Cast list

Donovan (Chief) Lockheart – Commander

Zachary (Psych) Coleman: Team Leader

Bud (Wolf) Lowell: Zachary’s second in command

Harding (Yogi) McConnell: Explosives. Ex SEAL

Olivia (Mama) Darling: Close Combat

 Chen (Hawkeye) Lee: Munitions. Ex Army Sniper

Tang (Ferret) Lee: Multi-talented

Millie (Chip) Finlay – Communications

Richard Gosling—Head of the FBI in Chicago

William Coleman – Surgeon/Dad

Holly Coleman – Mom

Bad guys – The Grabowski’s and The Carideo’s  

Insignificant – All other’s


Chapter 4 – Who’s Your Daddy

“WOULD YOU prefer Carideo perhaps?” the unknown voice chided.

A seriously pissed off Psych spoke, “Why in fuck’s name would I want anything to do with the name Carideo?  They’re scum.”

At those words, observers witnessed a fist hitting a face, followed by a loud thud as Zachary hit the floor and didn’t move.

“Oh, dear, I was hoping this would start off a little better.  He’s going to be out for a while.  Post a guard… let me know when he wakes up.”

Donovan looked at Richard, hoping he could shed some light on the subject, but the man had his eyes fixed on Holly.

“What’s going on?”  Donovan demanded.

All eyes were on Holly and Richard, including those of the MOBB.

Holly sighed.

Richard piped up, “What you’re about to hear stays in this van.  If it gets out it could mean Zachary’s life – got it?” 

Everyone nodded.

Holly took up the slack, “When I was in college I had my friends and acquaintances; there was a group of about ten of us.  One of the guy’s names was Matty Del Sarto.  We always got on well and eventually became best friends.  It never went any further, and as with most friendships, after college we all went our separate ways and lost touch.”

William put a supportive arm around Holly—he knew the story.

“Well… a year later I was a junior in a design firm.  We were all out for a Christmas celebration at a local night club and who should I bump into but Matty.  We talked all night and drank … lots… and well, one thing led to another.  We woke up the next morning in the same bed with huge hangovers.  Weeks later I discovered I was pregnant.  I managed to get in touch with Matty, who informed me that he could never allow me to be part of his world, then strongly suggested I get an abortion.  When I refused, Matty gave me a lump sum of money and told me never to contact him again.  Six and a half months later, Zachary was born.  Two years after that, I met William at the hospital after Zachary had a fall.  We fell in love, married and William adopted Zachary.  We have kept the past hidden for a purpose.  Zachary’s birth certificate doesn’t show a father’s name, but his biological father is…”

Holly looked directly at Donovan before saying the dreaded words.  “Matteo Carideo.”

The MOBB stared at each other, they were stunned.

Donovan slowly turned to Richard, “You knew about this?”


Inspiration struck Donovan.  A light of understanding lit in Donovan’s head.

“That’s why you made contact with me on the terrorism course.  You knew Zachary was my brother.  You did it to spy on him, didn’t you?  You knew something like this could happen!”

“Yes and no.”

Donovan felt used, and he was extremely pissed off for both himself and Zachary.  “Oh, don’t you dare clam up now, explain!  And what’s your angle?”

“I contacted you because you would have made an excellent addition to the FBI.  Who your brother was…was just a bonus; but when you turned the offer down, I decided to keep an eye on Zachary, just in case the Carideo contacted him.  He is Matteo’s weakness.  If I figured it out, there was a chance one of them would too.  After what happened to Britney, the Carideo were number one on my hit list.  I wasn’t going to close any avenue which may have led to the destruction of that family.  I also knew Zachary was a good man, and deserved some kind of protection, but no, I didn’t know it would happen like this.  I thought Matteo may try to contact him or something… hell, I don’t know what I thought might happen.”

“You used both of us!  Look where your protection has gotten him, right in the middle of something that could kill him.  Is this the opportunity you were looking for?”  Donovan was fuming.  “I thought you said Milo was responsible for killing your daughter?”

