Heist - Chapter 6 and 7 (Part of Free Fiction Friday)

Cast list

Donovan (Chief) Lockheart – Commander

Zachary (Psych) Coleman: Team Leader

Bud (Wolf) Lowell: Zachary’s second in command

Harding (Yogi) McConnell: Explosives. Ex SEAL

Olivia (Mama) Darling: Close Combat

Chen (Hawkeye) Lee: Munitions. Ex Army Sniper

Tang (Ferret) Lee: Multi-talented

Millie (Chip) Finlay – Communications

Richard Gosling—Head of the FBI in Chicago

William Coleman – Surgeon/Dad

Holly Coleman – Mom

Bad guys – The Grabowski’s and The Carideo’s

Insignificant – All other’s

Chapter 6

DONOVAN RESUMED control of the situation. “Chief:  One down, one cuffed.  We’re coming out.”

Zachary leaned heavily against the wall for support, breathing deeply. The grimace on his face was the only outward sign of the pain he was experiencing.

Millie eyed the Neanderthal thug as if to say, ‘Give me shit, and the same will happen to you.’ She roughly grabbed Neanderthal from Donovan, who hurried to Zachary.  As she secured the ape, her arm grazed over the knife wedged in his gluteus maximus, earning a squeal of pain from the hulk.

“Oops, sorry.”  A shit eating grin graced her face.

Bud’s dulcet tones came through the headset, “Wolf.  Sweeps complete—all clear.  Bringing the hostages out shortly.  The rest of The MOBB’s coming out now.” 

They made their way to the front of the bank.  The adrenaline boost helped Zachary get moving, albeit bloodied, stiff and breathing hard from the beating his ribs had taken.  He was capable of walking on his own, but the men used the excuse for some much-needed physical contact. Zachary and Donovan were smiling, relieved it was over.

When they exited the bank, the sun was fading, and the uniforms were waiting to assist.  Millie and Harding handed over the limping prisoners, which wasn’t straight forward, as the Neanderthal constantly screamed from pain of having a knife stuck in his butt.  Plenty of muscle relaxant was going to be needed to remove it, as it wasn’t safe to try and remove it without medication…unfortunately.

Up ahead, close to the van, Zack and Donovan could see Matteo Carideo standing next to Holly.  Zachary stiffened, realizing that some, if not everything, Carlos had said was true.  When they spotted the boys, Holly strode toward them, and then all hell broke loose.

Loud shouts could be heard, “You bastard, you ruined everything.”

A number of things happened simultaneously. As Donvan’s head whipped around he saw Carlos pointing a gun at Matteo. How the hell had he broken free? 

Shots rang out, and Carlos and the Neanderthal thug fell backwards with bullets between their eyes.  Christ, there was a sniper!! And just where was Matteo Carideo?

Donovan scanned the rooftops, but time was against him as Zack pulled them out of the way of the gunfire. They were surrounded by total chaos, and shrieks and wails filled the air.  Donovan tried to get up, but, Zachary had his full weight on him. “Come on, up you get.”  He encouraged, but Zachary wasn’t moving.  He was quiet—too quiet.  “Zack?”  Donovan put his arms around his man, in a bid to get him up, but all he felt was wetness seeping through his fingers. “Zachary… love?”  He urged.  He shakily raised his hand to see what coated his skin.  His heart stopped at the sight of… Blood. “WILLIAM, HELP, ZACK!”

Harding looked down and saw what was making Donovan lose it, “Oh Christ!”  Helpless without headset comms, he thundered, “BUD!!  GET WILLIAM, AND A MEDIC!! PSYCH’S DOWN!” 

Harding removed his tee and kneeled next to Donovan. He bunched up the material against the source of the bleeding and used Donovan’s hand to secure it in place, and then added pressure of his own. Holly ran toward her boys but was stopped by Millie.  Donovan was terrified, he couldn’t feel Zack breathing.  No, no, no, no!  This couldn’t be happening! Closing his eyes, his silent tears slid towards the ground behind him. He pressed his head against the side of his love’s lifeless face and began rocking him in his arms whispering, “Come on, Zack.  Don’t you dare die on me.  I love you too much.  Come back to me.  Please, Zachary.  PLEASE.” 

