I ENTERED the building with legs of jello, feeling sick. My stomach butterflies just wouldn’t abate. I shivered and trembled, though it was the height of summer. It had been two years since I’d set foot in the corridors of this old building, two years since I’d gotten the news that my husband had been fatally wounded while executing a warrant on a man suspected of running guns.

 I stood there in the empty hallway, hearing nothing but the echoes of faraway voices as I faced the wall of fallen heroes. Looking upon his handsome face, he smiled into the camera, standing proud, his chest puffed out, showing off his uniform to its full potential. How I wished he were here now. Instead of just a photograph, with his badge below it. 

Running the tips of my fingers over his outline, I remembered his strong muscles over my skin. How his body was so big he could totally encase me; it made me feel safe. How my splayed hand only covered half his shoulder. Hell, my thigh was the size of his bicep—and yet he handled me as though I was the most precious thing on earth, both in life and in bed. 

Extra Excerpt

Matthew almost looked like a ghost, too—he was thin and gaunt. The trousers of his grey suit were held up by a belt that, judging by the markings, had been tightened several holes—so, it must have fit him properly at some time. Other than that, he kept clean-shaven. As for his dark brown hair... it had been cut and cut well, because it didn’t seem to matter how many times his fingers ran through it, it looked fantastic.

Yes, I’d studied him quite a lot since I started. I’d noticed him on my first day, and every day since. There was something about him that drew me to him, and yet he’d never looked at me even once—it was as if he were off in his own world, and a sad one at that. I’d never seen him smile, and I felt nothing other than sadness emanate from him whenever I passed by his desk. I didn’t even know the color of his eyes, as they were always buried in a file, or watching the floor whenever he ventured elsewhere in the office. His thick rimmed glasses stopped me getting a sideways peek at them, too. The wide arms hid anything that might expose them to me.

The only thing that elicited any kind of positive emotion from him was his coffee—frothy cappuccino with two sugars. Relief washed over his whole body and downcast face with his first sip, which was usually followed by the back of his hand swiping the foam away from his upper lip.

Yes, I was so intrigued with the man that I knew how he took his coffee. A little stalkerish, I know, but there was just… something.

FOR a few days, I’d noticed a change. If it were possible, he was even more withdrawn than usual, yet no one in the office said a thing, or even seemed to care what was happening with him. I decided to do something about it.

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Link - Saguaro Moon Reviews

Even as this was very sad at the beginning, the ending was great and the path that these two characters walked on together from start to finish gave hope that there is life after such a great loss. I found myself truly grieving for Matthew but ao happy and cheering for both Elliot and he that I actually had that butterfly in my chest feeling. This story was full of so much emotion that I couldn’t put it down. A must read for everyone who enjoys a good love story.

Link - Sharing Links and Wisdom


I liked how the author really described and talked about not only the emotions you go through when dealing with a devastating loss, but also how she didn’t rush the resolution. Matthew wasn’t magically healed, it took time and effort.

Link - Multitaskingmommas


This a true tearjerker of a read but instead of going down to more misery, the light at the end of the tunnel gets visible by the millimeter and Matthew may just find his way out. I really, really liked this one.

Link - MM Good Book Reviews 

I really liked this story and was surprised at how powerful such a short story could be. 

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