“He was.  He seduced Britney, and got her into drugs.  She was in the prime of her college life, and that bastard cut it short.  But he had to be getting them from somewhere—that’s how I learned of the connection between him and Carlos.”  He continued, “For what it’s worth, as far as I know I’m the only one in the FBI that knows of Zachary’s connection to Matteo.  It’s been a personal project of mine – which is why I came here alone, without my team”

Holly put her hand on Richard’s shoulder, “I am sorry you lost your daughter,  I can only imagine how you must have felt and still feel, and I’m sorry that my past has caused this incident.  I can’t change what happened then, and neither can you!  But right now, my son is in there and he needs you.  Those hostages need you, too.  So can everyone here try to focus on that and find a way to get them out?  Let’s try to change the future.  Donovan…get our boy back.”

“Yes ma’am.”  Donovan turned to all those gathered.  “What do we know?  Is Matteo in there?”

Richard chimed in, “No. I can’t be certain, but the voice sounds like Carlos Carideo, Matteo’s younger brother.

Donovan gave Richard an… I’m tolerating you for now look.

Richard ploughed on, “Well, the Carideo are always looking to expand.  Coming to NY was always a risk.  Taking this bank specifically could be a dangerous move for them.  It would hurt the Grabowski’s if the other crime lords think a stronger family is moving in, with enough power to strike at a significant business interest.  There was always the chance Zachary would turn up, which is why I believe they had a lookout.  Coming specifically for Zachary would have been too much of a variable, but a possibility all the same.  There’s something else they want in there—Zachary’s a bonus.”

“They seem to be very blasé about their actions,” observed Olivia.

“That’s the mafia for you.  Some members feel they’re untouchable, but this is a bold move—even for them.” Richard offered, “Fortunately, or unfortunately, them being blasé just might be the thing that allows us to get the evidence we need to put them away.”

“But at what cost?”  William thought out loud.

“Chief?  Richard?”

“Yes, Wolf.”

“Looking at the building plans, we believe the best course of action would be to get Ferret back in there to plant some drum-busters.  They’ll immobilize everyone within range long enough for us to get in and take control, but shouldn’t put them out completely, allowing us to evacuate ASAP.  If Chip can put recordings on loop, that should hide us from anyone watching internally, then she can override the main doors and the ones that lead to the back offices and we could get in pretty quick.”

“Sounds good.  What about the effect on the equipment in the suits?”  Donovan queried.

“There may be some operational degradation, but it should only be temporary.”

“How temporary?”

“Five seconds, no more than ten.” Rplied Millie.

Donovan looked at Richard who nodded his approval, “Sounds like a plan.”

“So, Ferret… feel like going back down the hole again?”

“You got it, Chief.”

“Chip will keep in contact with you all the way.  When the two floors are done, wait till they are all activated before moving out.”

“What about the bad guys, sir, what if they’re in the vaults?”  Harding asked.  “Chip’s nullers don’t extend that far.  They’re only dampening the fields on the ground and first floors.”

“Psych and the hostages are our prime concern.  Keep on your toes.  Once they’re safe, sweep the building for stragglers.”

“I’ve got cameras,” announced Millie.

 “Excellent.  Good work.”

The huge screens lit up.  There were eight pictures on each screen.  Eagerly looking through them, Donovan searched for signs of Zachary.  He knew he should be more concerned about the hostages, but he couldn’t help it.  Despite looking relatively in control on the outside, Donovan’s insides were in turmoil.

Chip flicked through larger images.

“STOP!  Go back one.”  Donovan shouted.  “There!  That guard position matches the image outside Psych’s room?”

“Get that picture on a screen of its own, and a name for that face… Anything you find on the hostages put on that other monitor over there.”

“Excuse me?  Why?”  asked Richard.

“Well, for now, the hostages aren’t in any danger.  They seem to have fixed their attention on Psych and whatever else they were doing before they split them all up.  I believe the hostages are there to be babysat and maybe used as a shield later.  All the danger and action for now is happening there,” the commander explained, as he pointed to the screen where Zachary’s guard could be seen.

