Heist - Chapter 12 (part of Free Fiction Friday)

Chapter 12 (Part of Free Fiction Friday)

Cast list

Donovan (Chief) Lockheart – Commander

Zachary (Psych) Coleman: Team Leader

Bud (Wolf) Lowell: Zachary’s second in command

Harding (Yogi) McConnell: Explosives. Ex SEAL

Olivia (Mama) Darling: Close Combat

 Chen (Hawkeye) Lee: Munitions. Ex Army Sniper

Tang (Ferret) Lee: Multi-talented

Millie (Chip) Finlay – Communications

Richard Gosling—Head of the FBI in Chicago

William Coleman – Surgeon/Dad

Holly Coleman – Mom

Bad guys – The Grabowski’s and The Carideo’s

Insignificant – All other’s


Zachary's heart rate remained slightly elevated but had stabilized enough for the doc to okay removal of the tube.

Donovan continued to rub his thumb over his man’s knuckles, “Zachary… the doc’s gonna remove that tube in just a minute. It will be a bit uncomfortable, but you can do it, okay?” As he moved to give the others space, Zack gripped his hand tighter. “It’s okay, it’s okay, I’m staying right here, just moving down the bed a little to make way for the doc and nurse.”

As the procedure began Donovan could see Zack panic again, the alarm in his eyes reflecting the short, sharp bursts of breathing through his nose.

 “Zachary, Zachary, focus on my voice, relax, breath slowly, focus on me.” He did just that, and while the doc and nurse were engaged removing his tube, Donovan mouthed an ‘I love you’ to his man. Soon, the process was done. Zachary was tube free and given something to soothe his throat.

While the nurse disappeared, the doctor stayed, “Mr. Coleman, happy to have you back with us. You’ve given us all quite a fright. You will be in some discomfort. I’ll explain everything in detail to you when you’re a little more with us, but in a nutshell, you were shot.  The bullet came to rest in your liver and has been safely removed. You also have some broken ribs, so don’t move unless you have to. You’re going to be fine. Your throat is going to be sore for a little while; I’ll get you some more small ice chips to start with. Once your throat has calmed down, you will need to drink plenty of water. I’m sure Donovan here will help you with that,” he said glancing at the man the other side of the bed. “Once we move you out of ICU to a regular room we will bring you some jello and ice cream if you like. That should help tremendously. All of your pain meds are currently intravenous; you are on morphine which you can control via this switch here. Don’t worry. It is regulated, so you can’t overdose. We’ll keep you on that for another twenty-four hours, and then if all is well we’ll get you onto something in tablet form, which will allow some of these tubes to be removed. Okay?”  He confirmed with a smile.

Zachary’s eyes were glazed, not looking like he was even on this planet, so Donovan replied, “I’ll remember and keep an eye on him, sir.”

“Excellent. We’ll give you another half hour and then move you to your new room.”

“Okay, thank you, Doctor.”

“You’re welcome,” and he left, to tend to his other patients.

Donovan immediately got some more water with a straw and put it to Zachary’s lips.  He sucked, his face reflecting the appreciation of the cold soothing liquid.

Returning the cup to the cabinet, Donovan went back to his boy and stared into his beautiful green eyes. “Hello, love.”

Zachary rasped, “Hi…Feel…Throat…Shredder.”

Understanding what Zack was trying to say, Donovan nodded, “I bet, not nice.” Then, he leaned down and briefly kissed his dry lips. He was finally home again.

Zachary sighed his approval, his eyes closed and went back to sleep.

It wasn’t long before Zachary was moved out of ICU to another room. The jolt of the journey woke him again, but it was nothing compared to the move between beds. The staff was as smooth and efficient as they could have possibly been, but the transition to the other bed wasn’t painless. The pressure on his aching body mixed with the headiness of the morphine had him groaning – not in a good way either - and soon he was throwing up. Luckily the nurses were ready for this and came prepared with a bowl, wipes, and drink.

His pillows were puffed, and the top half of his bed raised up slightly to make him more comfortable.  Just that small amount of activity exhausted him, and the fatigue Zachary’s his face was visible, the wrenching pain taking its toll.

Soon the men were alone, and despite the exhaustion Zack held out his hand for his man “Sorry, babe, this morphine is fucking with everything.”

“You don’t have to apologize to me, love, I’m just glad I’ve got you back.”

“What… happened?” Zack said breathlessly. He never liked beating around the bush when it came to explanations, or ‘flowering’ it up.

“Cliff note version: Carlos got loose, got hold of a deputy’s gun and shot you. Don’t know if he was after you or Matteo.” 

Despite his condition, Donovan thought it better not hide the fact that Matteo was there. He didn’t know if Zack realized it was him talking to Holly. He’d seen the Carideo family tree, same as all the team.

However, at the mention of Matteo, Zachary’s eyes flew open, rasping, “Fuckin’ hell…of course, Matteo was there…it’s all fuzzy.” It was a statement of remembrance, not a question.

“Don’t worry about that now.  We’ll talk later when you’re more with it.”

After another drink and a hard wincing swallow, “What did Carlos have to say for himself?”

“Nothing! Shot dead at the scene along with Neanderthal man.  Not one of ours. It had Sniper written all over it, and Chen was already at the van. None of the gang survived.”

Zachary's eyes squinted, and his lips curled, “Matteo did.” That was the first real inkling Donovan had that this whole thing had really gotten to his boy.

“Anyway,” veering away from the subject, for now, “Your injuries! The doc has already explained it better than me, but you’ve got some broken ribs, surface stuff and damage to your liver because that’s where the bullet lodged, but they expect you to make a full recovery.”

Zack nodded his understanding. It seemed that was enough for him for the time being as he slipped back to sleep. 

