they soon ended up chasing each other in fits of laughter, until they fell into a horny mess on the floor, the wall, the bed, or whatever surface was stable and closest.

Waking with a bolt from his musings, Donovan heard a shout, crying and panting. Shit, Zachary. Donovan immediately hit the buzzer for the nurse. His boy was lashing about in his bed, unable to breath.

Donovan automatically put his arm across Zacks' shoulders in a steadying gesture. A nurse rushed in the room, stating, “He’s having a panic attack, talk to him.” Donovan did just that while she injected something into his drip, before putting a breathing mask over Zacks nose and mouth.

Bending closer to Zacks' ear, Donovan continued to speak soothing words of comfort and breathing control, while, with this thumbs, he drew circles on his boys shoulders and neck.

Slowly Zachary opened his eyes. Initially, he looked lost, but recognition was soon there when his eyes met Donovan’s. He continued to breathe heavily, but calmed down considerably.

He apologized profusely before citing a nightmare as the cause. The nurse checked all his vitals, took his blood pressure and gave some words of comfort, before leaving.

Donovan kept his arms wrapped around Zack while his boy physically shook, like he had the chills.

“Stay with me!  Please…on the bed.” Zacks' voice trembled.

Donovan could only imagine the battles his boy had behind and ahead of him. Fatigue was overtaking Donovan. As it was sleeping without Zachary was difficult, so the request was welcome,You don’t have to say please, love, course I will.”

Gently, Donovan helped Zack to move over slightly; all the while attempting to keep his boys pain to a minimum. Clambering onto the bed, Donovan brought up the side rail so that he wouldn’t fall out. He wrapped Zachary in his arms, and the men easily fell back to sleep for the remainder of the night.

Both men were happier having spent the night together and Zachary was a lot more coherent. The doctors and nurses completed their morning routine with Zack, while Donovan took the opportunity to stretch his legs, and make a couple of calls.

The first call was to William and Holly explaining the events of the night, which understandably, had them both panicking. After they had calmed down, Donovan explained that he intended to have a talk with Zachary that morning to try and sort through the labyrinth. There was no way he could let his boy over think things to the point of utter confusion.

His second call was to Bud, asking him to hold off on visiting. He needed his boy to focus and to start to organize the tossed salad in his head. Bud agreed, asking for an eventual update on how things went.

On returning to Zachary, Donovan was pleased to see less medical equipment attached to his love. He was also informed that his boy could get up to use the bathroom, albeit assisted.

Donovan didn’t relish the thought of revisiting Zachary's night time horror, but their talk needed to be happen sooner rather than later. He moved the seat close to the bed, and sat with his elbows on his knees, fingers displayed in an A formation on his chin. Zachary was sitting up in bed, looking down, picking at the sheet directly in front of him.

In a grave, no-nonsense voice, Donovan said, “Zachary, we need to talk.”

“I know.” He replied with an all knowing sigh.

Donovan took Zacks hand and laced their fingers. “What happened last night?”

Taking a deep breath and blowing it out again, with a look of intense concentration, Zachary began. “I’m not completely sure. It started off with events at the bank, then Milo got involved and I could feel the intense heat of the cigarettes again, more than the sharp sting and ache left by the knife cuts. After that I started to get flashing pictures; the Carideo, killing - me up there with them, one of them.  It was as if I was seeing parts of a life I had no choice in, a life that I wasn’t supposed to be in. It didn’t matter how much I shouted, no one could hear me…Then all the images started to mingle…it was so confusing… I felt like I was drowning. I couldn’t breathe.” He took a few deep breaths. “But then I heard you, felt you, and I started to feel calm.”

Donovan deliberated for a moment or two before speaking. He suspected that, given the circumstances of the incident, Doctors would want Zack to seek professional help. But, at the end of the day, Donovan was in the unique position of knowing everything that happened, and no one knew his boy better than him. Donovan knew how Zack thought and how he processed everything. He also knew, there was also no way, that Zachary would tell a shrink who his biological father was. “I think the reason you’re confused is that you don’t have all the facts. You only have one twisted man’s viewpoint.” Donovan let that sink in for a minute before continuing. His boy was a thinker.

Taking it slowly, Donovan recounted the events of the heist, from the point his heart sank upon receiving Zacks text, to the point when the man himself woke up in the hospital. Donovan told him about Richard’s involvement with his daughter.

Zack, like Donovan, was  pissed off that being used, but understood Richard’s motives. Zachary went quiet while listening to the story Holly had told in the van. Then, he became confused and angry when told how Matteo had turned up out of nowhere confessing all. A small smile graced his lips on hearing of the standoffs between Holly, Richard and Matteo. The part that both shocked and delighted him was when William pinned Matteo against the wall of the van. Love and adoration, adorned Zacks face when Donovan told him of the moment William clarified to Matteo exactly whose son he was.

Silent tears ran down Donovan’s face at his recollections of Zacks shooting and how everyone, especially William, fought to save his life. “Zachary, we were all in no doubt about the seriousness of the situation and the possible consequences of anything getting out into the public domain. Even without the warnings, everyone in those vans is loyal to you and wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. We knew the facts, and still came in after you. It didn’t matter to anyone who your birth father is or was, it’s the person you are that mattered. That’s the person they came in to rescue.”