William arrived in record time, skidding to a stop like he was on a baseball spot.  Professionalism kept the identity of his patient from overtaking his emotions. Other medics arrived and soon Zack was maneuvered into a position where they could work on him. 

Donovan heard, “No pulse.”

“Pressure pack.” 



“Donovan, you need to move.”

The chief felt tugging on his shoulders. Donovan shrugged the hand away, gathered his wits and quickly shifted his position to Zack’s head – he had no intention of leaving his boy. With one of his bloodied hands as a pillow, he used the other to tilt Zack’s head ready to receive CPR.  The medic threw some mouth protection at him, which he ignored. Zack was his boy, and no one else was going to cover his man’s mouth. William was at his side, hands on the most precious of things, Zachary’s heart.  The men got to work. 1… 2… 3… breath, Zack’s chest expanded. 1… 2… 3… breath. 1…2… 3… breath.  Still no pulse.  Again! 1… 2… 3… breath. 1…2… 3… breath. 1… 2… 3… breath.

“I got a pulse.”  One of the medics announced, “It’s faint, but there.”

William let out a deep breath, “Hang in there, son.”  Then turning to face Donovan, he said, “That goes for you, too.”  The shocked look on the medic’s face told The Commander and William, he was unaware of the men’s personal relationship with the patient and muttered something about working on relatives.

William, already frightened to death about Zack barked, “Don’t even think it. It’s not happening.”  The medic had no choice but to resign himself to the situation.  William’s superiority, experience, and most of all, his terse warning, had the guy backtracking.  No one messed with William when he took command. An oxygen mask was placed on Zachary, and he was transferred to a gurney.

Bud took charge and shouted. “Go!  We’ll sort this, and meet you there.  We’ll bring Holly, too.”  He knew there wasn’t enough room in the back of the ambulance for everyone.

Holly could see that Donovan was just about holding it together and she choked through her tears, “I know. Just keep him safe.” William and Donovan ran.

Just as the medics transferred Zachary into the ambulance, he began to shake… violently, and William knew that the shock to Zack’s system was causing all sorts of problems. One medic held Zack down to prevent further injury while another attached a heart monitor and then everything went quiet. “He’s flat-lined… We’re losing him!”

Donovan stood rooted to the spot at the doors of the ambulance, about to keel over… just how much more could his boy stand? 

Before Donovan’s knees gave way, Harding was there supporting his chief.  The man paid much closer attention to things than the commander had previously given him credit for. “He’s too stubborn to leave without a fight. He’ll make it.”  Harding spoke with conviction. 

Normally Donovan would have believed the comforting words, but with the mental and physical beating his boy just got, his faith wavered.  He knew the words Carlos spoke to Zachary, would have sent him into a tailspin.  After all, his boy was a thinker.

Williams’s orders cut through the mele, “Defib… Adrenaline.”

The medic swiftly cut away Zachary’s tee, while William injected his son. “Charging…Clear.”  Zachary’s body convulsed, “No change.  More charge… Clear.”  With a violent heave, Zachary’s body moved again. Donovan’s body instinctively heaved with his boys, trying to breathe for him, willing him to life.

The monitor started to beep, and Donovan slumped into Harding.  Thank God!”

The movement inside the ambulance was a well-oiled machine.  The medics clambered into the front seats leaving William in the back, and Donovan was ordered to, ‘Get in or follow.’ So, with a boost from Harding, the chief jumped in the back.  The doors closed, and they sped off, sirens blazing, toward the hospital and hope.

As they weaved through New York traffic, William continued hooking up plasma and securing the oxygen…Never once taking his eyes off his son’s body.  Each movement laced with focused scrutiny, not missing a single injury or flex in his son.   With Zachary’s t-shirt already removed, William cut away his trousers, ensuring the pressure packs stayed in place.  The exposed skin revealed the extent of their boys’ injuries - the bruising on his face and ribs; the blood stained gashes on his thighs and arm, and the cigarette burns.  Both men flinched at the sight.  No exit wound was found for the bullet, and swelling indicated the area in which it was lodged. 

Donovan was glad the perpetrators were dead.

From the front of the cabin, the medics were heard voicing instructions to New York Presbyterian Hospital, mentioning bullets, internal bleeding, possible broken ribs, fragile condition, as well as lacerations and burns.  It didn’t matter what progress there was in technology, or the fact that his boys’ vitals were automatically transmitted to the hospital from the monitors.  Hearing the words confirming Zachary’s state, made Donovan numb.

