Heist - Chapter 22 (Part of Free Fiction Friday)



Heist Chapter 22 (Part of Free Fiction Friday)

Donovan had no intention of waiting any longer.  He took a deep breath, rocked on the back of the couch, grabbed Zack around the waist and stood. 

Zack had no choice but to wrap his legs around Donovan, who all but ran to the closest stable platform, which happened to be the island work surface in the kitchen.

Deciding to leave the sexy looking shirt hanging open teetering on Zack’s shoulders, Donovan perched his man’s ass on the edge of the counter.  Donovan watched as Zack leaned back on his strong arms. Donovan raked his eyes over his man’s muscled body before kissing his was south to the Promised Land.  Donovan moved Zackary’s leg to one side and nipped at the edge of the G string. His actions made Zackary’s head fall back in anticipation. A moan soon followed when Donovan’s tongue moved under the leather, licking circles on his heavy balls. He then secured a good grip on the fabric with his teeth before he gradually pulled downwards, with a needy, “Yes, yesses,” from his man. 

Having been relieved of his very brief coverage, Donovan kissed his way back up Zack’s legs before taking him whole in his mouth, “OH FUCK YES, let me fuck your mouth, Donovan before I fuck your ass!”

Donovan almost came there and then.

Considering the torture Zachary had deliciously put him through, earlier, Donovan thought it was justice to return the favor.  He took Zack to the brink and back several times. 

Zack was incredibly turned on and exceedingly pissed at his lover, to the point where he growled, “Oh, no you don’t,” and swiftly turned the tables.

Before he knew what was happening, Donovan was seated on the work top, with his clothing ripped from his body. In his head, Donovan was praising the heavens.  He loved it when Zack got domineering and animalistic.

His garments in shreds on the floor, Donovan lay intoxicated with the anticipation of what was to come.

Donovan’s nipples pebbled at Zack’s touch, whose hands strongly traced up to his shoulders, eventually entwining in his hair.  Donovan wrapped his legs around Zack’s waist and sought out his mouth, where they had a rough duel of tongues amid heavy breathing and  devouring.  Moving sweat laden curls out of the way, Zack explored his lover’s face with his fingers. Looking at him with such wonder and lust, Zack fucked Donovan’s mouth with his thumb, which was sucked with enthusiasm and an endlessly swirling tongue. Words were not possible.

Ignoring bruised and swollen lips, the men were in such a love-lust induced frenzy, that the world itself could have been looking in on and they wouldn’t have cared.

Reaching somewhere, Zack produced lube and a condom, to which Donovan queried “How the? …Aah fuck, later.”

Zack placed one of Donovan’s legs on the work top, the other over his shoulder, spreading him completely, giving him full view and access to the entrance of his textured channel.  Lowering to his knees, but holding his partners leg, Zack licked the entire length of Donovan’s ass, his tongue acting like a whirlpool around his entrance. He then continued to bury his nose in his balls, repeating the action, again and again, and again. 

Donovan was on sensual overload.  He could have come more than once, but each time Zack brought him back from the brink with a, “Not yet, love.”

Eventually coating his fingers with lube, Zack prepared his man who was already begging him to bury himself deep within.

When Zack complied, his action was slow and definite.  As soon as his groin made contact with Donovan’s ass, he stilled for a few seconds to catch his breath.  Both shook with excitement and stared at each other, eyes sparkling with anticipation.

With a warning of, “Hold on,” Zack withdrew and slammed back into Donovan, continuing their frenzied attack on each other. As Zack was stood on the floor Donovan’s ass left the surface each time Zack rammed… himself… into… him.

While remaining inside Donovan, Zack climbed onto the worktop to join his man. He further accentuated the point by fixing their wrists together with the handcuffs. Donovan was totally lust drunk.  Attached at the wrist, mouth and groin every one of Zack’s grunts went down Donovan’s throat. Zack gripped the end of the counter with his hands, which helped him to thrust into Donovan even harder.

Donovan yelled when Zack’s new angle hit his prostate with such force, the electricity that coursed through his body could’ve lit up the national grid. In turn, Zack swallowed every scream of Donovan’s. Attached as they were, breathing became an issue. So, Zack buried his head into Donovan’s neck and continued his onslaught.

The extra body weight increased the friction between them. Both tried to hold off their orgasm, savoring the sweet, sweaty carnage happening in their kitchen, but the need to come wouldn’t be held at bay.

