Dakota Skies - Excerpt 4

Excerpt four

Finally, Hayley’s big day arrived. Jay was banned from the upper floor of the house. Even so, it didn’t stop him from hearing the curses. The nature of the swearing meant one thing—corset. The girls were helping each other dress in the basics, before going to Hayley’s to add the final touches.

“How the hellfire is anyone supposed to breathe in this?” was the politest of the expletives.

There was only one course of action to be taken. Jay disappeared to the jailhouse. He changed and waited there until the allotted nuptials time arrived.

Blackrock didn’t have a place of worship as such. What substituted for a church was a large hut where people could listen to the Sunday service delivered by the preacher. Wearing his Sunday best, Jay took a seat in the back row, claiming the role of protector. Farther up, he saw Morgan. He looked handsome in a black suit, white shirt, and thin bow tie. The two nodded a greeting.

It wasn’t long before the church was full, and the people of the hour arrived. Hayley looked beautiful in a white, fitted, long-sleeved dress. It had a lace high-necked top and full-length skirts, with bows down the back. Strips of lace fell from the bun in her hair.

Anna’s dress was a much simpler version of the bride’s. It was one thing to get Anna into a corset—another to get her wearing bows. It was light blue and blue lace covered the top. She looked stunning. The huge smile on Morgan’s face suggested he thought so too. The corsets they wore pulled in their waists so much Jay understood why Anna was complaining.

The service didn’t take long. Soon everyone was back at the saloon, which had been transformed into something befitting a wedding, with linen on the tables, cake, and a bunch of extras. Mrs. Cook supplied the food, and the whores were restricted to their rooms, forbidden to show their faces until celebrations were over.

Once the festivities were in full swing, Morgan asked Jay to accompany him to his office—well out of the way of eager ears.



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