Heist - Chapter 20 (part of free fiction Friday)



Cast list

Donovan (Chief) Lockheart – Commander

Zachary (Psych) Coleman: Team Leader

Bud (Wolf) Lowell: Zachary’s second in command

Harding (Yogi) McConnell: Explosives. Ex-SEAL

Olivia (Mama) Darling: Close Combat

 Chen (Hawkeye) Lee: Munitions. Ex Army Sniper

Tang (Ferret) Lee: Multi-talented

Millie (Chip) Finlay – Communications

Richard Gosling—Head of the FBI in Chicago

William Coleman – Surgeon/Dad

Holly Coleman – Mom

Bad guys – The Grabowski’s and The Carideo’s

Insignificant – All other’s


Chapter 20 (part of Free Fiction Friday)

As the days passed, Zachary was slowly but surely able to get around the apartment more fluently without help.  He often mumbled to himself about feeling like an invalid, and sometimes, his frustration got the better of him. It was a good job Donovan left a supply of pencils around for him to break.

Holly was a frequent visitor, just like any concerned momma. Regardless, the longer Zachary stayed in the apartment, the more frustrated he became. There were trips to the hospital and the coffee shop, but they weren’t enough. So Donovan thought it was time for a special little trip.

First Donovan took Zack to a jeweler where they picked out their rings.  They found identical platinum rings that had a thick band of titanium running around the center, no diamonds; neither of them was into sparkly things.  They were striking, masculine and beautiful. Donovan thought, just like his boy.

For their next stop, Donovan pulled up outside a little tattoo parlor, amid a confused look on Zack’s face.

“Beautiful; I know we won’t be able to wear our rings on our fingers or even on a chain without being discovered, but I thought that, if you are willing and up to it, we could have our intertwined rings tattooed onto our hips. That way we would forever wear them no matter where we were, or what we were doing.”

The resulting smile followed by, “Awesome,” was all the confirmation Donovan needed.  So they did just that.

They arrived home a little sore but happy.  Their tattoos meant that they would be forever marked with a symbol of the other.

That night they could hold off no longer.  Again Donovan surrounded Zachary with pillows, using his arms on either side of his boys’ body to stop any jolting their actions may cause. 

To recognize the occasion Zachary made one appeal.  “Donovan, for tonight…I’d like to go bareback.”

The request alone nearly made Donovan jizz his pants. “Your wish is my command.”

For the first time since the whole episode began, the men made sweet love.  And for the first time, ever, they went bareback.  The emotional impact was enormous. It didn’t take long for the men to get to the point of no return.

Donovan hooked Zack’s one leg over his forearm, and leaned forward, his bare, lubed member applying pressure to his lover’s chrysanthemum until it slipped past the outer muscle entering the dark silky sauna of Zachary’s internal cave.  All thought escaped Donovan except that of being connected to Zachary in the most intimate of ways.  It made his head spin.  There was still a risk to Zachary’s health, so taking it slow; they immersed themselves in the sensations, savoring every wonderful moment of their joining.  As Donovan slowly pistoned his hips in and out of Zachary’s warmth, he rolled them letting himself explore the whole of his man’s insides. 

Zachary was as lost in the sensations as Donovan was, his eyes closed, his hand fisting what he could of his man and the bed covers, mewling with each thrust.  Dipping his head, Donovan made sure that he put no pressure on Zack’s ribs before he kissed him. With their mouths open and panting they kissed again and again, their lips reaching for one another.  Hot, rough and ready, was exciting and feral---but this was pure love, and it was beautiful.

“Can’t take any more, you’ve gotta speed up, gotta come.”

Donovan took Zackary’s cock in his hand, and pumped him in time with his thrusts, hitting his hot spot with a “Fuck, yes,” from Zachary. Soon they were careening towards their climax. The tightening of Zachary’s ass flicked the switch that breached the floodgates.  The warmth of Donovan’s seed hitting the insides of Zackary’s tunnel was like putting hot water into an already full bath. The men came within seconds of each other.

“Oh, God, Donovan…I can feel it… everything… all of you… your cock…your warmth spreading through me…it’s intoxicating.”

Donovan stayed inside Zachary as long as he could.  Eventually, though, he pulled out and lay by his man’s side. Rolling off the pillows and lying on top of him, Zack braced himself on his elbows. Donovan could feel the life force of their exploits dampen his leg, allowing him to re-live the experience.

“How are you, beautiful, do you hurt?” 

“I can feel my ribs a little bit, but I’m good.” 

“Thank God.”

“Who knew breathing exercises could be such fun,” Zachary said with a smile before he kissed each of Donovan’s eyes, his nose, each cheek and finally his mouth, “My life partner, my fiancé, my future husband.”


