Dakota Skies - Excerpt 2

Excerpt two

“Who’s there?” he barked into the dark.

Jay wasn’t happy at being denied sleep again. There was no answer, and the laughing abruptly stopped. All Jay could hear was the wind rustling the small new leaves on the trees. Eventually sleep took him, albeit restlessly.

Moving out in the morning, he followed the trail north. However, the farther he traveled, the more he couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched.

That evening, Jay set up camp not far from water. It allowed him to replenish his canteen (after boiling it, of course, like his mama taught him) and take a dip. The stream ran deeper, wider, and faster than at other places he’d seen. It was perfect for a bath and rough shave.

Dust, grease, and grime from the last few days scoured his skin. Even though the water was bone chillingly cold, soap and tough scrubbing removed the filth. The freshness it brought made him feel much better. After drying off, Jay returned to camp with a spring in his step.

The closer Jay got to his warming fire… the more he heard voices.

Hiding behind a tall bush, Jay withdrew his gun and… very… slowly… cocked it ready.

Natives were going through his stuff.

His breathing shallow, Jay raised his arm to take aim. At that moment, a weathered hand softly covered his mouth. Jay froze. The man’s other hand carefully and silently lowered his gun. None of the movements were threatening. Though Jay’s heart was pumping so hard he thought it wanted out of his chest.

“Don’t,” was whispered into his ear. “They’re curious. They’ll go soon.”

Jay nodded in compliance, but the stranger’s hold on him didn’t falter. The arm that lowered his gun was around his waist, along with his gun. The man was ensuring Jay didn’t move. His soft, quiet breathing ghosted over the side of Jay’s face. Warmth from the strong stranger permeated every pore of Jay Carter’s cold body like a sleep-inducing fog.

Within minutes the natives left, leaving almost no evidence of their visit, except for a missing sack of grain.

The man continued to whisper, “They’ve been following you since you entered their land. They’re Wichita, and they mean you no harm. If you shoot your gun, it’ll alert every tribesman to your existence. Be careful. Be quiet. Don’t do anything stupid… like sing.”

The sweet scent of honey wafted into Jay’s nose. His body was invaded—not physically, but sensually. Jay had to close his eyes to steady himself.


As if by magic, the stranger’s hold on Jay was gone, leaving cold air in its wake. Instead of being relieved, Jay missed the heat from the man’s broad chest against his back, and the strong arms wrapped around him. It was comfortable, safe… and unnerving. 


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