“Ferret, get what you need, and get back in there ASAP.”  With a quick nod of their heads, Tang and Bud were gone.

The MOBB continued looking at cameras, separating the images into two groups.

Chip pulled at Donovan’s arm.  “He’s coming round.” 

Richard and Donovan fixed their earphones in place.

“Ugggggghhhhh, my head.  Shit.  What the fuck was all that about?”  Psych carefully eased himself into the chair.  “I sure as hell hope you have an idea of what’s goin’ on because I got nothing except a thumpin’ head.”

The MOBB hoped the guard outside the door couldn’t hear Zack.  And if he did, they hoped the man believed Psych was suffering a little coo-coo disorientation.

 Donovan murmured to himself, “We’re comin’, Z, we’re comin’.”  The commander allowed himself a quick glance at William and Holly, who were looking at him anxiously.

They saw from the monitor that the guard had become aware of Zachary’s conscious state, and walked into the office.

“Well, well, well, Sleeping Beauty awakens.” 

The voice was that of F2, who had been identified as Wilkie, thug for hire—no brains, bald, tats.

“What are you tying me up for?”

“Orders.”  Wilkie spoke into his radio, “He’s awake, boss.”

The feed showed a tanned, thick browed, smart suited but skinny man, followed by a couple who were known to be Milo and Valentina.

Richard gasped, “Oh my God, it is Carlos… I can’t believe he’s there in person.”

“Greetings again, Mr. Coleman,” Carlos purred.  Zachary grunted in acknowledgment.

“Do you have any idea why you’re here?”


With a sigh Carlos continued, “Oh, dear!  Looks like you’ve been kept in ignorance all these years.  Well, you’re about to have a history lesson.”

“I’m listenin’.”

“Well, Zachary… I can call you, Zachary, can’t I?”  Carlos said, in a very polite albeit condescending voice.

“Do I have a choice?”

“No, not really.”

Donovan could almost hear the grin on the snake’s face.

“Well, I had a different mission when I first organized this little jaunt to the Big Apple, but I hoped you would turn up.  I’ve known about you for some time.  It seems that your mommy dearest was a bit of a whore in her earlier years and fucked my brother Matteo… You were the result!”

“NO…YOU’RE LYING!” Zachary shouted, his breathing heavy, clearly shaken by the news.  He struggled against his bindings, making the chair rock.

“Oh, believe me, part of me wishes I were.  But I am never one to pass up an opportunity… and what an opportunity you have presented me with.  You are going to get me a bonus payment.  Christmas come early, as it were.”

“I’m not going to help you get anything,”  Zachary seethed.

“Oh, my dear Zachary.  I don’t need your approval or your cooperation.”

With that he left the office, lackeys in tow, and guard in place.

Another half hour passed, during which time, Millie gave instructions to Tang.

It wasn’t long before a variety of images appeared on the large touch screens in the van.  They allowed the MOBB to identify members of the gang separately from the hostages.

George turned up at the van entrance.  “Richard, there’s a call for you.”

He handed over the cell which was put on loud speaker.  “Hello.”

“Is that Mr. Gosling?” a smooth drawn out voice asked.

Matteo!”  Holly exclaimed.

“Would you mind allowing me to join you please?  I believe we have a mutual interest in the unfolding situation”

“Where are you?”  Richard asked.

“About ten paces behind the van you are in.”

Richard scrambled for the door along with Holly and William.

After Matteo assured Richard he wasn’t there to cause trouble, he was allowed into the van.  Donovan saw immediately where Zachary got his height from.  The inside of the van was beginning to get real cozy.

Holly was the first to ask the question everyone had on their lips.  “Why are you here, Matteo?  Why now?  You haven’t had anything to do with Zachary’s life since you paid me off.  Why start now?” she spat, with as much venom as she could.