William busied himself doing what he could for Zachary’s more minor injuries. Donovan didn’t want to get in the way, but he couldn’t let go of Zachary’s hand. He hoped the contact gave Zachary as much strength as it did Donovan assurance that his boy was still with him. 

William briefly looked over, while he worked, “You two are more to each other than brothers.”  He wasn’t asking a question, he seemed to be stating a fact. 

Donovan replied with a simple, “Yes.”

William nodded in acknowledgment, “Thought so.”

“That obvious, huh?”

William finished cleaning the last of the smaller wounds and dressed it, before removing his bloodied gloves. “No.”  With a squeeze of the shoulder, he sat next to Donovan giving him a much-needed hug. 

Still holding onto Zachary, Donovan leaned his head on William’s shoulder and broke down.  The Chief could feel his father’s tears too, as the doctor gave way to the parent, and they sat in silence for the remainder of the journey.

When they reached NYP, there was a team, ready and waiting.  Zachary was efficiently extracted from the ambulance, and taken at a swift pace towards ER.  William updated the attending physician of Zachary’s’ condition and what was done, en route.  Before Donovan could say anything, Zachary disappeared through double doors, where he wasn’t allowed to follow.

Donovan felt and looked lost until William returned. The older man grabbed hold of his arm, and guided him in the direction of the waiting room, “ I’ve told them what they need to know, all we can do now is wait.”

Scared, Donovan looked to the man he trusted above all but Zachary, “Can’t you stay in with him? What if Zachary wakes up disorientated?”

“I’ll go to get an update in a while.  But, they’re taking him straight to x-rays and surgery.  I know Dr Harmon—he’s one of the best.  For now, I’ve done what I can for Zachary and it’s time to be Dad to you.”  As William wrapped his arm around his son, Donovan could feel William shaking with worry just as much as he was.

Not long after Zachary was taken away, Holly arrived with The MOBB, who barreled through the doors like a mob.  William filled them in on what was happening.  Then, after more tears and hugs, they all sat, deflated, in their own worlds, like the big family they were. 

Despite knowing Zachary was likely to be in surgery for a long time, as nurses and doctors passed by everyone looked up expectantly.  None had any news.

Never one to sit down for long, Olivia took charge of the team’s well-being, making sure they were all supplied with coffee and whatever else was needed. She lived up to her Mama handle, even more so when Doughnuts appeared on the small table - though none was hungry.  If a phone went off, she confiscated it, taking care of whoever was on the other end.  Sometimes she was nice, other times, not so much, telling the caller where to shove it.

It was close to midnight when Dr. Harmon showed up. He recognized William, but not the others. “Okay, which of you are family to Zachary Coleman?”

“We all are.” Oli replied.

With a raised eyebrow from the doctor, William spoke up.  “It’s okay John. Carry on.”

With baited breath, everyone listened as Dr. Harmon summarized Zack’s injuries,  “Your young man is very lucky.  His injuries are bad, and he’s had quite a shock to the system, but they could have been a lot worse.  As well as lacerations and burns, he had three broken ribs, one of which we’ve pinned… It was dangerously close to puncturing a lung.  The main problem we had was from the bullet; it missed his kidneys, but lodged in his liver, shredding part of it.  This was the main cause of the internal bleeding.  As a result, we’ve removed that section of his liver.  But, the good news is that I doubt he’ll miss what we’ve taken.”

Dr. Harmon scanned the room to ensure everyone was still with him. What he saw was a sea of bulging eyes and slack jaws among the distress and tears. He took a deep breath and finished what he had to say.  “He’s in recovery at the moment, after which he’ll be moved to intensive care until he’s out of danger. Once we’re satisfied, we’ll put him in a room of his own.”

Donovan didn’t know whether to hug the man, fall to his knees in thanks or drop from exhaustion. “When can we see him, Sir?”

Seeing the uniform, and patches of blood, Dr. Harmon clarified, “And you are?”

“Donovan is our other son,” William answered before Donovan got the chance.

Donovan was thankful for the intervention, as given his state of mind he wasn’t sure what he’d have given away.  Technically, Donovan was no relation to Zachary at all.  He was never legally adopted by the Coleman’s.