On Friday night, Zack and Donovan went out for a meal with The MOBB.  Both felt it was good to be out.  They enjoyed being able to sit back and observe the banter and camaraderie between their team. 

Throughout the evening, Zack would get a nod from the guys or a smile from the girls.  They looked after him in private, like Psych did, them, out in the field. When one was down, the others stepped up.  They were family.  The difficult part of the evening was keeping his hands off Donovan, his fiancé. Zack was still getting used to the title, but the thought continually put a smile on his face, and his hand unconsciously ran over his hip.

“What’s got you smiling?” boomed Harding.

Zack tried to sound nonchalant, “Ah, nothin’ much.  It’s you guys; you make me laugh,” But Donovan saw where Zack’s hand was, and he smiled too, touching his hip in response.

Harding flicked his eyes between them suspiciously. “Uh huh, we’re a laugh a minute,” he deadpanned, making everyone laugh even more.

After the meal, at Harding’s request, they ended up at a karaoke bar that specialized in golden oldie music.

Millie and Chen got the ball rolling singing a duet of Lady Gaga’s, Let’s Dance.  Millie was on main vocals while Chen did all the backup parts.  They sang the chorus together and thoroughly enjoyed themselves on stage.

Harding was up next.  The man lived for rock music choosing Eric Clapton’s, Layla.   As soon as the music started the whole room was rocking.  Harding, the perpetual showoff, started swaying then clapping his hands in the air until it was time to sing.

He rocked the song and rallied the audience, eventually leaving the stage bowing and throwing kisses to the crowd.  Donovan wasn’t alone in believing Harding had a message to send to Olivia.  Only time would tell if it was received.

Zachary was on a high after Harding, who had thrown down the entertainment gauntlet.  He got up next.  Donovan knew his boy wasn’t a rocker like Harding, so was interested in seeing what he would choose. The Chief watched while Psych studied the list. Eventually, he stood on stage, gave Donovan a ‘look’, took hold of the old fashioned microphone with one hand on the stand, the other on the microphone itself and nodded to the guy to start it up.  As the beat started, Zachary swayed his hips from side to side, closed his eyes and lost himself to the music, not even needing to look at the words.

Donovan was slain by what he sang.  He knew it was a favorite, but the song was so old, he was surprised it was even in the machine. Nevertheless, Donovan had never heard Zack sing so well or with such passion.  He crooned his heart out to The Moody Blues, Knights In White Satin.  At that moment in time, it probably summed up everything nicely, and Donovan was entranced watching him.

When it came to the chorus Zachary opened his lungs and belted out;
'Cos I love you, yes I love you, oh how I love you.

The following verse held words true to the boys too;

Gazing at people, some hand in hand, Just what I'm going through they can't understand.

For Donovan, the rest of the room faded out. All he could see and hear was Zachary – his fiancée.

During the instrumental part, Zachary slowly moved around the stage with the mic and stand in hand, dancing with it like a treasured partner. Donovan wished he was there with him -  wished he was the mic stand.

Through the next verse, Zach played to the audience until he settled in for the final chorus. At that time, he looked directly at Donovan.  He was declaring his love to his man privately, but in a way the world could hear.

'Cos I love you, yes I love you, Oh, how I love you.

Donovan didn’t hear anything more after that. Those few words echoed in his head and wouldn’t budge. He didn’t want them to either.

The end of the song came, and there were a few moments of silence while people emerged from the spell Zachary had cast. Then the whole room erupted in applause, whistles, and whoops.

Zack didn’t bow and blow kisses like Harding. He merely nodded to the audience and gave one wave before descending from the stage.  Donovan was unable to speak due to the lump that had lodged in his throat.

Zachary returned to his seat and picked up his soft drink as he wasn’t allowed alcohol yet.  Donovan couldn’t outwardly kiss his boy at that moment in time, as much as he wanted to take him in front of everyone, so they linked ankles under the table and pressed their knees together.

Neither man could recall much of what Oli sang as both remained in their bubble. It wasn’t until Oli sat down with a very satisfied look on her face that the men broke out of their private world.  Both could tell that another message had been sent – probably to Harding.  The chemistry between them was obvious, and Donovan wondered how long they would play around before something finally happened.

“Bud, Tang.  Are either of you getting up?”

“Nope!” was Bud’s simple reply, made with an air of finality that no one questioned.

Tang vowed that he needed more alcohol before he would be willing to get up, which earned him a coughed, “Wuss,” from Chen.  So, Donovan guessed it was his turn.  As the last of the group, he thought he’d better make it memorable.  Time to reveal something he’d kept hidden.  The Chief was not about to be outdone by any of his team.

Donovan approached the stage with a song already in mind, and when he saw it on the list he shouted out, “Zachary…get your ass up here, I can’t sing this one on my own, we’ve got a special to do.”