“I am sorry, Holly.  It’s with great joy and sorrow that I am here.  I paid you off because of my family, although I truly had feelings for you. I certainly didn’t want to let such a beautiful person be corrupted by the life you would have lead, had I allowed you to stay.  Believe me, ‘paying you off’ as it were, was by far the best option.  I’m happy to see you again, and extremely proud that my son has grown into such a fine young man.”

If Holly had been a train, steam would have been blasting out of her ears.  “You gave up ANY right to call him your son, the day you walked out.  Zachary may be your biological son, but William is his father and always will be.  Go back to the hole you crawled out of.”

Donovan put his head in his hands.  So much for keeping Psych’s identity secret.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that.  You see, it’s my fault Zachary is in there.”

 “What?”  Everyone shouted at once.

“Even though I wasn’t a part of Zachary’s life, I still kept track of him and his accomplishments… much as I have yours Holly.  I was discreet, but somehow Carlos found out.  I’m sorry.”

Holly took two short steps up to Matteo and slapped him across the face, then grabbed his shirt and jerked him towards her.  “Not discreet enough,” Holly whispered into his ear ( in a lot of ways, that was far more scary than her shouting) before pushing him away,.  Matteo braced himself against the side of the van, his head down and eyes closed.

“All hostages accounted for.”  Millie said in an even business tone.

Everyone’s attention returned to the screens, where the three groups of hostages were visible, each set huddled together.  One group was on the first floor, two more groups were in offices on the ground floor.  Each group had a guard assigned to them, and another guard was a floater.  In one of the offices, the guard was at the computer with another just inside the door.  That made five of the gang accounted for, and Wilkie who was standing outside Zachary’s door made six.

Gang members seemed to be increasing by the hour, and Donovan wondered how many more would creep out of the underground vaults.

“They’re back.”  Olivia announced, everyone’s attention riveted to one screen in particular.  Sure enough, three people were walking towards Zachary’s ‘cell’, and they’d removed their masks so that they could clearly be identified.

When they entered Zachary’s room, he looked up.  He was tied to the chair,  Milo and Valentina circling behind him.

“Time for you to learn your role in this production, Mr. Coleman.”

Carlos made a call.

Within seconds Matteo’s phone rang.  He mouthed, ‘Carlos’.

As he answered it, Donovan shook his head at the man, warning him not to give away his location.

“Brother, how nice to hear from you.”

“Indeed it is, Matteo.  Indeed it is.”

“To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Well, you may or may not know that I was given permission to make inroads into other territories”.

“Yes, I was aware of that.” 

Matteo had his own spies in the Carlos camp.

“Of course you were.  Well, I decided to make a move on New York.  To hit Kamil Grabowski Central, as it were.”

“Bold but risky, brother.”

“Yes, well….no risk no gain.  You wouldn’t believe the good fortune I’ve had since I arrived.  I seem to have run into something here that you are very fond of.”

“And what would that be?”

“Well, it’s not so much of a what, as a who.  Your bastard son.”

“I have no son, Carlos.”

“Come come now, Matteo.  No official son, but I’ve known for a long time about your little bastard.”

Tang popped his head around the door as their conversation continued.

“He knows nothing of our life, or me.”

“Oh, but he does now, dear brother.  In fact he is sitting opposite me at this precise moment.  Say hello to Daddy, Zachary.”

Zachary remained silent.

Just then Valentina grabbed his head, yanking it backwards and purred at him, “Baby, you should listen to Uncle Carlos, cos it would be a real shame for Milo here to spoil this beautiful body of yours.”  At that she slipped her hand down the front of his tee.

Zachary turned his head to Valentina, and in a low threatening voice said, “Don’t call me baby!! Move fucking your hand.  He is not my uncle and Matteo is NOT my fucking father!”

Donovan was both proud and scared at that moment. 

“Yeah.  Put the bitch in her place.”  Harding whispered.

There were nods of agreement from The MOBB, and chuckles of, ‘that’s my boy’, from William and Holly.

“Zachary, I’ve already told you, I can do this with or without your cooperation … Milo.”

