Wednesday Briefs - The Heat Of Egypt


The Heat Of Egypt

Colossal wooden doors creaked open and heat flooded in. It hit my skin like a flame and I began to sweat. Where the hell was I? The last thing I knew, I was curled up in bed, under my comforter with the TV still on. This had to be a dream.

I was blinded by the light, but the color and design of the sycamore fig doors had left an imprint on my memory. I recognized the sight. I’d dreamed of entering through those doors, myself, since seeing them on the discovery channel. But this seemed so much more real. I turned away from the light and noticed that those beside me weren’t standing. Like everyone else, I sank to my knees. I knew from my history classes, that whoever used the main gateway to the temple was a person of importance.

The doors closed with an almighty thud. I saw sandaled feet beneath my nose. A few barked words later and I followed the actions of those beside me and stood. I drew in a breath. The face was unmistakable; it was Pharaoh Seti I and his entourage. I’d seen his mummy in the Cairo museum. Even in death the man had an aura about him - I could have stared at him for hours. I’d also seen computerized reconstructions of his face and, judging by the man before me, they were pretty damned accurate.

While Seti slowly completed an inspection of his guard, the men behind him followed suit. The first two, turned my head from side to side and checked my teeth. The third grabbed my arm muscles and prodded my abs. Not daring to move, I stood strong and, despite wanting to watch the great Pharaoh, I kept my eyes forward. The last man in the group stood before me and locked his eyes with mine. He was tall, tanned and had large dark eyes, rimmed in black. They were mesmerizing.

Like the others, he turned my head from side to side. But, instead of prodding my muscles he confidently ran his powerful palm over them. I couldn’t deny that I felt like a piece of meat, but at the same time, given where I was and the fact that it was all a dream it was kind of erotic.

Suddenly, the hand that had been inspecting my torso cupped my manhood. Through the fine linen I could feel the heat from his hand sizing me up. I didn’t know whether I was majorly embarrassed or extremely turned on. The way I was sporting a semi, suggested the latter.

In no time at all, his hand dropped and he was on his way. I remained ramrod straight, but my breathing took a while to return to normal. Eventually, the incense in the air filled my nostrils again.

Before Seti and his men returned, the guard changed. Not knowing where I was going, I followed the others to a sparse room. Some disappeared, some didn’t. I sat alone in a corner and lost track of time, wondering where my dream would take me next.

A tap on the shoulder roused me. I looked up to see that I was being beckoned to follow a man who looked official. I was led out of the guardroom and into the glaring heat of Egypt. It was dry and full of the scents of cooking fish, bread and camels. Around me, people chattered, goats brayed and the humped ships of the desert grunted.

Soon I was within cool walls again, and being left in a room that contained all the comforts of a person of high rank; including two servants fanning the room with rods of feathers.

Strong fingers wrapped around my wrist and pulled me forward towards a bed and within a minute I stood naked before the man who had earlier cupped my manhood. He was naked too and had a body that was both fit and beautifully kissed by the sun. His linen robes were around his feet and though his body wasn’t overly muscled it was athletic. I imagined it was from much time on a chariot.

Wow what a dream. I immersed myself in it.

He stepped closer and uttered words I didn’t understand and, possessively took my mouth in his. I groaned. This was clearly a man who took what he wanted; and I let him.

He laid me on his bed and straddled my body. He clicked his fingers and a servant poured oil into his hands – a little fell onto my chest. He massaged the scented syrup into every inch of my body while his lips remained on my face and neck. His hips undulated atop of me – his hardness most evident, along with mine. I was in sensory heaven. My moans and groans evidence of his effect on me.

He shifted between my legs and raised them. He slid his slickened hand between my ass cheeks and rubbed his long fingers over my hole. One, two, three fingers later and I was ready for him. He lined up and slid inside in one sleek motion. He held up my legs and in no time at all he was thrusting inside me with a vigor I’d never known before. Moans and grunts filled the room.

I screamed my release just before him. Then I screamed again as something hot hissed and seared my skin.


 I woke up panting. My covers strewn all over my bed, dampened by sweat and come. Dazed, I turned off the TV and made my way to the shower. As I lathered up, I felt a stabbing pain on my shoulder. I reached for a mirror wondering if I’d been bitten in the night. As I looked at the reflection, I was stunned. There, before my eyes was the blistered outline of the ankh – the Egyptian sign of life. 

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