Heist - Chapter 23 (Part of Free Fiction Friday)


Cast list

Donovan (Chief) Lockheart – Commander

Zachary (Psych) Coleman: Team Leader

Bud (Wolf) Lowell: Zachary’s second in command

Harding (Yogi) McConnell: Explosives. Ex-SEAL

Olivia (Mama) Darling: Close Combat

 Chen (Hawkeye) Lee: Munitions. Ex Army Sniper

Tang (Ferret) Lee: Multi-talented

Millie (Chip) Finlay – Communications

Richard Gosling—Head of the FBI in Chicago

William Coleman – Surgeon/Dad

Holly Coleman – Mom

Bad guys – The Grabowski’s and The Carideo’s

Insignificant – All other’s


Chapter 23 (Part of Free Fiction Friday)

A week later, Richard had a proposition for the boys and The MOBB. He approached Donovan and Zack first to gauge their reaction.  Given what was happening in Chicago and the re-organization of the Carideo, he wasn’t sure what the outlook would be for New York.  Therefore, to pre-empt anything, he wanted an extra FBI team in The Big Apple.  Considering The MOBB had some excellent specialties and was such a tight entity already, he didn’t want to split them up, and so he offered a position as a functioning unit. 

Richard already knew that Zachary and Donovan were in a relationship but nothing else, so they informed him of their engagement and their plan to marry. At that moment, the rules of married couples in the same department would come into effect.

After congratulating them, Richard thought for a minute, “Okay, I got a lead position in intelligence.  Would either of you be interested in that?  You’d assist in the NY office, so still be attached to each other, working in the same building, but officially not in the same department.  One could do the research that the other would act upon.”

Donovan jumped at the chance, “I would,” It was a sideward move, but it gave him the opportunity and resources he needed to keep an eye on the Carideo and Grabowski families.  Zachary liked problem solving, getting his head wrapped around a predicament and seeing it to a result, but his heart lay in the action side of things.

The men agreed to put it to the team.  Millie was sold, as soon as Richard told her that she could have even more access to technology and tricks, so that meant Chen was in.  The thought of upping the stakes and kicking even bigger butts was compelling to the others too, along with the ego trip of being able to go into a situation and take over, simply by flashing a badge.  The MOBB was becoming their private little ‘mission impossible’ team.

All agreed in principal, and Richard went away promising to let them know when the paperwork was complete and that he would deal with the ‘powers that be.'


Keeping his word, Richard let The MOBB know as soon as things had been cleared.  As a celebration, everyone was invited to William and Holly’s for a BBQ.  The event was held at the family home in Long Island overlooking the sea.

The afternoon was filled with fun, frivolity and beach games, in shorts, bare feet, and swimwear and the BBQ was planned for later.  Richard and Eileen were there too.  Eileen had been let in on the boy’s secret while Zachary was recuperating.

Looking around Harding grumbled, “Where the fuck’s Psych and the Chief, I’m hungry.”

“Language.”  Holly chided.

“Always thinking with your stomach, huh?”  Oli admonished.

“Damned straight.  If they’re having a bit of man time, one, I’m jealous that they can get away with it here, and two, I’m gonna drag em out screaming.”

“They’ll be down shortly,” placated William. “Now if you’ll all be quiet, I have a little announcement.”  Holly disappeared into the house.

“As you know, Zachary and Donovan got engaged a while ago.  Well, as the job situation has changed for all of you, thanks to Richard,” Richard nodded his head in thanks, and held up his glass to a round of applause, “it also means that the circumstances for my boys have changed.  So tonight boys and girls, as the sun sets on the horizon, you are all here to witness the marriage of Zachary and Donovan.”

Amid the cheers and whoops from the guests, Holly walked out the house with Reverend Eustace.

He stopped by the fire, and as he turned round, that was the boys cue.

They emerged from the house hand in hand, dressed in pale stone colored pants, white long sleeved silk shirts that weren’t tucked in, undone at the cuffs, and barefoot.  Donovan had a blue silk handkerchief in the breast pocket of his shirt; Zachary had a green one in his.

Reaching the Reverend, William stepped up as Zachary’s best man, Harding Donovan’s.

A surprised, wide-eyed Oli shouted to Harding, “You knew and didn’t tell me?”

“I can keep a secret, woman, and act the idiot if I need to.”  He retorted with a broad grin of satisfaction.

Donovan was torn between Bud and Harding as his best man.   Bud was Pack Leader in Zachary’s absence, which resulted in The Chief working with him more and striking up a real friendship. But Harding’s quick thinking had helped save Zachary’s life, and since the shooting, Donovan had become even closer to him.  He not only helped keep everyone and everything together while their leaders we were away, but Donovan found himself confiding in him more as a friend.  As well as William and Holly, Harding had been a huge rock as far as Donovan’s sanity was concerned. He kept Donovan’s spirits up when they dwindled and gave him reassurance when needed.

Reverend Eustace spoke, “We are gathered here this evening in this beautiful setting to witness the joining of two souls, Zachary, and Donovan.  They have prepared their own vows and will recite them to each other now as the sun sets.  Zachary.”

William handed the ring to Zachary; taking Donovan’s left hand, he looked into his blue eyes with complete adoration, “Donovan, since the day we met, you have meant everything to me.  We started off as friends, became brothers, soul mates, then lovers.  No one has ever, or will ever, be able to outshine the light that you are in my life.  I love everything about you, from the top of your beautiful head to the tips of your ticklish toes, and everything in between.  Through good times and bad, you have been there, my rock, my lifeline, my Angel.  When storms have broken, one touch from you, one look in those beautiful ocean blue eyes, I become calm.  When I was shot, it was your touch I could feel when all around was darkness.  You brought me back.  You truly are the other half of me.  You help me fight life’s battles, and win, and catch me when I fall.  I am a better person for knowing you. Your smile brightens my day, your laugh is a slice of heaven, and I can’t help but laugh with you.  Nothing on this earth will ever separate us.  I will follow where you lead in this life and the next. I, therefore, promise you that I will honor and worship your body with mine.  I will be there through anything that life has to throw at us, whether it be good or bad.  I will love you more with each passing day. Even when our bodies and minds are old and frail, you will still be my light.  I will look after you.  I trust and support you with everything that I am and everything that I have.  I love you, Donovan.  Will you be my husband?”

