Suspend rational thought. 

Leave logic at the door. 

Be ready to roll your eyes and pick your jaw up from your lap. 

The tales in A Likely Story don’t let truth get in the way of telling a good yarn. 

They might push your buttons or make you laugh. 

They may make you scoff or spit out your coffee. 

You might even scratch your head in disbelief. 

Whatever your reaction, the one thing they are guaranteed to do is entertain you! 

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Eric Gober

A sexy and mysterious stranger . . .

A luxurious Las Vegas penthouse . . .

And one very bizarre timepiece . . .

It's gonna be a birthday Nick will never forget.



Asta Idonea 

An Australian surfer and a British Marine Biologist meet in the strangest of circumstances in this tale of Biblical proportions.



Michael P. Thomas

When button-down biracial lawmaker Cassidy Uematsu meets hardscrabble fry cook Buford “Jax” Jackson, it’s lust at first sight.

They’re only too happy to jump into the sack, and when Jax loses his condom mid-getting-to-know-you, Cassidy urges him forward, damn the consequences. 

What’s the worst that can happen? 




When Jeremy was killed in service to his country, Mason lost everything.

Now Jeremy is back

But is it really him?

Eternity may not be just a concept.




He searched high and low in the tiny town he lived in, exasperated, sad, and desperate!

He wanted something special for the two most important people in his life.



Lily Velden & Taylin Clavelli

A Quaker with size issues

A jock without size issues

And a sex therapist who likes to solve size issues.

Should be a match made in heaven.


WELCOME to my humble office, into which the frustrated, the needy, and the

sometimes downright inept tread. Some walk in with purpose, eager to offload their

woes and be given a quick solution. The joys, I guess, of being part of an ‘instant’

society. Everything seems to be either push button or remote. A case of ‘we want

it, and we want it now!’

Others edge their way through my door, so skittish you’d think they were

worried I was going to throw them out of a plane sans parachute. Those clients look

everywhere and anywhere... except at me.

Who am I?

My name is Dr. Justin Gaylord. Before you ask, it’s real, not a stage name. I

changed it by Deed Poll before emigrating from merry old England to the US to 

start my practice.



jn olsen

Seeing your favorite action hero on the screen

What could be more perfect?

Will’s about to find out.



Taylin Clavelli

An airline entirely staffed by gay people

Where the customer isn't always right


CHIMERA AIR was an airline that never had been, nor ever would be classed

as a regular flying taxi... they were a little straighter talking. Many found the

statement quite ironic, considering all the full-time staff was gay. On Chimera

flights, the customer was not always right. The crew’s experience indicated that in

the confines of a few tons of aluminum, carbon fiber, and reinforced plastic, human

brain cells frequently vacated their usual anatomical borders and ventured 

elsewhere—usually their ass.



L.V. LLoyd

The magic in Aelith was dying.

The only way to restore it was for the King to marry and produce an heir.

Why was he taking so long to choose a wife?



Louise Lyons

Dr. Glen Wright loves his young male patients - sometimes a little too much.


When handsome Martin Reynolds visits him with a rather personal problem, Glen finds he can't keep his hands to himself

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Rainbow Gold Reviews

I can honestly say that I would recommend this anthology to everyone. Each story was so different, that I couldn’t wait to see what would happen in the next story, but I think this is why I enjoyed it so much. I have read other anthologies, but they have not held me as much as this one.


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