Heist - Chapter 13 (part of Free Fiction Friday)


Chapter 13


In no time at all both men settled into the routine of the hospital day; check-ups, blood pressure, etc. Entertainment included TV, puzzles, shaving, and sleeping.

During this time, Donovan received a text from Bud suggesting he catch CNN because Richard had released a statement to the press.

News Report

A statement issued by the FBI states that the incident that occurred at the Dudek Bank here in New York, where a number of hostages were taken, was the result of an underworld battle for power. Thankfully all hostages were eventually rescued unharmed after NY SWAT mounted a daring and successful rescue mission. Sadly, one member of NYPD, whose identity has not been released yet, who bravely agreed to exchange himself for hostages earlier in the day, was shot by the person believed to be the gang leader and is in critical condition. This happened after the perpetrator slipped from police arrest outside the bank. No gang members survived.

One of the hostages reflected on how the brave young officer kept the gang’s attention on himself and away from them, ensuring no hostages were harmed in any way. Our prayers are with him, and the State of New York wishes him a speedy recovery.

No names have been released regarding the gang members or their affiliations, but we have been assured that this will not turn out to be the start of a gangland war within the state of New York.

Owners of the bank have issued a report stating the criminals did not manage to infiltrate any vaults or major computer systems and have assured customers and investors that all firewalls and protection systems did their job. They were also very grateful that the situation was resolved without the loss of innocent life, and thank the NYPD and SWAT for their successful intervention, and of course they wished the young officer all their very best.

We will bring you more on this incident as the investigation unfolds.

This is Cathy Wright reporting for CNN news. Over to you, Bob.


Changing the channel away from the report, Donovan knew he needed to talk to Zachary soon. He believed that Zack would be more coherent in the morning. It also allowed Donovan more time to think, as the last few days, had taken its toll on him, too.

The chief nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard, “They got it wrong. I didn’t save anyone. I was the cause.”  Zack was awake and sounding conquered.

“No, you weren’t,” Donovan replied quickly.

“So everything Carlos said was lies?” he challenged. Donovan didn’t answer immediately because he was trying to figure out the best way to phrase it. Then he heard Zachary mutter, defeated, “I guess it’s all true then.”

Donovan moved his chair to face Zachary full on. He balanced an elbow on the armrest supporting his jaw, “Yes, in essence... Matteo is your father, and Carlos used it to his advantage.”

Zachary’s head was resting back on his pillows, as though he didn’t have the energy to lift it. Looking utterly shattered, his shadowed eyes were half closed and unfocused, roaming around the ceiling, his skin had a pale almost ghostlike appearance. In a weary, almost hung over, drunken tone caused partly by the morphine, he slowly uttered, “Oh God! I was a pathetic puppet in a sick game of… god knows what…and I did fuck all to stop it!” The only shred of life was applied to the last five words.

That was where Donovan got somewhat pissed off at the situation. Standing, and closing the short distance between them, he took Zacks face in his hands, giving him no choice but to look at up. “Listen here, Zachary Anthony Coleman. Don’t you DARE go blaming yourself in any way, shape, or form over anything that happened in that bank or I’ll kick your ass! There was nothing in there you had any choice over. You were more of a victim in this than any of the hostages.  If you hadn’t gone in, who knows what would have happened? I don’t have words to describe what I think of Carlos, but Milo was one sick fuck – he’d have gotten his rocks off on one of the hostages. You didn’t deserve it, either. There are one or two things you may not have gathered or known about that bank. The MOBB found out some info while you were in there.”

That got Zachary’s attention. Settling on the side of the bed, being careful not to disturb anything, Donovan took Zacks hand, lowered his voice, and continued. He needed to be somewhere between Chief and lover. “That bank is controlled by Kamil Grabowski. Carlos picked it for that very reason. Had he been successful in his original mission, whatever that was, it would have been a major blow to the Grabowski family, and we would have had a gang war on our hands. Civilians would have been caught in the crossfire. I know it isn’t much consolation, but had he not gotten distracted by you, God knows how it would have all ended.”

Donovan needed Zachary to see this from more than one viewpoint. They were there to serve the public - not that they were supposed to make themselves a sacrifice, but Zachary’s actions had most definitely protected the other hostages. Once Zachary was in the bank, it looked like Carlos developed tunnel vision.

Fidgeting with the edges of the blanket, and his eyes downcast, Zack asked in a small voice, “Who knows about the rest?”

Standing, Donovan took a deep intake of breath, expanding his chest to its fullest, and settled his hands in his pockets. He walked a few steps away from the bed, gazing at the walls before returning. He was tired, which he was sure showed, but his boy needed him more than he needed sleep. Settling back on the bed, Donovan linked fingers with Zack, “Richard, Holly, William, The MOBB, and of course Matteo. We were the only ones who had sound. Everyone else believes it was a power struggle between two rival mob families, which essentially it was.”