With a confused look on his face, Zack sauntered to the stage.  When he saw Donovan’s choice, he nodded, grinning.  He had a damned good idea of what his man was about to do on stage.  Donovan would be the main vocal, Zachary, back up, and both had their specialist sound effects.  They were given two mics that they situated close together.

Zachary was playing the ironically named ‘straight man’ on stage, staying close to the mic, letting his feet, hips, and facial expressions do the talking.

Donovan, on the other hand, was prepared to get down, run with the music, and let his body be as provocative as the song would allow. He took the mic out of its holder while staying close to Zachary.  Parts of this they would sing into one mic.

In his deepest Texan, “Get ready to Relax…That’s it, folks…Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s, Relaxxxx.”

The music began.

Whoops and hoots echoed from around the room.  Showman Donovan took over.


Give it to me one time now

Donovan got into the groove, everything moving to the beat; feet, hips, and shoulders – even his facial expressions.  Zachary kept the beat with his feet and hips.

Relax, don’t do it

When you want to go to it

Relax, don’t do it

When you want to come

Donovan shook his hips in time to the music and continued with the explicit words. He put his arm over Zachary’s shoulders so that they could sing the chorus together. Zachary panted sound effects that were downright dirty and almost guaranteed to get the loins of more than a few people jerkin.

Donovan did his part by going on bended knees and shaking his ass. He stood by Zack again when it came to the immortal line;

When you want to come (Come)

Both men made cumming sound effects, rolling heads bringing forth images of the other in the throes of bliss.

Then, Donovan pranced around the stage, completely letting go.  By the time they finished, there was uproar and calls for an encore.  The MOBB, though initially stunned, soon joined in the raucous aftermath.  They had never seen their Chief in stage mode. However, Zachary and Donovan had done their thing many times, at college.

It didn’t take too long before everyone calmed down and another out of the audience took the stage.  Despite being on a high, Donovan didn’t think Zachary would last much longer.  He was, after all, still recovering.  It didn’t take much convincing for the group to continue the evening back at their Chief’s apartment.

The evening was just what Zack needed.  After seeing Donovan’s moves on stage, and the resulting cat calls – all he wanted to do was get hold of his man and declare to the world who he belonged to, then prove it by attaching their lips.  It gave him a sense of resolve.

Donovan handed out the beers while Tang picked out a movie.

Leaning against the work surface of the kitchen, Zack caught Donovan’s eye in an unvoiced question.  His partner nodded the answer giving Zack a beautiful smile.

“Err, guys, I’ve got something to tell you, and I’m not sure how you’re gonna take it.”

The room went quiet, and all eyes focused on Zack.  Donovan walked over and stood by his side for support, putting his hand on the small of his back.

“Okay, you’ve got our attention.  Spit it out.”  Chen commanded.

Smiling to each other, the men chuckled, and Zack was pretty sure Donovan was thinking the same as he was, ‘that would be a waste, I prefer to swallow.’  Trying to keep a straight face, Zack continued.  “Well,” clearing his throat with a cough, “…there’s only one way to say this.”  He took a deep breath, “I’m in a relationship… with Donovan.”

There was silence as what Zack said registered.  Donovan slid his hand further around his waist, accentuating the statement’s meaning – not in a brotherly way.

Bud spoke first, in an un-phased tone, “Well, it’s a bit of a shock, but I think we’ll live.”

“Pay up!”  Harding said, holding his hand out to Oli palm up.

“What, you knew?” Donovan asked.


“You had a bet with Oli?”  Disbelief present in his voice.


“Hold your horses.  How do I know you didn’t put them up to it?”  Oli challenged Harding.

“Put us up to what?”  Zack was confused.

“Before I pay up, I want proof.”

“What proof?”

“That you two are together.  I want proof.  Kiss him!” was her instruction.


“You heard me, kiss him!”

Zack felt a little awkward.  The first time they’d kissed in front of others was before Holly and William at the hospital.   This was taking it to another level, but Zack guessed they could take it step by step.  Donovan and Zack gave each other a smile and a quick peck on the lips.

“Hell no!  Not good enough.  I’ll need more convincing than that.”

Donovan tilted his head. “Looks like Oli has thrown down the gauntlet.” Donovan’s showman was coming out to play for the second time that night. He raised an eyebrow, and a mischievous smile crept up his beautiful face.  No holding back now.  In for a penny, etc.  Might as well go in for the kill.

 “We’d better rise to the challenge then.”   Zack countered, throwing caution to the wind. They mirrored each other’s actions, one hand on a hip, the other crept round the back of the other’s neck more for effect than anything. They drew slowly together.

The air was thick with anticipation.


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