“Come with me, love.” The strain of holding off was evident in Zack’s voice.  With two final hard thrusts, he bit down on Donovan’s shoulder. The resulting yell of euphoria as the men simultaneously released their loads was monumental by any standards. 

The men sank into a boneless, blissful abyss.

Donovan had no idea how long he was out.  Resurfacing, he realized that Zachary was still on top of him, lightly breathing and by the Gods, still inside him. Nudging Zack into consciousness, Donovan whispered, “Wake up, beautiful.”

“Mmm, what? Oh shit, sorry, love.”  Gingerly, Zack removed the pressure from Donovan’s chest.

“It’s alright, beautiful, no complaints here. You fucked me into oblivion.  I believe we were both out of it for a bit, and I couldn’t be happier, but we need to move.”

A huge, sheepish, sleepy, punch-drunk smile crept up Zack’s face before he took in their surroundings.

“I don’t think I’ll cook in this kitchen, ever again, without a smile on my face.”

“Agreed.  At least, we can confirm to Harding that we’ve fucked on every surface in the apartment.”

Zack sunk his head into Donovan’s shoulder laughing. The vibrations that coursed through Zack’s body into Donovan’s was an interesting sensation.  Zack clicked a cuff and carefully extricated himself from their delicate sticky position and disposed of the condom. Eventually, the men removed their asses from the kitchen top.

“I don’t think I’ll ever walk straight again.”  Donovan mused.

Zack giggled an embarrassed, “Sorry, love, but, at least, you have the excuse of being able to play the cowboy and look convincing.”

“Cheeky!  Besides, I’m proud my fiancée can do that to me.” Donovan then held up the cuffs that Zack had freed himself from but not his partner. “You gonna un-cuff me?”

“I’m tempted to leave them on. I rather like ‘em.”

“So do I, but I dread what the guys at the station will say if they see them on me.”

“Oh fuck,” he said, mortified, before producing they key from nowhere.

After cleaning the kitchen and impromptu strip club, the men made their way to the shower, where they lovingly washed each other before sliding into bed and sinking into a blissful night’s sleep.

The next morning Donovan woke Zachary with his lips around his partner’s cock.  He stirred. “Sorry to wake you, beautiful. The alarm hasn’t gone off yet, but I couldn’t resist.” Donovan returned his mouth to the engorged member and sucked softly

Sleepily Zack muttered, “Shit, Donovan, it’s the best wake-up call you’ve ever given me, you can wake me up like this wwwwhhhheennnevver you want.”

The men arrived at work happy from the antics of the night before. With every step, Donovan enjoyed the memorial twinge in his ass. But, he stood straight and headed for his office.

Thinking he’d hid it well, The Chief didn’t count on or escape the observations of one Yogi Papa Bear, who whispered in his ear, “Do I even wanna know?”

“Yes, you probably do, you pervert, but I don’t kiss and tell…often.” he whispered back with a smile.

Harding appraised him more closely, “With the way you’re walking, you mean fuck and tell.”

“Meh.” Donovan shrugged his shoulders and walked off.  All he could hear was Harding’s booming laughter follow him down the corridor.

Later that week Zack cooked a meal for The MOBB.  Spicy meatballs in tomato sauce with spaghetti pasta---and he just couldn’t keep the smile off his face.

“OH MY GOD, YOU DID IT ON THE WORKTOP, DIDN’T YOU?” blasted Harding, like a big base drum.

“Did what?” asked Zachary looking around the room, decidedly embarrassed, with a color creeping up his neck that would rival his sauce.

Donovan was finding it difficult to hold in his laughter. He had no choice but to turn away in an attempt to snicker in private.

Looking at Zack with a straight face, Harding accused, “YOUUU DIIID!” 

Zachary gaped like a fish, and Donovan internally split his sides, having to bite his fist to stop laughing out loud. Tears of laughter accumulated while he swallowed his giggles.

 “Well, it’s obvious who pitched and who caught.”

Unable to contain himself, Donovan roared with laughter, having to hold his sides, “You’re only jealous.  I passed out after……I can show you the position if you like?”  He offered to the groans, ‘Holy Fucks’, ‘Harding you perv’  and a solitary, ‘Yes, please’ from the others.

“Ohhhh God,” moaned Zachary.

Well, that set the tone for the evening and the teasing for the rest of the week.


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