With tears silently falling and a grin on his face to rival ‘Alice in Wonderland’s’ Cheshire cat Donovan said, “I will.” Zachary placed the ring on his finger, kissing it once in place

“Donovan.”  Prompted the Reverend.

Harding handed Donovan Zachary’s ring.  He took Zack’s left hand, looked into lush green, glistening eyes and said, “Zachary.  The first day I saw you, you were this scrawny teenager sitting on your bed with a comic book. You looked up with your warm, emerald eyes and smiled, making me feel cared for, welcomed and wanted.  I may not have shown my appreciation at the time, but your understanding and kindness helped me heal after the death of my parents.  We soon became friends.  You let me talk and rant without judgment, gave me a hug when I needed one, gave me an opinion when I wanted one.  You have always been and always will be a beautiful man both inside and out.  That scrawny teenager grew into a man, and wow.  That’s all I have to say about that.  Eventually, sense hit me like a freight train, and I realized that I had never had eyes for anyone else but you and that I wanted more.  More than friend or brother.  My world became whole when I discovered you felt the same.  You know my body and soul better than I know it myself, and I entrust them both to you.  We have worked, played, laughed, cried and loved together.  We’ve even laughed till we cried.  You are my salvation.  I am not complete without you.  Nothing can or will ever break the bond we have.  I am irrevocably bound to you for eternity; I will follow where you lead in this life and the next. I, therefore, promise you that I will honor and worship your body with mine.  I will be there through anything that life has to throw at us, whether it be good or bad.  I will love you more with each passing day. Even when our bodies and minds are old and frail, you will still be my light.  I will look after you.  I trust and support you with everything that I am and everything that I have.  I love you, Zachary.  Will you be his husband?”

Zachary, too, was shedding silent tears and sporting a grin that could blind the sun. He then said, “I will.”

Donovan slid the ring onto Zachary’s finger, and kissed it.

Lowering their hands, Reverend Eustace completed the service, “After such beautiful declarations and the giving and receiving of rings, I now pronounce you – husband and husband.  May I present to you Zachary and Donovan Coleman-Lockhart.  You may seal the union with a kiss.”

Donovan winked at the Reverend, “That part I know.”  He grabbed the collar of Zachary’s shirt and pulled him close. Their lips locked in a kiss that lasted, and lasted and lasted and lasted.

Whoops and cheers died down to a series of coughs and snickers, but the newlyweds carried on.  Eventually, they came up for air, and when they did, it was to a round of applause.

That night was a long night of making love on the top floor of the three-story building while everyone else passed out on the ground floor.


On Monday morning, the newlyweds walked into work wearing their rings, knowing that their new assignments would be on their desks with copies in the hands of ‘the powers.'  There was no need to hide anymore. They were there to sign their paperwork and leave at lunchtime to pack for their honeymoon, with the full understanding that when they returned to the US, they would be in a different building working for the FBI.

Eileen was staying on, as she didn’t have much longer to go before she got her full retirement package.

Donovan was finishing up in his office.  Zachary was leaning in with his hip and hand resting on the door, talking about arrangements for the afternoon.  It was almost time to go when suddenly there was a gasp and a shriek from outside the office.



Zachary turned around with an exasperated sigh, “Yes, Sonya, I’m married.”  Donovan joined Zachary at the door, hands behind his back.

Eileen had an evil grin on her face and a raised eyebrow.

“When did this happen?” Sounding angry, Sonya hugged a bunch files to her chest.

“This past weekend. I guess your invitation got lost.”

“Who to?  I bet it was one of those conniving little prissy nurses that brought you back to health…It won’t last you know.” She accused, virtual venom dripping from her fangs.

Zack smiled at the prospect of finally shutting her up for good, “Well, you are right in one way.  It was someone who saved my life.  You know them, actually.”

Sonya eyed him suspiciously, “I don’t know any nurses,” she spat.

“I never said it was a nurse,” he replied as cool as a cucumber.

“Who then?” she demanded.

“Me!” Donovan said. He slid his hand around Zachary's’ waist, flashing his ring, with a satisfied smile on his face.

“WHAT?” she shouted in disbelief.

Trying desperately to hide his laugh at Sonya’s drama, Zachary managed to regain his composure before delivering the punch line, “Sonya, I’d like you to meet my husband… Donovan Coleman-Lockhart.”

Zack slid his arm over Donovan’s shoulders and pulled him even closer. They gave each other a kiss of celebration but had to break apart when they heard a loud THUD on the floor.

Sonya had passed out.


“I think the kiss did it,” smirked Eileen, pointing to the heap on the floor, “Leave her---that to me.”

The men gave Eileen hugs and kisses before stepping over the unconscious Sonya.

They popped their heads into The MOBB with a, “See ya on the flip side, guys.”  Before they waved and left to chants of:

“Yeah, fuck off.”

“Give him one for me.”

“I want pictures.”

 “Break a leg.”

 “Yo, bro.”


 “Why are you still here?”

Zack and Donovan left the building, hand in hand, to the gaping mouths and bug eyes of many of its occupants, to start the next phase of their life.

…And that is another story for another day.

The end.

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