Heist - Chapter 21 (part of Free Fiction Friday)

Cast list

Donovan (Chief) Lockheart – Commander

Zachary (Psych) Coleman: Team Leader

Bud (Wolf) Lowell: Zachary’s second in command

Harding (Yogi) McConnell: Explosives. Ex-SEAL

Olivia (Mama) Darling: Close Combat

 Chen (Hawkeye) Lee: Munitions. Ex Army Sniper

Tang (Ferret) Lee: Multi-talented

Millie (Chip) Finlay – Communications

Richard Gosling—Head of the FBI in Chicago

William Coleman – Surgeon/Dad

Holly Coleman – Mom

Bad guys – The Grabowski’s and The Carideo’s

Insignificant – All other’s


Chapter 21 (Part of Free Fiction Friday)

At the last moment, Zack pulled away and asked, “Are you sure?”  After all, given the right circumstances and the backing of Donovan, he was a bit of an exhibitionist too.

A unanimous and forceful, “YES!” came from all the women.  Zack could see they’d inched forward in their seats.

Zack turned back to Donovan.  When their mouths finally met, their kiss started slow but quickly picked up the pace.  Zack sucked Donovan’s bottom lip sending him wild. With a growl, their mouths were soon doing a sensual dance of their own followed by their hands caressing and pulling at the other’s body before finding their way into hair allowing them to devour the other.

They kissed the way they’d wanted to after their songs.  Zack lost sight of everyone in the room and focused on Donovan, suddenly turning and pinning him against the work surface with his hips.  He couldn’t help but deepen the kiss with moans of lust while their bodies pressed into one another.

Eventually, they had to come up for air, and that’s when it registered, exactly what they’d had done.  Everyone was stood or sat with mouths agape, as if in suspended animation, like the pause button on the remote had been pressed.  The guys had beer bottles halfway to their lips, except for Tang, who sat there slack-jawed.  If he’d had something in his mouth, it would have fallen out.

Harding still had his hand outstretched towards Olivia.  When everyone flicked back to life, a huge smile crept over Oli’s face. “Ooohhhh, God that was worth every penny.  That was H.O.T.”  Promptly handing over the cash to Harding. “Feel free to make out in front of me anytime you like.”

Zack shrugged his shoulders, “Okay,” and went in for round two, to the giggles of Donovan. Both were elated at being able to hug in front of everyone.

“I think I puked a bit,” swallowed Tang.  It was a well-known fact within The MOBB that Tang, although small in height, loved tall, busty women.

“Oh shit, look what you’ve started,” came Bud’s voice, pointing toward the couch.

Zack and Donovan looked up to see Millie and Chen in a lip lock of their own.

“Pay up!” Donovan said to Zack.

“You knew?” Oli questioned.


“Now that’s HOT” Harding declared, “Make them stop before I either jizz my pants or take you,” pointing to Oli, “over the back of this seat.”

The surprising thing was that Oli didn’t look put off by Harding’s suggestion.  He continued.  “Not that I’ve got anything against watching you guys, each to their own, whatever floats your boat and all that.  I’m not against watching a couple of guys, but, playing surveillance on a couple of girls doin’ what they’re doin’…damn, it’s the stuff of my dreams.”

Harding was drooling.  Bud and Tang didn’t know where to look, especially Tang; it was his sister in the frame after all. 

“Come on horn dogs, back to earth please,” Bud instructed as the guys adjusted their jeans.   Zachary and Donovan hadn’t moved and were hugging.  They were still hard after their kiss and Zack was sorely tempted to grind his hips into Donovan.

“So,” Harding said, “Anyone else got any secret relationships goin on? Tang…do you and Bud have anything to proclaim?”

“WHAT?” Tang choked.

“Not his type.” Bud deadpanned with a smile on his face, smacking Tang’s ass.

On seeing that, the boys knew they’d be okay. 

Including little shocked Tang.



Once the discussion was over about how long who had been seeing who, everything settled down, and The MOBB were all cool with it.  Their main bone of contention was why their leaders hadn’t said anything to them earlier.  Explaining that they hadn’t confessed anything to Holly and William until recently either seemed to appease them.  It hadn’t surprised the men that the majority of The MOBB hadn’t figured out our relationship. Bud was wrapped up with Natalia. Unless the person had huge tits, Tang didn’t even look. As for Millie and Chen; they were busy hiding their own relationship. That left Oli and Harding.

Everyone had once again gotten themselves comfortable. Zack was back to chest between Donovan’s legs who was sat sideways on the couch; he was Zack’s pillow, and Donovan had him surrounded in protective arms.  The familiarity with each other while in company was something all had to get used to.