Donovan could see the cogs of Zacks brain turning over. His brow was furrowed as he worked through all that was said; his eyes flickered to different parts of his bed as though it was a huge computer screen. Then he’d look up briefly before returning to his internal banter. Donovan knew Zack was almost done when he raked his hands over his face, then through his hair, purposefully spying Donovan.

Zachary was frustrated and upset when he blurted out, “How can I continue to do the job I’m doing, knowing that I’m related to the Carideo?”

 Two steps forward, one step back. It took everything Donovan had to keep calm and not scream? He reined in his irritation to reply, “Only by genetics and no one knows but us few. Either way, your record speaks for itself. So the battle you have is an internal one.  If you want to continue in the job, you will find the strength to do it. I believe in you and so do a lot of others.”

Both sat peacefully as Zachary processed the information he’d been given. Nothing was said for at least an hour. Every so often, facial expressions changed with internal monolog.

Facial movements were eventually replaced by a picture of resolve, a decision had been made. Zachary’s head tilted like he was about to ask, or, confirm something. His eyes remained in the thought process. Yet, he sounded almost like a little school boy, “I need to talk to Mom and Dad, don’t I?”

“Yes, you do.”

“I have to apologize for shutting them out.”

“They’ll understand.”

“But I need answers.” Zachary kept his eyes on Donovan, as if needing affirmation that he was on the right track.

“Of course.”

“I’m tired.”

“Okay. Do you need anything?”


“I’m not going anywhere. I’m all yours, darlin’.”

With a squeeze of the hand and a soft kiss on the lips Zack was asleep.


Forty winks, food, drink and a strength sapping trip to the bathroom later, Zachary was in need of more painkillers. Once they’d kicked in, color returned to his face. Nervously he asked, “Do you think The MOBB will be as understanding if they find out we’re together?”

Not expecting the change in direction of their conversation, Donovan gaped like a fish for a beat or two. He shrugged his shoulders, while his heart warred with his head. “I don’t know? I hope so. We won’t know if we don’t tell them.”


“Do you think it’s time they know?”

“Not sure! If Mom and Dad caught on, others could too.”

Donovan thought for a second. “Perhaps we should bite the bullet, and go for it, but let’s make that decision after you are out of here, and back home.”


Later that afternoon Doctor Harmon gave the boys the lowdown on Zachary's progress. “Well, young man, you are making good progress and responding well to treatment. Both your liver and ribs will take about six weeks to recover fully, providing you don’t do anything stupid, after which you can return to desk duty. You will have to go through another physical here before we release you back to active duty. If all continues on the upward tide, hopefully we should be able to let you go home by the end of the week.”

After the initial elation at the news of going home Zack asked, “What do you call anything stupid, Doc?”

“Well, exercise for one. Not that exercise is stupid, just too much too soon would be bad. It would set you back instead take you forward. Give it a couple of weeks before you start a light workout. I’m sure your father will tell you all about the why’s and wherefore’s of that, but I can get a physical therapist up here to explain things if you wish.”

“Thank you, no, I’ll talk to Dad.”

“Well, the next part is a bit awkward. I’m betting you’d prefer to hear it from me rather than William.”

“What’s that?” Donovan queried.

“Erm well, considering Zachary here is a young buck and, given the nurses reactions to him, a good looking one at that, I am assuming he is… sexually active?” Donovan wasn’t sure if the good doctor had joined the dots properly, or thought they were close brothers, but either way, he was tactful and discreet.

The look of sheer embarrassment on Zachary's face confirmed the doctor’s initial question of his activeness.

“Right then, I’ll take that as confirmed. No positions out of the karma sutra for at least six weeks. Lighter stuff you can get up to after four. Heavy breathing exercises are beneficial at any time providing you don’t jolt your ribs much. Playing safe, I’d leave any heavy breathing associated with sexual activity, for at least two weeks.”

Donovan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at that the situation. Instead, he opted for a polite clearing of the throat. He could see that Zachary wanted to find a hole and crawl into it. “OOOOOkay, Doc. Thanks for that---I’m sure Zachary will heed that advice. Won’t you, brother?”

Zacks' head snapped up and it was obvious he was about to say something along the smartass lines, when he saw the quirked eyebrows on Donovan’s face. Then, Zack looked at the doc, closed his mouth, and ground his teeth.

Dr. Harmon chuckled.  Before leaving, he informed the boys would be back again in a couple of days to review and hopefully give them a release date.

“Well, that was embarrassing, and YOU were evil,” Zack said. His face was the color of Little Red Riding Hood’s cloak.

Donovan sidled up to the bed, “Sorry, beautiful, how can I make it up to you?”

Zack encouraged his man to perch on the side, while he slithered his hand round the back of Donovan’s head, and drew him into a series of kisses. They started with soft barely there brushes of lips, moving onto light, open-mouthed kisses, evolving into something long and lingering - savoring each other for greater lengths of time, at each union.

Needing to balance himself, Donovan put his arm out, on the bed. Soon his tongue was asking to rumba in the dancehall of Zacks' mouth. They lost themselves in the essence of the other among moans of bliss. If anyone had entered the room, they wouldn’t have noticed. Time lost all meaning. When they eventually separated, they were both conducting heavy breathing exercises.

With foreheads resting on one another, and both supporting wood that they were unable to take care of, they swore.



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