The next indication that things had gotten to Zachary was when William and Holly turned up, bearing breakfast. He was awake more but quiet. Civil, yes, but incredibly hushed.  He blamed it on the morphine, but it was plain to see that something else was bothering him.  Holly was so glad to see him awake, that it didn’t register with her. But William noticed. He glanced at Donovan, who shook his head slightly, enough to let him know he had noticed, too, but to let it go. William nodded in compliance.

Everyone’s spirits were lifted when The MOBB turned up with balloons, teddy bears, and junk food. Zack couldn’t help smiling, especially at Harding.

“What pain meds they got you on, bro?”


“Awww.  That stuff’s awesome! Last time I was on that I felt stoned for days. I was flyin’ man.”

It wasn’t long before a nurse came in asking everyone to turn the volume down. That’s when William suggested that he, Holly and Donovan vacate to the cafeteria. Donovan delayed, saying that he wanted to talk shop with Bud for a minute and would join them shortly. 

Once they were alone, Donovan asked Bud to keep things civil in the room due to the meds and shit. He also asked Bud to ensure The MOBB didn’t talk about events from the bank until he’d had a chance to speak to Zack himself.

After Bud had promised to keep things light and on track, Donovan continued on to the cafeteria, where coffee and a sandwich were already waiting.

“Donovan, how are you, dear?”

“I’m okay, Mom, in need of a shave, bit tired and stiff, but on the whole, feeling better than I did yesterday.”

Sometimes Don called them Mom and Dad, others, William, and Holly. There was never a hard and fast rule as to when, where or why, it just happened. They had gotten used to it over the years. 

Holly put her hand on Donovan’s, “We know how you feel, sweetie. We know how you feel.”

“Yeah,” taking a gulp of his coffee, and a bite of his sandwich.

All went quiet for a while, and Donovan could see from the nervous looks between William and Holly, that something was coming. William got the short straw.

“Son, we know the things Zachary was told are going to affect him. We see the at-home, off-work, Zachary. But you see the other side of him.”

Donovan started coughing; ain’t that the truth, he thought. William’s eyebrow lifted slightly, a small smile twitched at the edge of his mouth. 

Man, that guy had a wicked sense of humor.

Licking his lips, William continued, “You get to see the work, Zachary. This is the first time that one area has directly affected the other. This time we’re not sure how he’s going to react. I understand he’s not awake much at the moment but has he said anything to you?”

“No, not much… in words at least, but I can tell his brain is working overtime on it.  There’s a lot for him to process. It was a shock for us, let alone him. The MOBB won’t say anything to him until I give the okay, though.”

“That’s good to hear. We wanted to be here all the time but given the circumstances…well, we don’t want to crowd him. Please keep us in the loop with anything and everything. We’ll be here at the drop of a hat if you or Zachary needs us.” There was silence for a while. “Err, son …When Zachary is out of here, umm, there are some other things we’d like to discuss, too.” Donovan froze while he waited for William’s end game. “We obviously have questions, but for what it’s worth, we’re pleased for you both.”

Busted. Donovan was lost for words, given the subject matter. His gut and the awkward body language of William and Holly told him they weren’t talking about Zack waking up. Donovan felt his throat constrict, and he swallowed hard. All he could come up with was an embarrassed, “Umm, thanks,” while turning a shade of scarlet, suddenly finding the crumbs on his plate extremely interesting.

“Okay then, we’ll take our cue from you on anything else at the moment.”

Donovan was genuinely appreciative of the trust they were putting in him over Zachary.  Even knowing they were raised as brothers, it was like they were handing over the mantle, accepting that Donovan would be primary caregiver rather than them, as parents. With a lump in his throat, he squeaked out an “Okay.”

The family made their way back to Zachary in calm contemplation. Holly’s arm hooked in Donovan’s and William’s arm over Holly’s shoulders. Everyone was still talking as they entered the room. And, though trying valiantly to stay with them, Zachary was flagging.

Bud could see it too and at Donovan’s nod, ushered everyone out, saying they could come back for longer soon. The girls protested, but when Bud put his commanding voice on, they all did as instructed. Everyone said their goodbyes, see ya’s, hugs and kisses.

As soon as everyone had gone, Zack became reflective again, retreating into himself.  Donovan could see that his man was torn between the love he had for his parents, and the revelations going through his mind regarding his blood parentage.

About twenty minutes later William and Holly decided to return home, leaving with hugs and kisses and promises to be back later in the day. Once it was all calm, Donovan was eager to get to his boy. There was something they both needed. Zack was tired, and words weren’t necessary. Donovan leaned in and for the first time since Zachary’s hospitalization kissed him deep. They breathed heavily into the contact, savoring it for all it was worth.  Leaning their foreheads together, Donovan repeated the words he had many times before, “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

In the short time it took for Donovan to move across the room to retrieve his chair, Zack was spark out again.




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#1 Cannd 2015-10-10 02:53
Wow, first time I saw this and read all the way thru. really outstanding story that I hope you get published eventually. I think you have enough details in their work and throughout the heist to make it seem realistic. The one question I have is how Matteo ended up in NY so quickly? Are we to assume TV coverage or following his brother? I can't buy the whole Carlos thought he was shooting Matteo b/c Zack was still in uniform. How did the rest of the gang die? When they got to prison? Somebody left the bank alive didn't they? I'm sure Matteo was going to do his best to see none did lol. I wonder if he will ever contact his son. I believe Matteo really loved Holly and cared about Zachary. It's sad his life will prevent him from having him in his life. I wonder where Matteo got away to?
I look forward to watching your work. I look forward moreso to the rest of the story. i hope zach does ok and I kinda want him to meet matteo once if possible.
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