Milo reached around to the back of his pants, retrieving an item that was cold to the scanned image.

Donovan’s breathing hitched.

Valentina removed her hand but got a stranglehold around Zachary’s neck, restricting his air flow.

Zack knew to turn his head into the crook of her elbow, allowing him air, but without his hand to help create a little more space, it still wasn’t enough. 

Milo moved to Zack’s right arm and split the tee open with his knife. 

The pace of Zachary’s breaths quickened as the knife ran down the bare skin of his shoulder, drawing blood. 

The zoomed in scan showed a thermal image of the blood flow slowly creeping down his arm.

“Carlos, what are you doing?”  Even though Matteo could see what was happening, he had to keep up the illusion of no visuals.

“Just a moment, Matteo.  My guest seems to have lost his tongue.”

Milo lit up a cigarette, taking a few puffs then forcefully stubbed it out in the cut he’d just inflicted on Zachary’s arm.  The resulting scream left no one in any doubt of the pain it caused. 

Donovan closed his eyes and held on to the desk.  Holly and William’s arms were soon around him.

“That dear brother, was your son saying hello.”

”What do you want, Carlos?”

“Ahhhh, so you do have feelings for the boy.”

Another shriek came from deep within Zachary’s throat through clenched teeth, as Milo’s wrist flicked quickly this time over his thighs, leaving gashes in his trousers and skin.

Carlos didn’t realize that Matteo was in the van, as the sounds from the phone were happening at the same time as those in the office.  And, the sound in the office was obviously louder.

Matteo shouted, “CARLOS.  STOP!  WHAT.  IS.  IT.  YOU.  WANT?”

“What a loaded question, dear brother.  A loving family, world peace… Oh, who am I kidding?  I don’t want a loving family.  I want to own this family, and I sure as hell don’t want world peace—it’s bad for business.”

“You want to own the family?”

“Yes!  Own the family!  Ettore is getting old and can’t have children or he would have an heir by now.  You and I are much younger, and although we are not yet married, you already have a son…albeit, a bastard son, with that whore of yours.  That as good as makes you next in line.”

Matteo grated “Holly was not a whore, I loved her!” 

The revelation stunned all in the van, including Holly, who stood with a look of shock on her face.

Carlos didn’t rise to his brother’s outburst.  “Whatever!  Either way it makes you vulnerable and weak, or we wouldn’t be negotiating now.  You’d have already told me to kill the boy instead.”

Carlos nodded to Milo, who by now had another cigarette lit up.  Valentina moved out of the way and Milo stepped behind Zachary with his knife, putting it to Zachary’s throat.

The MOBB held their breath.

“I’m going to enjoy this,” Milo’s crowed exultantly as he blew smoke into his prisoners’ face.  Zachary stared at him, eye to eye, trying not to cough.

The knife slid around Zack’s neck to the back of his shirt, dividing the material down  his back.  With a final long pull on his cigarette, he vehemently put it out between Zachary’s shoulder blades.

Releasing a strangled cry, Zachary slumped forward, as far as his ropes allowed.  His head sagged to his chest briefly before raising it, trying to breathe through the pain, his heart pumped harder than he’d ever known before.

“I’ll need time to make arrangements.”

“You do that brother.  You have one hour.  After that, I let Milo and Valentina have the boy to do with him as they will.”

Valentina was positively bouncing with joy at that prospect, as Carlos cut off the call.  He said to the two, “Forty-five minutes and he’s all yours.”


“Until our next meeting,”  Valentina purred to Zachary as she licked the side of his face, earning eew’s of disgust all around, even from Bud, who looked as though he’d just sucked a lemon.  Zachary jerked his head away, but she grabbed each side of it, planting a kiss full on his lips. 

That made Donovan’s blood boil!

When Valentina’s face left Zachary’s, he spat with as much emphasis as he could, out to the side trying to rid himself of her taste.  Valentina laughed manically as they all left the room.

The next movements shocked the crew.

