THERE he is, asleep on the couch again. I know he’s tired, but why can’t he come to bed?

He maintains that he can’t help it. But if he’s that tired, why can’t he take the extra ten steps toward our bedroom? We live in a beautiful apartment in a good part of Seattle. There’s no dog to put out, or children to get ready for bed. Our home is clean, and on late nights, I make sure there’s something in the fridge, or in the oven on the timer, ready for when he comes home. During daylight hours, I greet him too, waiting for my cuddle and peck on the lips. 

He tells me that he comes in, grabs a decaf, and puts on the TV to unwind—yet somehow, he always falls asleep. I’ve lost count of the number of times he’s said he’s sorry. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how often he says those words, nothing changes. So how sorry can he really be? Every occasion he does it, the sense of rejection vibrates to my very core. There was a time when my bed was his favorite place—what changed? Are we stuck in a rut? Too comfortable? Has he found someone else? Surely not! 


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Link - GGR Review

This story was captivating and realistic. I appreciated the hurt that Sean felt as it came off the pages and sorrow that Dave felt when he found his partner gone. It scared the heck out of me the way the story brought my emotions to the surface.

Link - MM Good Book Reviews

What can a story of approximately 26 pages tell you? THAT is what I always said prior to reading Invisible, by Taylin Clavelli. This author has reminded me that there is a story, regardless to the the page count, to be told, if you are willing to read it. ...

Taylin Clavelli has written a short story with so much depth. It was outlined perfectly and the dialogue flowed seamlessly. She has proven that it doesn’t take thousands of words to write something that is profound. The author takes us on a journey with her lyrical prose and instils emotion that will wake all your senses. A very enjoyable and gratifying story that will leave you with a smile. 

Link - Rainbow Gold review - 9.5/10

This story comes across as being very realistic, as I believe that this happens everyday to couples all around the world.

Link - Saguaro Moon Reviews

... Invisible was a quick read that only took me less than an hour from start to finish. It pulled many different emotions from me while I read it from growling at David to tears of sadness for what had happened between these two males. I found myself rooting for the two in hopes they would mend their relationship and grow back together as well as wanting to take them both and give them a huge hug. There was even joy and warmth being felt while reading the short.

Link - Sharing Links and Wisdom

The story was interesting for me, because instead of watching a couple fall in love for the first time, you get to see them deal with a fading relationship. … … So many times you read a book and at the end it’s “…and they lived happily ever after.” But life is never that easy, so it was nice to read a book where the characters had to work to keep their relationship going, and deal with the fallout from drifting apart.

Link - Multitaskingmommas 

This was a truly inspiring and yet scary read for it tells the story of two men who love each other and yet are drifting apart. I really liked this one for it speaks of how relationships should work but people allow the petty realities like work to come between them. 

Link - Hearts On Fire Reviews

The writing here is so realistic that I could feel Sean’s pain.

It takes something huge for David to begin to realize what he’s lost and something nearly cataclysmic to get them on the path to recovery. It isn’t easy, by any means.

This is such well-written short that seems so complete, a short glimpse into the trouble a couple can have, and the change that can happen when you love someone enough. 


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