“Oh, pleased to meet you.  I‘ve heard good things about you.  But, sorry for the circumstances.” Dr. Harmon held out his hand and shook Donovan’s. “Okay, well, the medication we’ve given him will keep in a coma for now.  It’ll give his ribs chance to set properly and allow his body to start healing.  While he is intensive care, it’s strictly family members only.  When he goes into his own room on the main ward, others can visit… But NO parties.” Dr. Harmon eyed the group like a headmaster. All but Holly and William were in SWAT gear that advertised their profession.  Zachary’s medical records also clarified the point, and Dr. Harmon was fully aware of how rowdy officers like the ones before him could be.

He turned toward William, “The best I can suggest is that you all get something to eat, and some rest, too. William, I know you’ll stay, and you know where the cafeterias are. He’ll be in recovery a little while longer.”

Silence followed the doctor’s departure. There was a sense of disbelief at the extent of Zachary’s injuries, especially his ribs.  Outwardly he had shown no signs of how bad they were.  There again, he was a tough nut – one had to be in their line of work.  There was also a sense of relief that their brother, son and colleague would be okay, eventually.

They all look at each other with sighs of relief, when Millie and Harding shouted, “GROUP HUG!”

The family broke apart wiping eyes and noses. At that point Bud spoke for The MOBB when he suggested that, as they wouldn’t be allowed to see Zachary for a while, they all head out for some food, rest, then, paperwork - to the consolidated groans of all.

William, Holly, and Donovan headed to one of the cafeterias, with a stop off at the changing room where William and Donovan quickly showered and changed from their bloodied clothes into scrubs.  Eventually, they seated at a table where they had coffee and a sandwich, although none of them were truly hungry.

Soon all three were on the 11th floor entering Zachary’s room.  It was supposed to be only one visitor at a time, but as William was a top surgeon at NYP, he had some pull and was given a little leeway.  All that could be heard was beeping from the equipment, and hushing from the oxygen machine.  The room was filled with monitors and tubes, and in the middle, was Zachary - alive, but lying still, with a tube down his throat.  Holly held on to William, and Donovan held on to them both.

After a couple of minutes, Holly moved forward and held Zack’s hand before apologizing for the mess her past had caused.  Slowly, she sat and talked to him for a short while about nothing in particular while suddenly apologizing part way through sentences.  She needed the contact with her son to reassure herself that she would get a chance to make amends.

In the meantime, although Donovan loved Holly and empathized with her, he wanted to be exactly where she was, at Zachary’s side holding his hand.  He couldn’t help feeling guilty at having such a thought.

William, on the other hand, busied himself checking monitors, readouts, and charts, while keeping one eye on every member of his family.

Before much more time passed, Holly pushed herself up from the seat and announced to Zachary, “I’d love to stay longer, but I think I ought to get these other two sorted. They can’t stay in scrubs, and I get the impression a certain someone won’t be leaving.” She looked at Donovan with a smile, at which point he suppose she had guessed too.

“Do you mind?” Donovan asked.

“Of course not sweetheart,” Holly answered although Donovan wasn’t a hundred percent sure what she’d affirmed. Holly bent down and gave Zachary a kiss on the cheek, moved and did the same to Donovan, “I’m sure William can work his magic with the staff.  Once he’s finished his inspection.”

Holly’s tone made William look up, “Uh, oh yes, of course, Son.”

“Thank you.”

They gave Donovan a hug and left, albeit unwillingly, ready to return in the morning.

Donovan stood looking over Zachary’s broken body, then slowly leaned down and caressed the side of his face before planting a long lingering kiss on his forehead.  Donovan didn’t know if he hoped to see movement or at least a change on the monitors, but none came.  So he sat on Holly’s vacated chair, holding the hand that didn’t have tubes or monitors attached to it. He told his boy how much he had scared the shit out of him, how much he loved him, and how he was going to kick his ass at some time in the not too distant future. 

Soon after, a nurse arrived with a pillow and blanket. Donovan thanked her, adjusted his seat parallel to the bed, laced his fingers into Zachary’s and leaned his head against the mattress.  Finally, able to touch his boy again, Donovan drifted to sleep dreaming of the first time they truly got together.  


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