One thing, from earlier, bugged Zack and curiosity got the better of him. He turned to face the bear himself, “Harding, when did you figure it out?”

A huge dimpled smile graced the big man’s face, absolutely stoked that he’d figured out something none of the others had. The man was positively glowing. “I’ve had my suspicions for a while.  You two have always acted differently here than at work, and not in flatmates, get in the house throw your shoes off kind of way, either. The way you’d look at each other, it was more than brotherly love, telepathy of sorts.  Your eyes and your actions didn’t match. There had to be something else going on, so I started people watching.   The clincher, though, was when you got shot…” Donovan tensed, and Harding got serious, “When Donovan was whispering stuff in your ear, and after, it looked like he was holding on for his own life, not just yours.”

Zack could feel Donovan’s anxiety in the way he was holding onto him, and the manner in which he buried his head in the back of his neck, told Zack that he had to lighten the situation, “Who’s an observant little cub then?”

“Me,” Harding said pointing to himself smugly, “Oli didn’t believe me, but then again, seeing her react to your coming out, I think she just saw the opportunity to be kinky and wanted to see you guys kissing.”

Harding let that settle for a minute, before continuing, “Speaking of observant, what’s with the hands on hips at the restaurant… and don’t tell me you’re doing an impression of a teapot.”

Donovan hmm, hmm’d into Zack’s neck, who hmm, hmm’d in reply.

The men shifted to the edge of the couch, took up individual seats and opened the buttons on their jeans to “Whoa’s and whoops,” depending on whether the person heckling was male or female.

Donovan responded with, “You are not getting that kinda show. That’s for private quarters only.”

“What?... You mean to tell me that considering how much you seem to be into each other, and what hot pieces of ass you are… purely from an objective point of view, you haven’t fucked on every surface in this place?”

“HARDING!” shouted Chen, utterly mortified at his candidness.

“I wanna know,” mused Oli, with a straight face almost drooling.

“A woman after my own heart.”  Harding cooed, placing a hand between his muscled pecks, while he looked longingly at Oli.

Donovan tried to pull a scolding face but failed miserably. “Well you are not getting to find out–we’re pleading the fifth…Do you wanna see or don’t ya?”

Amid a sea of nods, the men counted to three before revealing the tats on their hips.

After a few minutes of closer inspection, realization kicked in. Putting both hands to her mouth, Millie gasped in disbelief. “You’re married already?”

In a placating calm manner, Donovan reassured Millie, “Nope, engaged. We knew we couldn’t wear our rings at work without it raising a lot of questions, so we had them tattooed on us instead.”

“Oh, how romantic, congratulations!”  The girls gushed, before screaming. They then proceeded to engulf the men with hugs and kisses, followed by more questions of when and where, none of which they had the answers to.

Bud, Tang, and Harding came forward with friendly handshakes, accompanied by shoulder bumps. Trying to sound slightly annoyed but in a humorous way, Bud became spokesman for the team’s male members, “Fuck it, guys, stoked for you both, really am, congratulations. But do you realize that you’ve set the benchmark on the romantic stakes? How the hell do we follow that?” 

Zack and Donovan shrugged.

Eventually, the discussion turned to what they were going to do about work.  Given that Millie and Chen were in a similar boat, they all soon agreed that everything should stay between them, only allowing personal feelings to be displayed in private. They’d carry on as they always had at work, knowing that sooner or later something would give.



The next few weeks flew by.  Zachary got stronger, and Donovan returned to work.

Zachary filled his days of recuperation with gym, work and cooking.  Turning out to be quite the chef, he preferred to prepare main meals, experimenting with herbs and spices. 

On returning to the gym, Zachary found it annoying not being able to perform to his previous standards.  But, it wasn’t long before his grit determination, coupled with the encouragement and support of The MOBB, turned his frustrations into positive results.

Initially, Zachary returned to work on desk duty, organizing missions, which freed Donovan up to do research.   For his piece of mind, Donovan needed to keep an eye on movements within the Carideo and Grabowski family camps. He needed to make sure no one ever came after Zachary.  Donovan had an ax to grind too, and if they made a wrong move, He’d make sure the right people were there to take them down. 

One month after returning to work, Zachary passed his physical.  That night the men had a private celebration.  Both dressed casually in jeans and loose fitting shirts, Zachary cooked a luscious, lip smacking peppered steak, with good old apple pie and ice cream to follow. Donovan was assured the steak wasn’t the only piece of meat he would be getting that night.

Instant boner!

While finishing the wine and letting the meal go down properly, they casually talked about anything and everything.   Among the topics was that of marriage and where, when, and what last name they would have.  As they were both technically only children, they decided to combine their names and become Donovan and Zachary Coleman-Lockhart.