Suddenly, the normally docile William had Matteo pinned against the side of the van with a forearm across his throat.  Even though Matteo was a good head taller, William had his full body weight pressed into the maneuver.

“It goes against everything I have ever been taught, and the ethos of being a doctor, but at this moment MY SON, has been harmed because of YOU, and right now… I just want to rip your throat out!”

To sighs of adoration from the women and murmurs of “Go, Doc.” from the guys, Richard put his hand on Williams’ shoulder, “I know how you feel… We’ll get him out.”

Donovan just stood there blinking, not believing what his eyes were telling him.

The whole group was strung up about situation.  Technically they should have been removed and another team assigned, but no one was thinking with a completely clear head, and they were all too invested in the situation to care what anyone else thought.

After a momentary lapse, the commander’s training kicked in again.  “We have less than forty-five minutes to get them all out.  What are your intentions, Matteo?”

“I have some phone calls to make, no one else must know of my connection to Zachary.  I will make things right at my end.  You get them all out.”

As he left the van, he turned around, “I have one request..”  Donovan looked at him expectantly, “Can you bring Carlos out alive if possible, please?  I would like to deal with him in my own way before he’s taken away.  Believe me; he will not reveal anything more about Zachary to anyone.  He will know his place and accept it.”

Richard okayed the request, since amongst other things, the Carideo were in Grabowski territory turning the heist into a potential gangland war.

“Chief, I want in on this.”  For Chip to leave her Scooby truck, meant she was seriously pissed off.

She received a nod, “The whole team’s going to be needed on this one, Chip.” 

George was notified, and once the first moves had been made, those outside the bank would be needed to receive the hostages, and deal with their well-being.  He needed medics and ambulances on standby, somewhere to take the hostages for assessment, and probably initial treatment for shock.  That was if all went well.

William offered to help organize that with him.  An ambulance was needed for Zachary, regardless of anything else.

“We’ll be ready.”  Donovan heard from a determined William.

Matteo returned to the group with the combination to the internal door which led to the ground floor offices.  The information, though useful, left Harding a touch crestfallen, as he’d have loved to blow the doors off.

George Banner had no need to know of Zachary’s connection to the situation.  Therefore, he was told that the heist was a war between families, and negotiations were no longer relevant.  He’d been known to be a bit of a techno freak in his spare time, and jumped at the chance of swapping roles into one of guidance from the Scooby truck.  Millie, however, warned him that regardless of his rank, she would have his nuts for earrings should he fuck up any of her equipment.  The only things he was allowed to touch were two buttons; one overrode the entrance doors to the bank, the other activated the sound pulse which would signal the start of the operation.

Once he understood his part and realized the time constraint, a ‘Shit me,’ was heard and he then he organized the troops discreetly, but efficiently. 

Images and sound showed there was no longer any activity at any of the computers.  If anything, those not in the know looked mainly bored, the hostages forgotten.

The rest of the MOBB plus an addition or two, disappeared into the second van to suit up…Richard, Donovan, everyone who was in on the raid.  Bud was in overall control of the operation, as with Zachary out of commission, he knew the team best.

 “We need two in the vents to drop in on our first floor guests.  Chip… Ferret, that’s you.  Hawkeye, get back to your vantage spot and back them up from outside.  Take out whatever perps you can, as soon as you can.  Get the hostages on the first floor together, flat on the floor and away from the windows, until it’s all over.  Be vigilant! Everyone will be disorientated for a couple of minutes, so be careful with your earpieces, turn them to the lowest settings. The pulse will go on for ten seconds.”  He paused for a minute, “Richard, when was the last time you were in on an operation like this?”

“A few years back.  Don’t worry about me, I just want in on the op—I don’t care who gets the bastards.”

“Okay, then.  As soon as we’re in, you head for the stairs to assist Chip and Ferret.  There’s a big group up there.  Make sure they know where to expect you, or they’ll take you out too.  Secure the floor and protect the hostages until you get the all clear to move everyone out.”