Zacks eyes glistened with tears and looked more vulnerable than Donovan had ever seen him. The sight broke his heart. And then it all tumbled out.

The tears of emotion were heard in his voice, “I feel so lost, Donovan…Why didn’t they tell me? I feel like my world has been turned upside down…How can I continue doing what I’m doing, knowing what I know? How are The MOBB supposed to trust me knowing that I’m related to monsters…have a monster’s blood running through me?”

Zack pulled Donovan into a one armed hug. Awkward, given his injuries, but the men gave each other comfort and security in the best way they could.

Eventually, Donovan pulled back slightly, looking Zack square in the eyes, “You do NOT have a monster’s blood running through you. You have YOUR blood.” He paused to kiss his man lightly on the lips, tasting the salt of his tears. “The blood that pumps through your heart is all pure,” kiss, “beautiful,” kiss, “Zachary.” Donovan left the last kiss on his mouth longer than the others. “The MOBB trusts you, because they know YOU, the fine, wonderful man you have grown to be, and THAT is more important. As for why Holly and William didn’t tell you? Only they have those answers. I guess you’ll have to talk to them. But, had you known, would you have done anything differently?”

Zack cried, “I don’t know?” before burying his head into Donovan’s chest, his shoulders heaving.

Donovan braced his one arm on the back of the bed, taking Zacks weight and held his man close with the other around his shoulders, leaning his cheek to the top of Zacks' head. “I’m sure they had their reasons. The main one being love. Perhaps you need to hear them out, and then put yourself in their shoes before deciding anything.”

Zack gave a mumbled, “I guess.”

Leaning back, Donovan looked into Zachary’s puffy, tear-streaked eyes, and carefully wiped the streams away with his thumbs, before handing him some much-needed tissues. “None of this has changed the way I think or feel about you. I still love you with all my heart.”

A small laugh escaped Zack, “You’re biased.”

“Maybe, but I’m also right.”

The men held onto each other for a while longer, until Donovan wondered if Zack had fallen asleep again. He strained his head backward to try and see if his boy was out for the count, softly enquiring, “Zachary?”

“Mmm,” was sleepily hummed into his chest.

“Erm, I have something else to tell you too, and it may not be the best timing.” It definitely was crap timing, but it had been nagging away at Donovan.

A suspicious Zack looked up, “What?”

“William and Holly have guessed that we’re more than brothers,” and before any adverse reaction, he added, “And they’re Okay with it.”

Zack as definitely awake again, “How?” he said in a high pitch.

“My fault, I’m afraid. When you got shot, your heart stopped twice at the scene. They saw how panicked I was and how I wouldn’t leave your side, and something clicked with them. William first mentioned it in the ambulance.”

Zack paled, “Twice?”

“Yeah, twice.”



“Oh.” Zack thought for a minute, “I guess after everything else, that’s the least of my worries, huh?”

As memories of blood stained hand flooded back, Donovan’s voice tightened, “I’m sorry. I lost you twice out there. You scared the shit out of me.”

Before long it was Zachary consoling Donovan, lightly kissing parts that he could reach. Quietly he spoke, “Donovan, I don’t have any images from after I was shot until I woke here. But I had feelings. I felt intense pain then darkness like I was floating in a water tank with the lights off and no windows, just darkness. But, I can tell you now, that I felt you. I knew you were there with me, I could feel your warmth, increasing the temperature of the water around me, your breath in my ear, my lips tingled before I felt a wave of heat track through me to my very core. I clung to it like my soul depended on it.”

Donovan was stunned by what Zack was telling him. He had spoken into Zack’s ear and had had tried to breathe life into him.

Zachary looked up into Donovan’s eyes, his heart laid bare, “I thought it was a dream, but now I know what happened, what I felt makes sense. You were my lifeline, Donovan, it was you I couldn’t let go of, you pulled me back, you saved me.”

“You coming back saved me, Zachary, I can’t function without you.”

“Two halves of the whole?”

“Absolutely.” Donovan dipped his head capturing Zack’s lips in a kiss that sealed their fate as irrevocably intertwined with the other for eternity.

After getting lost in the moment, the men eventually came up for air, both sporting smiles of contentment, while they placed delicate kisses on hands and faces. Neither wanted to remove themselves from the bubble they were in. So, they bathed in the beauty of their love for a little while longer before coming back down to earth.

“Do you mind that our parents know?”

Zachary released the last part of the bubble with a sigh. “If they’re okay with it, as you say, then I don’t mind. It’s gotta be a good thing, right? We were going to have to tell them eventually, huh. Are you okay with it?”

Donovan couldn’t help but smile, “Yeah, I’m good. In some ways a bit relieved. It means I can hold your hand or touch you when they’re around, maybe even kiss you.”

“That would be nice.”

Donovan wasn’t surprised when I felt Zack slip into the land of Nod again.

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