All evening Zachary insisted on taking care of Donovan, repeating several times that it was his way of showing his appreciation for everything Donovan had done for him. Then, Zack shoved Donovan in the direction of the TV with a shooing action.

Donovan was beginning to think his man had gotten lost, but after about twenty minutes Zack shouted from somewhere in the apartment to ‘turn off the fucking TV, and to change over to the already programmed music.'  Donovan had no idea what Zack was up to, but he knew it was definitely something.

Doing as instructed before relaxing back into the couch, Donovan let his mind drift to the relaxing music Zack had selected.  Shutting his eyes, Donovan lost himself, singing away.  Three tracks in, the music stopped.

“What the f…” his eyes shot open as Zachary’s hands clamped on his shoulders from behind with instructions to “Stay! Close your eyes.”

Donovan followed instructions. He felt Zack emerge from the back of the couch.

Hearing a seductive, dominating voice say, “Open.” Donovan obeyed, finding the lights turned down and Zachary standing five feet in front of him, facing away wearing what looked like a black tux, cowboy boots, and a black Stetson. His head was bowed, standing with his legs slightly astride, with hands in pockets.

Zack pressed the remote that he’d filched from the arm of the couch, the opening sequence to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance began:

Movement in Zachary's knee revealed he was counting the beat.

Zack’s hips thrust from side to side in time to the music, giving Donovan a beautiful view of his pert ass.

As the song progressed, Zack turned and strutted towards Donovan, one foot placed carefully in front of the other. He swayed his hips letting his jacket swing open as he mouthed the words to the music:

 I want your ugly

 I want your disease

Zack bored his gaze into Donovan’s - his eyes sparkling and full of seduction.  Donovan was rooted to his seat, caught in the spell.

 Zack came to a halt and leaned in as though he was about to kiss Donovan, but instead deflected to his ear singing… I want your love …before standing and turning while rolling his hips, and arms in the air.  Zachary’s ass, or crotch, thrust in Donovan’s direction on every pass. 

Donovan drooled imagining what he could do with both.

Zack leaned in again and placed a feather light kiss on Donovan’s jaw as he sang more lines of seduction.

A small pining squeak escaped Donovan’s throat.

Just as Donovan reached up, Zack moved out of reach and slipped the jacket off his shoulders, down his arms to his fingertips before tossing it aside. At that moment, Donovan gulped realizing Zack was giving him a striptease.

Loosening the bow tie, Zack bent down allowing Donovan to pull it from his collar. He placed a small kiss on Donovan’s lips before returning to his dance.

Trying to watch Zack winding his way around the couch was difficult for Donovan. The man’s splayed hands either caressed his own torso or raked their way through Donovan’s hair, eliciting a groan while doing his best to stop his eyes rolling to the back of their sockets.

At the line---'Cause you're a criminal, as long as you're mine’---Zack produced handcuffs. He slapped one end on his wrist and left the other end dangling. 

Donovan’s cock was straining at the zip.

Undoing his shirt buttons, Zack leaned down, inviting Donovan to participate.  In one swoop Donovan ripped the rest open sending buttons flying everywhere causing Zack to miss a beat of his performance.  Donovan used the seconds to nip Zack’s bottom lip before he was held back for more show.

The belt went next.

Donovan had stopped listening to the words of the song, and only the beat remained. He purely focused on the removal of Zachary’s clothing.

Zack put a foot on his man’s knee. Donovan removed one boot while seizing the opportunity to run his hands down his man’s calves. He repeated the action on the other boot.

Barefoot with his shirt hanging, Zack painstakingly undid the zipper to his pants. One… tooth… at… a… time.

You know that I want you. And you know that I need you

Donovan was ready to rip every stitch of clothing off Zack. As it was, he was breathing hard … almost panting with anticipation.

Shimmying his ass, allowed Zack’s pants to fall, revealing an aroused rod, straining to be released from a leather, man’s G-string.

Zack stepped out of his pants, hooked them with his foot, and threw them to land in Donovan’s face, who quickly tossed them to one side.

Donovan was incredibly hard and palming himself which made  Zachary almost lose his beat again, unable to keep his eyes off his man’s crotch.

Zack returned the gesture in kind, by rubbing his hands sensually over his exposed chest and down his sides. He finished by palming himself. He slinked over to Donovan and placed a knee each side of his lap. The music was almost at an end, and he couldn’t resist the temptation of his waiting lover any longer. He placed the Stetson on his head, took Donovan’s face in his hands and kissed him passionately, the music forgotten. 

Breathless, he whispered, “Love - Whatever is left you can remove with your teeth.”


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