“That leaves Chief, Mama, Yogi, and me to take care of the ground floor.  The last scans showed the three stooges heading back to the hostages.  Chief, you go after Psych, there should only be one guard to take care of.  Mama, Yogi and I will go after the hostages and the rest of the perps.  You know the rules. Bring ‘em out alive if you can.”

Within two minutes, the group was geared up, watches synchronized, the works, ready to go.

“Chip, Ferret, you got eight minutes to get where you need to be.”


“Yes, Chip.”

“You ought to know that as soon as that pulse goes off, it will knock out all the stuff we’ve installed up there, due to its close proximity.  The gear in our suits is protected but, everyone outside the building, except Hawkeye will be blind.”  she said, with a smile.

“Understood, now vamoose.”

George thankfully had a couple of friends within the network channels.  He assured the MOBB that although in theory, no one was watching from the inside, the cameras would show nothing and go on loop for the duration of the op, at least until the pulse hit.

In what seemed no time at all, The MOBB were through the main doors of the bank and ready to punch in the combination to the connecting door. 

George gave final confirmation of where everyone was according to the thermal images.

Receiving the ready signal from Chip, Ferret and Hawkeye, Bud readied his team.

With his heart thundering, and whispering ‘On my way, love, on my way,’ Donovan watched Bud count down.  3… 2…1 

Chapter 5

CARLOS’S REVELATIONS rolled around Zachary’s already aching head like a tub of swirling marbles.  He couldn’t think straight, and he hurt all over. 

Was Carlos telling the truth?  Surely not.  Did Richard know?  Why didn’t Richard say anything?  Was Matteo Carideo my father?  No, he couldn’t be.  Why hadn’t William and Hilly said anything? They MUST have known – if it was true?  Would I tell me?  Uh, what?  Where were the hostages?  Aahhhh, can’t think straight.  Oh god, they think I’m related to a Carideo.  No, no, no.  Think, Zachary, think.  Where’s Donovan?  I want Donovan.   Battle for power. Who with?  The Grabowskis?  Maybe?  UUUGGGHH.  My head hurts.  Can’t think straight.  Donovan, want Donovan, NEED Donovan.  He’s coming!  I can feel it.

There was a high pitched shrill.  It hurt Zachary’s ears, and he couldn’t cover them to stop the noise. Everything went black.


As soon as the pulse went off, The MOBB swarmed through the door en route to their assigned destinations.  Richard headed for the stairs while the others peeled off west, and Donovan tracked east.  After the allotted time, the pulse stopped, and communication became possible again. Donovan heard the action unfold.

Millie and Ferret were already into the offices on the first floor.  There was gun fire, breaking glass, and screaming amid shouts of, “SWAT – Don’t move.”  “Hawkeye:  One down main office.”  “Chip:  One down, all clear – STAY DOWN!”  “Ferret.  One down. Main office secure.”  “Chip.  Moving hostages.”  “Richard.  Top main corridor—CHIP!”  Gun shots rang out.  “Richard.  Hostages in main office—keeping guard—all safe.”

On the ground floor, progress was swift, but they didn’t have the direct access Chip and Ferret had.  As Mama, Yogi and Wolf were together, they covered the ground quicker than Donovan. Although, there was also more risk involved as evidence showed that was where two guards plus Carlos, Milo and Valentina were.

Chief heard, “SWAT!” followed by a volley of gun fire and a struggle, ”Nice try, bitch.”  Mama sounded satisfied.  “Yogi.  Two down, one cuffed, hostages safe.”  “Searching.”

Donovan got to the east wing.  He peeked around the corner, and spied Wilkie, who looked a little disorientated.  The man shook his head, probably trying to dislodge the cobwebs that lurked in the cavernous space between his ears.

He spotted the Chief. 

Donovan aimed remembering what Wilkie had called Zachary earlier, “SWAT!  Don’t move. The filth’s here.”  He carefully walked in the guard’s direction, with a steady aim. Sense should have told Wilkie to surrender, but Donovan wasn’t exactly disappointed when the guard went for his gun, “Wrong move.” 

With one shot between the eyes, a new red splatter design graced the wall, and Wilkie hit the deck with a thud.  “Chief.  One down, going for Psych.”

Donovan quickly checked his surroundings, then entered the office - gun raised.  All clear, he holstered his firearm and retrieved his knife.  He ran to the slumped over Zachary, and cut him loose; Zachary’s unconscious body fell into his arms. It was difficult to avoid his man’s injuries, but Donovan was glad Zack was in his arms at last, and tears of relief trickled down his face.  Sending thanks ‘upstairs’ that his man was alive, he waited while a dazed Zachary slowly regained consciousness. If the choice were his, he’d never let go, but—they had to get out. 

To exit the bank, Donovan needed his man completely conscious, so he lightly slapped his cheek, “Zack, Zack.  It’s Donovan.” He removed his helmet so that Zack could see him properly.

“Mmm, uh, Donovan?”  Zack slurred his words, but his alertness increased by the second. 

When complete recognition kicked in, Zack gave Donovan a huge hug.  He wanted to melt into his lover’s embrace, and shut the world out— but, there were far more important things to do first.

Donovan steadied his man and retrieved a cup of water from the dispenser in the corner. The first drink was downed with gusto.  The second, Zack threw over himself to clear his head in readiness for whatever was awaiting outside the door.

“You look like hell, can you walk?” Donovan enquired with a frown.

“I’ll damn well walk out of here!”

Donovan put on his helmet and hid the concerned lover away in favor of the unit commander.  “Chief.  Got Psych, moving out.”

Zack hobbled but was still able to walk.

“Wolf.  Be careful.  Sweeping.  One known still loose.”


 Zachary draped an arm around Donovan’s shoulders, while his lover steadied him. Together they headed out and had almost reached the corridor that pointed the way to freedom, when out of a side office stepped Milo, with an accomplice in tow, both twirling knives. 

“Aw isn’t this sweet?  Such a touching scene.  You didn’t think I’d let you go this easily did you, Zachary?  I haven’t had my fun yet.”

Zachary’s body stiffened in anger, simmering like a volcano about to erupt. “He’s mine,” he growled. He needed to retaliate for his manhood and sanity.

Given that it was going to be difficult to take on two and protect Zachary at the same time—Donovan released his grip, and poised to take on Milo’s sidekick, Neanderthal man.

Zachary took a deep breath, “You know children shouldn’t play with knives. They’re dangerous.”

Milo smirked.  “Really?  You’re only jealous cos you haven’t got one.”

“I don’t need one.  Let’s see how the toddler copes, now that the big, bad SWAT man isn’t tied up.”

Milo lunged for Zachary as Donovan simultaneously moved toward Neanderthal Man.  Zachary sidestepped and blocked the wrist of the knife wielding hand so hard that the knife went flying.  He grabbed the wrist in the same movement and spun around in a 180, landing an elbow on Milo’ upper arm, breaking it. Milo screamed in agony, Zack then followed it up with a punch to the jaw.  “Not so tough now, are you, Milo?

The Neanderthal man in front of Donovan looked as though he was only the second generation who’d learned to stand upright, but with fewer brain cells.  Donovan noticed he wasn’t even holding the knife correctly.  He lunged sloppily—for the chief it was like taking candy off a baby.  Donovan trapped the knife wielding hand, chicken winged him, breaking his wrist then plunged the knife into his buttocks.  The man quickly surrendered, Donovan roughly shoved him against the wall, and cuffed him, reading him his Miranda rights as he did so.

Milo, on the other hand, was screaming bloody murder at Zachary, who was using Milo’s body as a punch bag.  As Milo fell to the floor, Donovan saw him trying to reach for something, and then the telltale outline of a gun. At the same time, three shots rang out, and Milo was left struggling for breath.


She stood in the stairwell—western style.  She lowered her gun and walked over to Milo. She removed her helmet and mic, and secured her hand firmly over the mouthpiece, “No one fucks with my family… and lives,” she hissed, and Milo gurgled his last breath.


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